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87th Annual Academy Awards - Red Carpet

By Lavern Merriweather:

White people never fail to surprise or amaze when it comes to the level that their stupidity or racism will sink.

Recently, one of the hosts of E! channel’s show “Fashion Police” Giuliana Rancic made a disparaging and – some would say – racist comment about pop singer Zendaya. Zendaya was wearing dreadlocks while appearing on the red carpet several weeks ago. This is when Ms. Rancic felt the need to make a snide comment about her hair saying that it looked like it smelled of weed.

HUH! How the fuck can she tell what someone’s hair smells like by looking at it? Or maybe it’s that little Ms. Rancic believes any human being with brown enough skin and dreads just must smoke weed. Giuliana was never once so vocal about Justin Bieber’s drug predilection despite that fact that he was caught with that magic herb on his person. Still, if you are perceived as an ‘other’, that makes it okay for white people to make a folly of your lifestyle or habits.

I don’t know Zendaya personally. So I don’t know if she has a fondness for hash or not. I would hope not seeing how she’s a minor. And that’s another thing. You have this supposedly grown woman taking potshots at a teen. Way to keep it classy Ms. G!

Another idiot in the growing line of stupid ass white folks whose mouths need to be on lockdown is semi-talented actor Vince Vaughn. Vaughn was asked in a recent interview about his support of Republican hopeful Rand Paul and the conversation turned to the issue of Affirmative Action. Vince, of course, was all for it.

Just kidding. He took the typical whiny, arrogant, spoiled brat approach that many whites do. Vince complained, as usual, that the government sanctioned policy was racist. Extremely hollow words coming from a man who really isn’t all that remarkable an actor, is not the least bit attractive and is more annoying than anything else. Yeah, Vince because you really have to worry about less talented black men taking your job, right?

There is just no justice for white males in Hollywood judging by the self-serving comments from readers on the Root website. One particular asshole even had the nerve to bring up Eddie Murphy as if one or two or even twenty successful black males in Hollywhite makes it even. Here’s a headline; it doesn’t. Any black person that has made it in the film industry has done so in spite of all the obstacles placed before them. And as I have stated before for every one Will Smith, there are about 30 Matt Damons and Ben Stillers.

When the rational voice of reason who wrote the article rightfully pointed out that the only people who have truly benefitted from Affirmative Action have been white women, she was of course shut down. Even if that were not the case, it still doesn’t give white males who have decades of benefitting from their skin privilege to bitch about something that hasn’t really helped as much as they like to think. The whole point of Affirmative Action was so that those who weren’t white could have an equal chance at getting a good job. Somehow that logic became to white males an opportunity for less qualified Negroes to get more hand-outs. Well guess what white males, even if that were the case A LOT OF BLACK FOLKS IN AMERICA DESERVE A FUCKING HAND-OUT, the same ones you have had ever since your ancestors got here dumb shit, not to mention the ones that you had while sitting on your ass getting free labor from Negroes. So do not even speak about someone having an unfair advantage from the government when you have had one since the day that you were born.

I wonder how badly Mr. Vaughn has had to struggle in his pursuit to be a movie star in a profession that he, I and everybody that watches movies knows caters mostly to white people, white males in particular. If anything, it’s the mindset of whiny pissants like him who are now pissed that if too many black folks are given an opportunity, they might just outshine his ass. That right there is what I think the real problem is for many white males, including those who keep talking about how they scored higher on the test, yet the black guy got picked instead of them. Honestly, if your ass is that damn smart then why aren’t you doing a more professional job? I never hear white males that are accountants, architects, lawyers or chemical engineers complaining about Affirmative Action. Gee, I can’t imagine what the explanation for that could possibly be.

Greaseball white trash rapper, now country star Kid Rock had the utter gall to say in a recent interview that he wouldn’t date Beyonce because he likes very skinny white women with big boobs. I think he must have meant fake big boobs seeing how his ex-wife was chemically enhanced. Seriously, who does this asswipe think he is that Beyonce would even want him in the first place? Every time I see that pig, he looks like he just got finished changing the oil in someone’s car and he expects that a beautiful black woman would care that she doesn’t appeal to him! Please!

It’s always the nastiest, ugliest, stupidest, most raggedy white males that claim they won’t date a black woman. Thanks but no thanks Kid Shmuck because I’m positive that you don’t float her boat any more than you do mine.

Last and very least is the world’s biggest prick this side of Fake Noise’s Bill O’ Reilly. Adolf Rudolph Giuliani uttered at a speech recently that President Barack Obama hates America. Right, he spent all that time campaigning, going from city to city, and spent all that money just to govern a country that he despises. Those words are not new coming from the rightwingnut party or from Giuliani himself which makes his recent spewing of bullshit all the more ridiculous.

I’m not much of a fan of Louis Farrakhan but I loved that he stepped up to the plate to call that fool on his crap. Mr. Farrakhan so eloquently and truthfully stated that Giuliani is a privileged little punk, that he is in no position to question Barack Obama’s loyalties to America.

I understand people, even celebrities, have a right to their opinion regardless of how stupid and asinine it may be. However, when you talk rhetoric that is racist and insulting, then you are just perpetuating a cycle of discrimination. Like it or not, the words of famous people have power and are highly respected sad to say. So when dummies abuse that power, I feel it’s my responsibility…hell, any black person’s responsibility to put their silly ass in check.