Banned: Flyonthewall


Flyonthewall, you continue to go on and on about shit we’ve heard a million times before. Black-on-black crime. black crime in general. Racism is not a big problem even though you’ve been dealt with it. And all other broken record shit being played ad nauseum by others with the same monolithic mind as yours. You say you’re black, but you sound like you’re one of those ‘new black’ types that bend over backwards to appease racist white people.

Now, you can call me names. You can call my posts stupid. You can reject actual facts and stick to your hollowed beliefs. You can continue to appease to the feelings of people that laugh at you behind your back. But your dribble, which is nothing new, is no longer welcomed here. Therefore, you are no longer allowed to comment here. Goodbye.


25 thoughts on “Banned: Flyonthewall

  1. Whoa! Had not visited your blog in the past several days and come to see this new post banning flyonthewall. I saw his first post or two arguing that no one denies racism which is a total lie. Then after I read this post, I checked out the denying racism post and saw all of his comments.

    It’s very hard for me to believe that he is black. AND he still thinks that way even after having kids! So I would think he is at least in his late twenties early thirties. I used to think that if I worked hard I would be compensated accordingly for my efforts, but I know now that black people are always getting short changed by everyone! Also just because a white person is nice does not mean that they are good or are looking out for black people’s best interest. Thank you for banning him, Brotha Wolf.

  2. I agree with flyonthewall on many of his points, though it may be tough for many black people to hear. The truth is that black people pose a much bigger threat to other blacks than whites do at this point in time. Racism does and will always exist. But we need to get ourselves together first before we can even begin to fight white supremacy.

    Now, where he and I diverge is that he seems to believe in the general benevolence of white people. This I disagree with. It doesn’t sound as if he truly understands the system of white supremacy, how it works, and what the purpose of it is.

    But other than that, yes, I agree that blacks are out of control and completely responsible for our personal choices.

    1. No one argues that black people need to take responsibility for their actions. HOWEVER, we are not the only ones who need to be held accountable. For instance, why is this ‘personal responsibility’ mantra always directed at poor people and POC and never at white people or rich people, especially the ones who screwed up the economy? Why aren’t they to be held responsible for their BS?

      By the way, I disagree, black people are not out of control. We are not a monolith of sociopaths or trouble makers. Granted, some blacks are indeed crazy, but the majority of us aren’t like that.

      1. Sorry brothawolf, but black people ARE out of control. You can make the point that we’re not a monolith, but that doesn’t bolster your argument because that’s just stating the obvious as no people are a monolith. That being said, you can’t deny that our people are losing in this game of life. Now granted, it’s not completely our fault, however, unlike you I do believe in personal responsibility. I was taught and believe that YOU and YOU alone are responsible for your actions. You cannot control what other people do, but you have complete control of what you do (unless in the extreme case you are being made to do something by force).

        What exactly does not believing in personal responsibility mean to you? If the murder rates that you and the other gentleman were debating are true, then I don’t know how you can logically explain 13% of the population leading the country in murders without concluding that blacks (as a people) are out of control. Flyonthewall is right, we are committing a disproportionate amount of murders relative to our population size. This is undeniable. Following your logic, those people committing those murders aren’t actually responsible for committing those murders? I’m curious to know who you think is responsible for blacks slaughtering each other by the thousands every year? That’s a serious question. I truly want to know who you think is responsible for those sobering statistics.

        Lastly, I wasn’t directly talking about poor people when I said blacks are out of control, so I don’t know where you got that from. Everyone is responsible for their choices and actions- including poor people.

      2. If we are not a monolith, then why are you saying that black people are out of control as if to describe – at least – most of us when, as stated before, that only a small minority of us are indeed killing each other. We are not losing this game of life because we are still playing, most of us are playing by the rules. There’s no denying that.

        I never said that I disagreed with personal responsibility. I DID however asked why is it always directed at black people and poor people and not anyone else? Yes, we are responsible for our actions. That I agree with. BUT, the poor and black people are not the only ones who must be held accountable for their actions. And most of the conditions some black people find themselves are in are a result of institutionalized violence committed by those who never had one lecture of personal responsibility directed at them, nor were they held accountable for their actions.

      3. I’m curious to know who you think is responsible for blacks slaughtering each other by the thousands every year?

        Internalized racism brought on by centuries of white supremacy. You and that clown, flyonshit, also suffer from it to a great degree. Flyonshit assumed that everyone posting here was poor or downtrodden. He went on to describe how he is worth 2 million dollars or there about. I am sure there are other posters here who have money or make ‘good’ money, have investments and real estate etc., etc., however, that does not preclude them from recognizing white supremacy in all its’ permutations. As for personal responsibility, I am sure the the poor whites who are disproportionately addicted to meth, should take your advice, not to mention molesting their relatives.

        You are stating the obvious as to personal responsibility. However, it is not a panacea for society’s ills. You can take all the personal responsibility you wish, and I concur, but with white supremacy hanging over your head you may hit the ceiling.

      4. I concur with Herneith and Brothawolf. I used to spout that it is all black people’s fault and when I hit a brick wall then I thought it was all of my fault because I then realized that I’m classified black under the system. It made me really depressed because I was simplifying things like everything was in a vacuum without RWS.

        Black people are being short changed all the time. The only way to get out of this is support each other, but I feel like that is no longer possible anymore. There is so much negativity from EVERYONE. Most of the non-black people I’ve interacted with would tell me what do you expect you are black of course you will be treated like this. Personally, I have come to the point why is this so one sided. Come on, black people are in the worst situation out of all the groups. Other groups still treat us bad. We are really going to let everyone else off the hook?

  3. @Herneith- sorry, try again. You and the rest of blacks that want to blame white supremacy for all of black folks’ ills are just deflecting responsibility- and this is part of the reason why we are NOT winning here in life in the US (despite the fact the author feels like we are).

    Whites are not the reason we’re slaughtering each other. Trust me, I’m sure I have a deeper understanding of the system of white supremacy than you do, but it does come down to personal choice at the end of the day. Individuals are making the decision to kill. Simple as that. Anyone who tries to argue otherwise is making a fool of themselves.

    Question: If white supremacy is truly the reason blacks are killing each other en masse, should black murderers be held responsible for their crimes? Based on your logic blacks should be given a blank check to murder each other, because, well, we’re really not responsible for our actions.

    Blacks may not like to hear it, but none of that holds up against logic and reason. No people will find success when they are constantly blaming others for their problems. Blacks used to understand this, somehow this was lost on the present generation.

    1. Sir, learn how to comprehend. It all comes down to internalized racism brought on by centuries of white supremacy. Your simplistic renderings of the causes of ‘blacks slaughtering blacks’ doesn’t take this into consideration. The other concise reason (I detest long drawn out diatribes and sound bites), is that they kill each other instead of their oppressor(a neat white supremacist trick, get them to turn on each other). Also, it is a very small minority committing these crimes regardless of their ratio in the populace. You make it sound like most black people are out committing crimes or rampaging in the streets.

      I ain’t American, I am Canadian, so can assure you I am deeply conversant as to how White supremacy works having spent most of my life around and living amongst whites. I am not arguing that whites are literally causing blacks to kill each other, just comical. That’s too simplistic. It is white supremacy(institutionally and systemically) over the centuries, that have caused this internalized racist behaviour. It has created this self-loathing internal racist mindset whereby it is alright to go out and slaughter one another. Lack of self awareness, education , and a whole slew of other causes factor into this. It is just not a matter for taking ‘personal responsibility’. Many of these clowns you refer to, do not have, nor were given the wherewithal to even fathom the term(another problem), they resort to criminality for economic and ego boosting reasons. Should the poor whites hooked on meth, thieves, murderers, molesters and other assorted criminals who are white take ‘responsibility’ for their out of control behaviour? You argue like a white person who is willfully blind and obtuse to the causes of dysfunction, criminality and class and assorted intersections. You are arrogant and presumptuous, your reasoning and logic lacks totally in the ability to grasp the complexity of criminality and the intersectinal aspects of it such as race, gender, class etc., etc.,. Only a self-loathing person such as yourself can look at the group he professes to belong to, and spew such vitriol as if all black people are slaughtering and killing each other, or don’t take ‘personal responsibility’.

      Don’t respond to me again as it is a waste of time to respond to you.

      Folks, don’t buy into the ‘personal responsibility’ meme. It is akin to the ‘pull yourself by the bootstrap’ myth. Supposed black criminality is just a deflective argument meant to derail such topics.

      1. Herneith, you sure have a bad opinion of us black Americans. That must be the Canadian in you. Your understanding of white supremacy sounds more like paranoia, and you speaking for all black people is just stupid. We have NOT internalized racist behavior. We are NOT self-loathing. Who on EARTH are you to tell us what we’re thinking or feeling? You argue like a deluded paranoiac who presumes to lump all black people into one tiny little box where we’re all alike, and we all think alike and we all feel the same things. You try to pretend you know things you couldn’t possibly know, and you then spit out a bunch of juvenile name-calling at reality_check. More to the point, you call reality_check all sorts of names and tell him HE’S spewing vitriol! If I didn’t think you were serious, your incomprehensible, illiterate screed would be great comedy. You’re the one in the argument who’s just too stupid to know she’s stupid, but spouts off about everything, and says nothing but stupid things? That one.

  4. @Brothawolf: Point #5 under “Welcome to My Den” in your site banner you state: “I do not side with personal responsiblity or bootstrap thinking. Both present serious flaws in reason and truth. I am not against personal responsibility or working harder, but arguments in which the subjects present themselves disregard the realities of living in a white male dominated society.”

    Having said that, I was asking you for clarification. Which is it? Your statement seems to be contradictory. Either people are responsible for their actions or they’re not- including us (blacks).

    Even if I concede to your point that it’s only a small segment of blacks that are committing murders, based on the stats, the people that have the highest likelihood of being murderers are BLACKS! When you have an eighth of the population committing over half the murders in a country- most would say that’s crisis level. I guess to you that’s acceptable? No need to sound the alarm.

    To answer your question- we are focusing on black people because this site is written by a black man with at largely black audience. What good would it do for us to convene as black people and talk about what others need to do? You say you embrace logic and reason, so you gotta know to do that would be completely illogical. If you are at war and you convene with your troops, do you focus on what your enemy needs to or should do, or do you focus on YOUR strategy for victory? If you want to win the war, my money would go on focusing on your strategy- as you have complete control over that. Given this forum, the focus should be on solutions for black people, not solutions for white people. I don’t know how more basic I can explain that concept.

    Look, I get it. I really do. I have real life discussions with blacks that think like you all the time. I know that blaming others is a mental salve that black people use to cope with living under a system of white supremacy and oppression. But, my point is that this is not a recipe for our collective success. We need to embrace truth and accountability in order to succeed out here. The sad truth is that we reside at the bottom of American life mostly because of principle that we, as a collective, REFUSE to adopt (e.g., embracing marriage to build stable two parent homes in which to rear children, delaying reproduction, avoiding the criminal justice system, practicing group economics, etc.). Those are things WE can embrace to improve our situation in life, but we choose not to.

    I have never once met a successful person who constantly blamed other people for their failures.

    1. Allow me to explain then. I do not believe in the personal responsibility sermon that is constantly used to blame the victim. Whenever it is uttered, it doesn’t uplift, but demean those who are at the receiving end of institutionalized BS. Yes, black people need to take responsibility but again, we are not the only ones, and we are not the ones who are the primary cause of most of our situations. Like Hernieth said, most of what is happening is due to institutionalized racism, and if you know, you would see that as well.

      Black people are not a murderous people. And I doubt we commit the most murders just because. There’s an explanation behind it and it all points to white supremacy in the very end. Like it or not, one way or another, white supremacy plays a significant role in black people hating each other and harming each other. If it’s not white supremacy, then what is it? You have yet to produce any explanation, reasonable or otherwise, as to why this is happening.

      As a black man who owns this blog, it is up to me as to what is posted here and what topics are discussed. No one has the right to dictate what I should and should not talk about. If they are so hung up about it, they should start their own damn blog and leave mine alone.

      We need to embrace truth. I agree. But what you’re telling me isn’t all true. I mean where are you getting this info from?

      Here’s the deal, we know we got some work to do, but racism won’t go away if only we do all or most of the work.

    2. The biggest issue is economics, not all this personal responsibility crap that you rant on about. It’s impossible to “pull oneself up by the proverbial bootstraps” when you don’t even have a fucking boot to begin with. It’s really that simple. As for all kinds of crime, you are most likely to live in a community with other black people, so naturally, the chances of getting robbed, mugged, burgled, murdered etc by another black person is higher. It’s called PROXIMITY.

      Your problem is that you fail to look at your issues in a holistic manner. The things that you mention are SYMPTOMS. The DISEASE is a lack of an economic base. The Irish only “succeeded” because they were included into the umbrella of whiteness, same thing with the Italians, and any other non-Anglo Saxon white. All these folks were “out of control” until they were given a chance to improve their economic situation. You simply fail to realize that the Anglo-Saxons had created an economic base for themselves during the course of slavery, which they then used to not only enrich themselves, but ensure that the other whites who came over after slavery, got their chance, because they KNEW that a “SHITLOAD” of black people at that time, knew a craft/trade, or possessed certain skill-sets, which they could have converted to a prosperous economic base, even without reparations. That’s why they shut them out of labor unions, denied them loans etc. White supremacy is a TEAM-EFFORT.

      1. @mandumeyandemufayo
        Interesting and powerful video that discusses this issue about the economic base. Credit to sarge wp for posting an abridged video.

        I completely agree with your comment about White Supremacy as a team effort. White people distribute benefits to each other and expect something in return the continued support and mistreatment of black people. They will hold their tongue and refuse to tell black people all the perks they get. It’s not as simple as just working hard.

      2. You make some good points, @mandum, but you forget one thing. Slavery was not an economically sustainable thing. It was not the panacea that it is depicted to be. Most slaveholders (because you can’t own a person) were unable to make slavery pay off for them and had to abandon it. The white abolitionist movement was an unalloyed good thing, but many are unaware that many slaveholders LOST money on holding slaves. Slaves were not “free labor,” just as a horse or cow or any beast of burden is not free labor. Bottom line, slavery was unsustainable and was not an economic boon to America. It would have died of its own unsustainability whether or not there had been a civil war. Some scholars are saying that Lincoln saw that writing on the wall, as many did, and issued the Emancipation Proclamation in order to

        As for the proximity thing, if that were true, then white-on-white murder should occur at the same rate as black-on-black murder. Yet the white-on-white violence rate is not even close. No, blacks murder blacks in horrible numbers not only because blacks live with blacks, but also because blacks are killing blacks in horrible numbers. I know that sounds like just a tautology, but what I’m trying to say is that proximity alone IS a factor, but it’s not the only factor, and the black violence problem STILL needs to be dealt with. By us.

        The Irish were denied access to the economic base, so they made their own economic base. No, the discrimination against the Irish was not as bad as against us, but they also reacted to it differently. They fought for and demanded and forced American (not just white) recognition of them as equal participants. And they were never out of control. Not the control of others, but of themselves. We are out of control, and we have to stop it.

        There’s no white supremacy out in America. They’re not overlords or oppressors, they’re wimps. It took us something like 13 years, from 1955 to 1968 when the Civil Rights movement got underway and basically won all its goals, to flip everything upside down and get them to start turning over money ad power to us. Look, we have a black President. How could that happen in a racist country?

      3. First, No one in this thread said anything about bootstraps, so…wrong answer…try again.

        Second. This discussion wasn’t about black on black crime- it was about ALL crime. Go back and re-read. The stats are what they are- that is, if you trust the stats provided by the FBI.

        Third, I agree with everything else you said (except that nonsensical “bootstrap” argument). However, unlike you, I believe we blacks have more control of our destinies than the apologists give us credit for. You are 100% correct about group economics, if you scroll up to one of my previous comments you’ll see that I mentioned that as a solution for black people).

        Like i responded to @Brothawolf in the post below. If you believe the power of white supremacy is so omnipotent then you believe white people are GOD. If this is the case, then we should NOT try as a people. We should worship and pray to white people for grace and mercy. We should also NOT take control of our lives and we should NOT embrace common-sense, practical behaviors that work towards our collective advancement.

        There isn’t one person in this discussion, including myself and the gentleman that was banned that doesn’t recognize the past and present effects of white supremacy. The question that remains is….now what? Now that we’ve recognized and acknowledged it, it’s time to come up with a game plan to either destroy it, or to succeed WITHIN it. It really IS that simple.

      4. You were heading towards that route with the ‘bootstrap’ explanation, however, or at least it seemed that way.

        Plus, I think I speak for everyone here when I say that no one here thinks that white people are God. But there are those who think they are better than us and are close to Godlike as possible. Why do you think that is if white supremacy, and the history thereof, is not part of the equation?

        We are in control our destinies, but there are people whose actions, I believe, have a direct influence in those destinies, people with enough money and power to make it so.

        I don’t know where we will go from here, reality_check, but one thing that won’t help is victim blaming.

      5. I have to disagree with one of the basic premises of this post (and this blog). There is no white supremacy around anymore. There WAS, there’s no one denying it, but whatever there was of it, its back was broken years ago. Yes, there are white people who BELIEVE IN IT. They’re just throwback racists, and they have no real power in this country.

        I wish you could see what I see. White supremacy? Hah! They’re WIMPS! If white supremacy WAS a tiger, it’s now an old, toothless, dried-up, wheezing, mangy old cur. We’ve been taking them for all they have for DECADES. We’ve been DEMANDING their money and power and prestige and if any one of them so much as TRIES to resist, we call them racists and they shut up. For decades. It’s been a very good racket for a very long time. And all this with them barely a shot being fired.

        If you’d tried to get that, to make those same demands, in the old Soviet Union, you’d have been shot down like a rabid dog in the street and thrown into a mass grave somewhere where your family wouldn’t know. If you tried to do that in China TODAY? You’d get the same thing. If you tried to do that ANYWHERE in Africa, you’d get the same thing. If you tried to do that in the Middle East? Same thing. It’s the same in much of the rest of Asia. Same thing in much of South America. Same thing in Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico and other places. But in America, those white bastards gave it all up without firing a shot. I told you: they’re not racists or oppressors or overlords, they’re wimps. We demanded that they give us stuff and they did.

        The numbers don’t lie. We can call it anything we want, Welfare, SNAP, WIC, Food Stamps, housing, whatever. They’ve given us somewhere near 10 trillion dollars in the past 60 years. If you were to divvy that up among all black folks living since they started giving it to us, then every man woman and child would get close to a quarter of a million dollars. For ALL the decades we’ve been taking it from them! I don’t know if that’s been the plan all along, but it certainly wasn’t Martin Luther King, Jr’s plan. His plan was to demand equality, not money, from people he considered his equals. More to the point, it does us no good to live off the white man’s wimpiness and NOT start industries and businesses and commerce and make jobs all on our own. And I really don’t care if you want to keep on taking their stuff, but their wimpiness is NOT racism. It’s weakness.

        And I don’t much care what they think of me. If some of them hate me because of the color of my skin, then they’re racists, and I wouldn’t want to hang around with them anyway. If they like me and treat me with respect, then I’ll do the same for them. I DO care if racism gets in my way, or in my family’s way, and it never has. Why? I don’t know, but I DID go out and get a good education and some good skills and I found a good job. It was a pretty basic thing.

  5. Ok @brothawolf. Thanks for the clarity. I see now. Blacks are doomed. We are and will continue to be perpetual victims of circumstances so there is nothing we can do as a collective to better our situation. As a matter of fact, as long as the system of white supremacy is firmly in tact, then we shouldn’t even try.

    Thank you for providing me the recipe for success. I got it.

    1. Okay reality_check. Let’s get a few things straight. I never said blacks are doomed. I never said that there is nothing that can be done to better our situation. And I never said that white supremacy is firmly intact. All of that was what you came up with because you’re trying to simplify something that isn’t so simple. Black people are not doomed. We have come a long way given our history in this nation alone, and we will continue to go forward. In fact many of us ARE going forward. There are black people who are continuing to make great strides in numerous fields. Does that mean white supremacy doesn’t affect them? No. But it’s weak to conclude based on low-level, either-or-type thinking. White racism can still have an affect on you even if you’re a success. So, I appreciate it if you would stop putting words in my keyboard and make assumptions about what I’m saying when you know what’s far from it. Black people, as a whole, are not a murderous race. Forgive me for thinking highly of my own people, but we are not committing half of this nation’s murders. How can we when we’re still a small segment of the population? When it all comes down to it, it’s just racist thinking that you’ve acquired. And I don’t by into it. So, let’s not dwell on the racist notion of black criminality when it, itself, is a racist concept.

      1. Brother Wolf, you must be doing something right, because these paid government shrills, and the U.S. version of “The Fifty Cent Brigade,” are out in full force spreading disinformation and lies. The incessant long winded drivel they post is sickening. When I see videos of sick psychopathic cops who have the nerve to call themselves Policemen, when in fact they are a disgrace to decent people working in law enforcement, chasing a mentally ill man down while continously shooting him in the back, allowing their dogs to maul a man who is not resisting to death, or shooting a young man to death after following him into his home….I could go on and on with countless examples. They can miss me with their justifications and rationalization. I don’t see how you do it. In the face of gross injustice and outright genocide, you manage to give voice to these people and debate them in an intelligent, enlightened manner. You are a better person than I am. I commend you.

  6. “Our friend reality_check proves that checking trolls is a game of whack-a-mole – you nail one square on the head and another pops up to take its place.”

    @Mack Lyons, THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! ‘Wolf’s patience and steadfast composure in dealing with the countless brigade of Trolls is commendable to say the least!!!

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