Vern’s Venting: The Privilege of White Male Forgiveness


By Lavern Merriweather

The exceptional Chauncey Devega whom I adore greatly once wrote a post that Brotha reposted on this site about Colorado shooter James Holmes. My man Chauncey said – and very accurately so – that white males have the privilege of their violence being seen as uncommon. When a white male does something exceedingly and sadistically violent, they are seen as an outsider, an anomaly. James Holmes can’t possibly represent all or most white males because he is supposedly insane.

Not only do white folks in the media believe that males who look like them are incapable of brutality, they make bullshit excuses for the ones that do.

Mr. Devega also pointed out that a white male’s behavior, no matter how wrong, is still seen as the act of an individual. Whereas when it’s a Negro, he is just going along with the badness of his environment. Black folks are never viewed as crazy or an individual. I personally don’t have a problem with the crazy part because that is a big-time cop out. However, white people damn sure shouldn’t continue to be allowed the right to absolve themselves of accountability when they commit criminal acts, particularly when the act is especially heinous.

Let’s not forget that there were children in the movie theater that night. Yet, white males in the media obviously care more about protecting their agenda than they do about protecting their young as anyone can attest by watching how they frame a story involving a white male and criminal behavior. A white male is given the ultimate benefit of the doubt while so-called experts hem and haw about how he’s ‘troubled’. There is not one peep about him coming from a bad environment or mixed up family. In fact, ‘they’, meaning the parents and siblings, have excuses made for them as well. It’s not anybody’s fault. Yet, those people killed that evening are still dead.

Maybe the white male media hypocrites can explain to the families of the victims that no one is to blame. Hell, shit happens! Can’t point fingers at a white male who is going through emotional trauma. Yeah, I know he murdered your loved one but hey, he’s white. So, that should be some comfort to you right?

Movie star Mark Wahlberg has recently demanded that the governor of Massachusetts pardon him for his past crimes. Apparently Mr. Action Hero doesn’t feel that he should be held to the same standards as most of us. Wahlberg thinks that because he is white, beloved and famous that the rules don’t have to apply to him. And it appears he ain’t alone as many of the hand wringing apologists on TV gabfests have once again come to a white male’s defense.

They whine that Wahlberg was a teen at the time and had a lot of anger issues. Also that he has moved on to become an accomplished award nominated actor. What they don’t mention is that he has never apologized publicly or otherwise, nor has he ever paid restitution to the man he mutilated. Although the Vietnamese man that he assaulted is all of a sudden singing a different tune, he is also trying to prevent Wahlberg from being the bad guy by saying that Marky Mark wasn’t responsible for permanently damaging his eye. The man claims that he actually lost his eye long ago in Vietnam during the war.

I have a problem with this new revelation for a number of reasons. First off, the age of the victim and the time of the war don’t add up. He would had to have been in his early teens if the story is true. Second, I find it highly suspicious that this part of the tale is being told now when Wahlberg wants it taken off his record. You mean to tell me that that man had something so astronomically important going on in his life that he couldn’t reveal that aspect 25 years ago? For that past two decades the report was that it was Wahlberg who brutally removed that man’s eye with a hook. One would think that if he were that concerned with supporting Wahlberg’s good guy image he would have spoken up sooner rather than have 99.9 percent of the public believe that Mark Wahlberg attacked him with a hook leaving him with only one functioning eye. He is just now changing his tune, making me think that this has more to do with Wahlberg getting what he wants than him truly being innocent. I have a strong inkling that even if Wahlberg were absolutely 100% guilty he would still have many whites in the media pleading his case. On top of that, Wahlberg himself has never denied injuring that man so severely in the attack.

You’d think that the last thing Wahlberg would want is having the public believe he’s such a sadistic asshole. Yet, it’s the same thing happening with once popular star of the CW show “Seventh Heaven” Stephen Collins. Collins has been revealed to be a pedophile which he has readily admitted. However, instead of getting scorn and hatred, he is getting the plush kid gloves [poor choice of words I know] treatment usually reserved for white male celebrities. Not one person has come out to say what a wretched lowlife piece of shit Collins is. No, they use words like ‘ugly’ or ‘sad’ situation that is code word for white people wanting to make it look good without having to actually put in the effort. As much as they don’t want the rest of us to believe that they are still kissing his worthless ass that is exactly what they are doing.

White males are given the privilege of compassion for what they do regardless of how horrific it is. Perhaps they feel that having sex with underage girls when you are a grown ass man is ok. Or maybe it’s the fact that they are forever desperate to keep up appearances. It’s those Negroes that are bad and do wrong things, not us. It’s those Negroes like Michael that rape little kids. It’s those Negroes like R. Kelly that force themselves on minors, not us.

According to their logic white males are never guilty of such a terrible thing, even the ones who confess. By the way, any dumbass who still wants to imagine that Collins came forward because of a crisis of conscience seriously needs to piss off. That asshole is only telling the truth now because he got caught. Period. End of story.

Collins would have never done that of his own accord seeing how he didn’t when nobody knew just what a sleazy sack of crap he is. Yet, he doesn’t deserve outrage? He, like most white males, needs compassion and understanding? I’m surprised that the holier-than media hasn’t trouted out that disease bullshit. It could be coming soon though. Collins is certainly getting more sympathy than Bill Cosby who many have already tried, sentenced and convicted. Even while there is zero evidence to support the women coming forward with accusations. Those same accusations are completely disregarded when the male is white cough Ah-nuld cough.

I find it hilarious that many of the white female Cosby accusers are saying that they were too ‘afraid’ of him to speak out. When the fuck have white women ever been terrified of demonizing a black man even when they are lying, especially when they are lying, lest we forget the Scottsboro boys complete miscarriage of justice. That’s not to say whether or not they are lying. I don’t know, but if I am less than enthused about believing the word of a white woman against a black man then I have good reason, particularly since Cosby is being dragged through the mud while the admitted white male child molester is allowed to skate away scot free. Funny, but some in the media think that he is the one with privilege. Bill Cosby obviously doesn’t seem to have the same amount that they do no matter how much they deny it.


2 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: The Privilege of White Male Forgiveness

  1. ..Real talk, ‘Vern! I clearly remember seeing a documentary on ole’ Funky Bunch’s racist and violent act towards that innocent man (and apparently, other folks too)-and now all of sudden it was a “war injury”, WTF!?

    Great point about Cosby versus Collins, if it weren’t for your informative article I don’t think I would have heard anything else about him lately because they dam# sure ain’t been talkin’ bout it in the recent news!

    Sidenote: As if this kray-kray weather change in the PNW wasn’t enough to make me get headaches, along comes that creepy-azz photo of “troubled” Holmes just helped to add to my health woes this week! Lbvs

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