Racism Exists

Lately, I’ve been having an influx of those who not only say that racism is no longer a significant factor in the lives of people of color, blacks especially, or that it doesn’t exist, but that the problems blacks face are primarily their own fault. Here is what one person said:

“You just have to face it, there just aren’t that many racist incidents against us black people to justify saying that it’s a racist country.”

But then, this person challenged me and my readers to “prove” that racism is still alive and well. However, I have a feeling that doing so will be useless. The problem is trying to convince naysayers that racism exists. Yet, many of those who ask for “proof” will reject it usually as part of the leftist plot of trying to guilt trip white people and trick black folks into thinking that racism is still here when, in their minds, it isn’t.

Well, I shall attempt to show that racism is still alive and well with a few examples. Yes, I will call their bluff and dish out proof that this country’s still heavily racist. Though I know the obvious argument is that it came from the left.

  • Black teens are 21 times more likely to be killed by a cop than white ones. With the ongoing police shootings and killings of black people, it’s a safe bet that this study nails the truth that black people seem scary to cops.
  • A study by the University of Chicago have found that employers are more hesitant to check out applicants with black-sounding names. To put it simply, ‘Amber’ and ‘John’ are more likely to be screened for jobs as opposed to ‘Lakeisha’ and ‘Deshawn’.
  • The racial empathy gap demonstrates that people are mostly likely to feel empathize with pain and sympathy for white people than blacks as many people associate black skin with evilness and invulnerability.
  • Research has found that college professors favor white male students over everyone else.
  • Blacks are paid less for the same jobs compared to whites.
  • Research has shown that people, regardless of race, tend to trust white faces over black faces.
  • Blacks and Hispanics of higher classes will still live in poorer communities than whites with working class incomes.
  • There’s a gap in income and wealth between whites and nonwhites.

For more information, check out the following pages:




As you or anyone can see, racism, is still an American pastime. In fact, in most cases it’s business as usual, business which benefits white people as a whole. Regardless, another part of racism is to deny that racism exists. Despite overwhelming, indisputable evidence conducted by studies by this nation’s universities and colleges, there will always be those who refuse to see the truth in front of their faces.


11 thoughts on “Racism Exists

  1. You can pull all the stats, studies and they still will argue the contrary. You know why? Because deep down, they know they are racist. Instead of trying to recognize it and run interference on it when it arises, they deny, deny, deny. That’s why it is useless to argue or debate with them.

  2. You will also get the kerchief head clowns joining the white halleluiah chorus. Contorting yourself in order to conform to white expectations(ones they don’t even follow themselves), is an exercise in futility to say the least. These shuck and jive artists don’t realize that black folk aren’t monolithic. They are not sitting around blaming ‘whitey’ for everything that is wrong in their lives, if any. However, discussing white supremacy and its’ deleterious effects ,and realizing how it works goes a long way in promoting mental and physical health. Where do they think many of these ‘pathologies’ came from to start? The ‘I’m doing well, why aren’t the other blacks’? meme doesn’t hold any water. But then again, they aren’t like those worthless Negroes are they? They are the new ‘black’. Another futile group of assholes it isn’t worth ‘debating’ with. They are suffering from Stockholm syndrome, an appropriate term given their love of white behind kissing. They, like their white racist/supremacist counterparts only deserve derision.

  3. Lol! BW, this was a wasted post. No one, myself included, ever said that white racism doesn’t exist.

    These are the indisputable FACTS, though: (1) White racism is WAY less than you think it is. It exists, but it’s not a big problem anymore (2) OUR racism, black racism, is a lot MORE than you are willing to admit. It IS a big problem. We need to admit that and stop it. (3) I said in another post that the differences in economic achievement between the races DISAPPEAR when two-parent families remain intact. You and I both know that would be impossible in a racist country. No one here addressed that, except to call me a liar, a white man, delusional and other nonsense.

    1. Herneith, you said that black people are not monolithic, yet as soon as I disagreed with Brotha Wolf, I was accused of being a liar and white.

      You say that I’m a victim of Stockholm syndrome. I earn a very, VERY good living. I grew up poor, and took advantage of a completely free education, and have a great job that pays me well into six figures. Some abuse! Some oppression! You implied that I’m worthless, but I’m actually worth a tad north of $2 million.

      If my “white racist supremacist overlords” are so abusing me, they’re doing it by making me rich. Pretty rotten of them, eh? I sure hope they continue to abuse me in exactly the same way. I’ll hope that in my summer home, and in my nice boat, and in the nice little condo I’m thinking of buying in the Caribbean for the odd weekend getaway with my wife and kids.

  4. *YAWN* Here we go again…troll-feeding.

    Statistics don’t mean a damned thing to those cretins who demand them. Such persons also cherry-pick the personal experiences of others; if your experience confirms their bias, they will believe it – if it doesn’t, they won’t.

    Just give them the ban-hammer and let them run back to Stormfront!

  5. @sepultura13, are you just another one who can’t answer the question? Can you tell me why all differences in economic achievement between races DISAPPEAR completely, when a two-parent family remains intact? I gave the source in another post. What you said about confirmation bias is apparently YOUR problem, not mine. I had to go AGAINST everything I was told to become successful. Maybe you should try thinking independently, instead of engaging in mindless name-calling.

  6. Are you serious?!? I rejected nothing.

    I haven’t had a chance to respond to your post! Do you just want me to toss back a response, or do you want me to READ your links?

    You provided something like a dozen links. Do you think I’m going to have an instant response for you?

    So, I do you the HONOR of reading what you post carefully, and you ban me? You’re kidding, right?!?

    How does not responding in the timeframe you apparently arbitrarily decided on constitute “rejection” of your premise? If you have any integrity whatsoever, you will take back your silly ban, and abandon the idea of banning ANYONE in the future. It’s the coward’s way out, and it’s unworthy of someone who pretends to have a point of view that he holds dear.

    If your point of view is so fragile that it can stand a little challenge here and there, then you obviously don’t believe what you say, or are completely insecure in your beliefs. Again, if you have any integrity whatsoever, you will take back your silly ban.

    1. I can take a challenge. I accepted yours and presented evidence. You’re the one who can’t handle my point of view. It’s evidenced in your responses. And let’s be honest, nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING you said was new, as I heard it a million and one times before. I can respect your POV, but you’ve constantly disrespected mine and turned this into a topic about you, black crime and how much you like white people. So, goodbye because your kind of small-minded thinking and house negro ass kissing is no longer allowed here. Adios.

      1. So, you prevent me from responding, then berate me for not responding? Are you serious? No, apparently you’re not.

        Again, if you have any integrity whatsoever, you will allow me to respond to your post, and abandon the silly idea of banning anyone.

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