Snowman, I would’ve been glad to answer your questions, if they didn’t come across like a frustrated dog owner trying to teach his dog new tricks. You won’t agree, but you came across as a typical angry conservative who’s sick of change, free-thinkers and those that disagree. You’re angrily avoiding taking any responsibility for your jackassery, thus proving how hard it is for your side to accept accountability.

I told you where to find the answers you seek, but you were too lazy to do anything about it. No, you expect me to obey you like a slave (Yes, I said SLAVE. Deal with it.) and work hard to provide you proof which you will disregard as liberal rubbish. Be real with yourself.

All in all, I would’ve engaged in a healthy, online debate with you, but you’ve acted like a brat with your conceitedness and shitty attitude. Therefore, I have no choice but yo ban you from my den. Goodbye and good riddance.