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Recently, my den was invaded by a right-winger who was hellbent in making my post about the conservatives’ favorite angry white man Bill O’Reilly and the scandal surrounding his journalistic time line. It seemed this dude was angry himself that I had the nerve to ask for conservatives to practice their mantra of personal responsibility, something Mr. O’Reilly has yet to do.

The funny thing is that he wanted me to prove that Bill was lying even though it’s all over cyber news. Of course, he deemed them all to be liberal and therefore didn’t count when it came to the argument he was trying to stir up. But the funny thing is that he seemed more concerned with winning the argument than anything else. You see, I had no proof, at least none that would convince him. In the end, I banned him, not because of his passion for the truth, but because of his abrasive tone.

Conservatives, Republicans, right-wingers, whatever you want to call yourselves, here’s the deal with me and how my blog operates. I welcome opposing views, but I DO NOT welcome insults and condemnations. Calling me names and talking to me like a dog won’t win the fight. In the real world, they help keep it going to another level which you may not want to enter. Period.

Listen, I know a lot of you are angry white men. I know you are angry at change and can’t stand to see this country changing against your favor. In fact, most of you hate that than you love your country. Let’s be real. At least some of you can’t go without one day to find something wrong with your President who’s a black man.

That’s another thing, you didn’t have issues with where the President was born or what his religion is when he was Bush OR Clinton. It seemed you treated Clinton more kindly than you do with Obama. Whether you want to admit it or not, there’s an issue of race involved, especially with how some of you have been carrying on about him, his wife (Your First Lady) and his children. Come clean and just admit that it’s because he’s a black man and you’re scared as hell of him, because he doesn’t fit the demographics of what a leader of this country should look like. Just be honest.

And while we’re talking about race, let’s get one thing straight. I admitted that I am a racist, at least to a certain extent. I know I’m at least prejudice. However, many of you, who exhibit racial animosity won’t dare admit that many within your camp, possibly including you, are racist. When you refer to your President with negative stereotypes assigned to people of color, THAT’S RACIST. When you continue to believe that most welfare recipients are black even though evidence and proof shows that most of then are indeed white, THAT’S RACIST. When you continue to believe that black people commit the most crimes when it shows that most crime was committed by whites in this nation, THAT’S RACIST. I could go on and on, but that would be racist in your mind, wouldn’t it?

And by the way, don’t dictate what is and what is not racist. Most of you know, but you try to change the definition not because it’s true, but because you do so in your favor. You don’t want to associate yourself with overt racists who are proud to be racist even though you have that mindset.

Now, I know you want to drag liberals a.k.a. lefties a.k.a. ‘libtards’, but here’s the big difference between them and you. They can talk a good game and they’re smarter at hiding their bullshit, most of the time at least. If you don’t want to learn anything from them, at least learn that and maybe your racism will be better hidden and complex instead of the stale pre-1970’s racism that the late George Wallace would grin ear to ear over. Or you could do something even better than that. STOP BEING RACIST PERIOD!

Lastly, as far as some of you harping on the burden of proof, trying to win arguments and having an abusive attitude, all I can say is grow the fuck up. When there is proof out there and even in your face, THERE IS NO FUCKIN’ ARGUMENT. You can’t argue with what is objective. That’s the reality of life and I suggest you get with the program.

I don’t have the kind of “proof” you want to see because you CHOOSE not to see it. And I will be damned if I will waste precious time searching the world to give it to you only to have it rejected. Besides, why not engage in some research yourself instead of living by your own faith? But alas, some of you are more likely to believe a groundhog than actual climate experts.

I don’t know why many of you are angry as you continue to win and dominate. Hell, you trust Fox News than any other news source, according to a recent poll. And I know than if you ain’t right then you’re left. To you there is no middle ground to speak of.

Continue to believe what you want. I’m done. Continue to believe in a White Jesus, a White Santa Claus, the criminal black man, illegal immigrants, that all cops are good, that all rich people are great, that white men are oppressed, that rap music and black culture is to blame for everything, that war is the answer, that global warming is a myth, that America is a Christian nation, that men need to control women’s bodies, that homosexuality is a sin, that Islam is an evil religion, that the more guns, the better life will be, that everyone else is racist but you and that you love America even though your side has been trying to drive it into the ground for years. Continue to believe instead of learn while being angry at the world for not thinking like you. Like I said, I’m done.