You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting as many articles as I used to. That is due to my alter ego’s undertaking at a new temporary job. For a while, there will be fewer articles per week until at least after June, hopefully.

Honestly speaking, I have contemplated giving up blogging or at least take a longer hiatus than just a few days. However, after careful consideration, I’ve decided that Brotha Wolf was going NOWHERE.

This blog will still be up and running for a long while yet. But I must admit there will be times where I won’t be on for certain periods of time, nor will I be as active in other blogs commenting. For a few months, at least, Brotha Wolf will have to take it easy while I focus on other responsibilities. Again, that means I won’t be as active as I was. But still, that is likely temporary. In the meantime, continue to check out my archives as well as the links to other top bloggers and websites and more articles by my homegirl Lavern. And don’t worry. Brotha Wolf will not vanish.