R.I.P. Charlie Sifford


From the Huffington Post:

Charlie Sifford, who only wanted a chance to play and broke the color barrier in golf as the first PGA Tour member, died Tuesday night, the PGA of America said.

Sifford, who recently had suffered a stroke, was 92. Details of his death and funeral arrangements were not immediately available.

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9 thoughts on “R.I.P. Charlie Sifford

  1. you know I’ve never heard of him? all we hear about is Tiger Woods, the “what the hell does he call himself again?” idk, some trifling made up ethnicity to distance himself from being black

  2. @Mary, yes he was a gentleman indeed..R.I.P. Mr. Charlie Sifford and thank yoU for your contribution in breaking down the “color barrier” in golf for all of us POC!!!

  3. Now this is someone Tiger Woods should have learned his lessons from…Black people like Mr. Sifford who paved his way to be the Black man..* cough*..man that he is..* cough*( again) ..was. I have far greater respect for a man like him than Tiger. Anyways..my deepest sympathy to this great legend.

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