Vern’s Venting: Shut Your Ass Up!

By Lavern Merriweather: White people never fail to surprise or amaze when it comes to the level that their stupidity or racism will sink. Recently, one of the hosts of E! channel’s show “Fashion Police” Giuliana Rancic made a disparaging and – some would say – racist comment about pop singer Zendaya. Zendaya was wearing […]

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Denying Experiences of Racism

Lately, more and more people continue to tell me that racism against blacks, or people of color, doesn’t exist. Most of the time, their reasons seem unsubstantial or nonexistent altogether. Whatever explanations that are given, however, seem to hark back on everything from the Civil Rights Movement to the election of the nation’s first half-black […]

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Strange Fruit 2015

“Strange Fruit” is the title of a song performed by the legendary singer Billie Holiday. The theme of the song was a lyrical protest against the lynching of African Americans back in the day. The song was produced and recorded in 1939. The “strange fruit” in the song was a metaphor to dead black bodies […]

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Conservatives, We Need To Talk

Recently, my den was invaded by a right-winger who was hellbent in making my post about the conservatives’ favorite angry white man Bill O’Reilly and the scandal surrounding his journalistic time line. It seemed this dude was angry himself that I had the nerve to ask for conservatives to practice their mantra of personal responsibility, […]

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The Future of the Blog

You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting as many articles as I used to. That is due to my alter ego’s undertaking at a new temporary job. For a while, there will be fewer articles per week until at least after June, hopefully. Honestly speaking, I have contemplated giving up blogging or at […]

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