Your Thoughts: The Bill O’Reilly Scandal


Bill O’Reilly has never shied away from letting people know what he thinks. But now, as more and more people come forward that expose his seemingly endless list of lies, you gotta wonder what was he thinking. As we see this unfold before our eyes after another reporter was outed for his role in lying ala Brian Williams, you can’t help but wonder why O’Reilly was chosen out of the entire peanut gallery over at Fox News? Why not go after the entire network for their hate-mongering, fear-based, conservative slant on all things reality? For that matter, you wonder who’s next on the media chopping block for lying to the public. Is the mainstream finally tired of today’s overhyped nonsense form of journalism, or is this a way to stir up news and ratings? Perhaps it’s both. Oh well.

Anyway, what do you have to say about this? What are your thoughts on the entire scandal and how it reflects on mainstream journalism? One thing is for sure. Bill isn’t taking it too kindly. We may see Mt. O’Reilly blow up a few times like he has in the past.


10 thoughts on “Your Thoughts: The Bill O’Reilly Scandal

  1. There’s no scandal there.A military eyewitness already came forward and said that what O’Reilly said was true.

    Also, the reason no one’s outed FOX News scandals is simple. There aren’t any scandals there either.

    Can you imagine trying to find something on Bret Baier, or Sean Hannity, or Megyn Kelly or Shannon Bream or Gretchen Carlson, or Steve Doocy? These people are Conservatives. Conservatives don’t DO the stuff that causes scandals. They’re CONSERVATIVES for crying out loud! They go to work and go home and kiss their wife or husband and pet the dog and go to bed and wake up the next day and do it all over again.

    Surely you don’t think that nobody’s been TRYING to find things out about them? I always laugh when you racists try so desperately to bring Conservatives down with your lies about what we say and think. You spend a whole lot of effort trying to find things that aren’t there, so you just invent them.


  2. I think I watched an excerpt from this clowns show once. I thought it was satirical ala The Onion. If this is what passes for news in the States, then you Yanks are screwed!

      1. I wish, Herneith. Employement is for sh*t here. Tehre aren’t enough people to fill the demand for high-skilled jobs, and the low-skilled jobs don’t pay for crap. And you have a bunch of morons here trying to make it so that the low-skilled jobs pay a sh*tload more, so you’ll have a bunch of low-skilled people wiht no incentives to become high-skilled people and they’ll all be competing for the same low level jobs and they won’t get them because there are so many people. We’re on the way to becoming a third world country here.

  3. He is a liar and phone sex pervert..big mouth bully…I cannot believe anybody can even stand to look at this clown..he should have been an evangelist..

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