President Barack Obama, Sex Assault Suspect?


Before I say anything, I want to get some points out of the way. The President is not a sex offender. This is a Fox affiliate station. And you must be a seething, racist right wing fanatic if you remotely believe for a nanosecond that the President is a criminal.

Anyway, here’s what had happened. Fox 5, a San Diego news station, made a grave error in reporting a crime. There was a sex assault report at San Diego State University. The suspect, Francisco Paiva Sousa, was arrested on December 8 of last year. However, he will not be charged as the District Attorney rejected the case last month.

But here’s where things have gone crappy in the world of news reporting, as if the news can totally be trusted. As the broadcast opened up, Kathleen Bade explains that, “The only suspect in a sex assault at SDSU will not be charged. In almost an instant, there was a picture of the POTUS with words underneath that read ‘NO CHARGES’.

As it turns out, other Fox affiliates have made mistakes where the President is accidentally involved. Fox 40 reported that ‘Obama Bin Laden’ was dead. And another Fox affiliate reported that the President is dead.

Okay look. It’s easy to see how news stations and channels with the word ‘Fox’ somewhere in their name, is bound to somehow, intentional or not, would say or show something that would send right-wingers into a ecstatic frenzy. It’s also safe to say that anyone who would believe a shred of such lies without an ounce of critical thinking has the brain power of lint.


4 thoughts on “President Barack Obama, Sex Assault Suspect?

  1. Overt to Covert racism. Microaggressions to Symbolism, images are important. People who don’t get the full story, especially kids, put a bulk of fox **eh, hem… Cough** false news and or statements out there. They know what they doing. Creating dissention and doubt, even if it is unreasonable. See what I did there? FOH!

  2. Yeah, leave it to Faux to constantly stir the dam# pot with its’ passive-aggressive “subliminal”messages that constantly get viewed for the pleasure of the foaming-at-the-mouth-weirdos-jackazzes-that-make-up-the-“right”-wing-party!!!

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