My Final Cosby Post

News about the Bill Cosby scandal keeps going as yet another accuser came forward. And I’m sure, like most of you, I’m tired of hearing about it. I’m so tired, I didn’t even feel like finding a picture to illustrate this article. I’m tired not because I am a fan of Cosby, because I’m not. I’m tired of feeling embarrassed by skin and gender association.

After much consideration and thinking, I’ve decided to put a lid on discussing the Bill Cosby scandal. I think the media has treated it as nothing more than a pull to drive ratings as opposed to make society aware of the problem of rape culture which is a great disservice to actual victims of rape. After all, the mainstream continues to show how much it could care less about society’s issues only if it helps generate viewers and dollars.

Rape is a very serious topic that must be confronted and dealt with. As a man, I am aware that I live in a male dominated society where my genitals suggest, according to the unofficial rules of male supremacy, that I am superior to women and therefore I have the right and power to do with them what I want, when I want. Sexual abuse by men against women unfortunately comes with the territory, and even though I’ve never done it nor would I ever stoop to that level, it is sadly the norm in America. Real talk.

I’ve lost count as to how many women have accused Cosby of drugging and raping them. But the hits keep on coming. (Cindra Ladd, a white female philanthropist and wife of Oscar-winning producer and former MGM Chair Alan Ladd Jr, is the latest to accuse the comedian of raping her during the late 1960’s) And even though this is a serious matter, I still have enormous doubts as to the validity of some of the accusers. One, huge glaring wonder is that Cosby somehow managed to walk free after raping many white women, especially during the 60’s and 70’s. The history of this country suggests that if a black man so much has been accused of raping a white woman, his ass is grass. How can Cosby get away with it for so long? Does he have friends in high places? If so, even they are likely white guys who are as racist as their lesser income brethren. That would not sit well with them that a Negro of any standing raped their precious treasures. So, the question is, what was the deal?

There have been less popular articles that cast doubt on this whole mess. One was by a woman paid to destroy Cosby. Another explained how the agent of two models believed they were lying. That doesn’t let Cos off the hook, however. But that does leave a crack in this whole case.

I don’t know if Cosby is guilty or not. All we can go by is here say. But when over 30 women have made the same claim, something’s rotten in Denmark either way. But what is it? Where does the truth begin? Do we automatically believe or consider believing the women, which is what we should do more often? Or do we believe that something stinks about the whole thing, because something doesn’t add up? If so, is it reasonable, or is it a normal reflection based on how this country does black men with false rape accusations which I’ve learned are more common than we think?

I’m not saying this is the case, but it is something that can’t be overlooked. And when you have over 30 women, it may not be possible that this is merely a smear campaign. I’m just saying.

I admit that, like many other people, hearing about this scandal from any news outlet is painful. Deep inside, I hope and wish this isn’t true. However, I cannot forget that this is the same man who went on a tirade against poor black folks, poor black folks like yours truly, like conservatives who detest poverty as much as they hate common sense. Not to mention him omitting the major factor of race in every race-based situation and his command to not blame the white man.

Now, if Ole’ Bill is a pillar of morality as he portrayed himself to be as his character Heathcliff Huxtable from The Cosby Show, and truly did not rape all those women, then by definition, there’s a hidden “plot” to bring him down. However, if he did, then he is one muh’fuckin hypocrite who doesn’t deserve any support. Point blank. And the odds are heavily stacked against him, especially for him to tour the nation and make a lame ass joke about it.

But if this is a plan, the question is why are they trying to bring down Cosby? What could they hope to gain, especially since most of the women are in good economic standing? And if there is some kind of conspiracy, who’s involved and why? I’m just asking.

I’m just going to shut up and uncomfortably watch this unfold. Again, I’m not a fan of Cosby. I do admire his work – sort of – but I’m not a fan of the man. As a side note, have you ever noticed how all of his media products like Fat Albert, Little Bill and, of course, The Cosby Show are based upon himself?

This may be a case of trying to destroy a highly successful black person. But you must consider how women are viewed and treated whenever they accuse a any beloved man of rape.


31 thoughts on “My Final Cosby Post

  1. Beverly Johnson was caught in a lie. Who knows. Yes if a woman was sexually assaulted, she should come out, but not 20-40 years later. There’s an attack on black alpha males. Though I’m not huge fan (whether he shitted on disenfranchised blacks or not), but I believe most of this is a scam.

  2. Well, let me just say rape is one of those accusations that is VERY difficult- if not impossible- to clear your name. Once a woman – and a WHITE woman at that- says you raped her, you’re basically done, proof be damned. The only other thing that I can think of that is just as insurmountable is being accused of child molestation. Both cast a shadow on the accused credibility and places the burden of proof (or lack thereof) on the accused. It’s a no win situation, all based on someone’s word.

    Those behind this campaign know this all too well. They also know the sheer number of accusers will be enough to cast doubt in even the staunchest Cosby supporters. But do keep in mind that those that are behind this have unlimited resources to pay these women, if needed. To be clear, I don’t know if Cosby did that, but if I had to choose a side, I’d go with he DID NOT. I just can’t disregard everything I know about the history of white women and black men in the U.S. when assessing this situation. I just can’t. And based on what I know to be true, this doesn’t fit into that reality.

    Many in the black community castigated Cosby when he went on his tours, but not me. I actually read his book “Come on People” and thought he was right. He illustrated PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY in the black community, which is something that seems to be missing nowadays. It may not be what we want to hear, but it’s what we NEED to hear. If anyone is/was in a position to scold the community it was Cosby, IMO. If for nothing else because he and Camille have virtually SINGLE-HANDEDLY kept many an HBCU afloat. That is more than can be said of any other of these black celebrities.

    Re: white supremacy. Sorry, but that dog won’t hunt. I’m about the most pro-black person you will ever meet, and even I don’t agree with blaming the system for all our ills. I say that because even during the height of Jim Crow, the black community was not in the shambles you see it in today. We were actually stronger, more unified, and had a great deal of self-respect. Something that is completely absent today. So having said that, we have some responsibility in this too. Cosby was saying to start with the things that YOU can control. I’m all for that.

    Anyway, none of us know the truth about Cosby, but I’ll just end by saying I”m not so quick to take the word of some white woman. History has proven that this mean much where black men are concerned.

    1. I think many of us, if not most of us, do take responsibility for our actions. Sometimes some of us take responsibility for shit that we didn’t even do. And I can not dismiss white supremacy when it’s system is still fully operational, even more so since Obama took office.

      Other than that, I see what you’re saying.

      1. No, @Brothawolf, most of us do NOT take responsibility for our actions. If we did, our communities would not be in the state they’re in today. What black community are you referring to? Maybe we’re speaking on two different communities. I’m speaking on black American communities, just to be clear.

        Despite the fact that some blacks may have had their feelings hurt (or embarrassed even) by what Mr. Cosby had to say, that still doesn’t negate that what he said was mostly valid. So some of you all don’t like the fact that he said it publicly. So what?! From my recollection, wasn’t he mostly speaking to black crowds anyway (HBCU commencements, NAACP Banquets, etc.)? If Dr. King were alive, you don’t think he’d publicly excoriate blacks and command us to live up to our potential and to do better?

        Again, I point to the fact that for the 100 years between the end of slavery (1865) and civil right (~1965) blacks were doing better than we are today by most measures. Our family structures were intact, black out-of-wedlock births were low, violent crime in black communities was virtually unheard of AND we had thriving businesses that employed black people AND were supported by black people! Guess what? All this was done within a system of white supremacy. As a matter of fact, they had legalized discrimination a la Jim Crow. But yet and still we were making it work. Fast forward to today. Are you really placing the blame on white supremacy alone? We (blacks) have no responsibility in this mess? Say what you want, but white supremacy does not force a young black man to reproduce with 5 different black women and lend ZERO assistance to the support of said children nor does it make you break into your neighbor’s home to steal their trinkets. See what we’re talking about when we say personal responsibility here?

        The problem with a lot of Cosby detractors is that they can never present a cogent argument as to WHY or WHAT they disagree with. Their arguments usually boil down to: 1) He is forgetting about the system of white supremacy; 2) He shouldn’t say it publicly; or 3) Who is HE to say anything? The thing is that they never dispute what he is actually saying. And, any black person that has invested in the community has a right to speak on and kick us in the collective asses when we get off track. Again, read Cosby’s book “Come on People” if you haven’t. In this book you’ll find that he MORE than acknowledges white supremacy and its impact on black people. He just doesn’t let us use it as an excuse to act a fool.

        Lastly, would you tell a black person to stay in bed, not to get up and go to work, don’t bother to bathe, don’t bother to feed their children, to not do their homework or clean up their front lawns because of the system of white supremacy? Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? But that’s exactly what blacks that like to solely blame our situation on white supremacy effectively do to other blacks, whether they know it or not. I bet you’d tell that person to get up and make it work because DESPITE the system there are things YOU (as an individual) can do to improve your situation. This is what I hear in Cosby’s words.

        I have no doubt that Cosby truly loves black people. Those that TRULY love and believe in black people tell them the truth- no matter how uncomfortable it may be. Those that believe that blacks are and will ALWAYS be eternal victims place the responsibility elsewhere.

  3. Why would you feel bad about this because of skin tone? I’m Black and I don’t internalize the wrong doing of other Black people.

    I do think this slander campaign is a silly one. All they can do is smear Cosby’s legacy. They aren’t going to get his money. I don’t have feelings about the man because (a) I don’t know him and (b) he has been loud and publicly judgmental to Black people… and that actually embarrassed me… as if we should care about his opinions. Had he minded his own damn business, he’d still be honorable now.

    1. Excellent question. I just wish I had an answer for you.

      So, you really think this is slander campaign and the women have no validity to their accusations? Why or why not? I’m just wondering.

      1. I also agree because for one like you said ANY time a white woman accuses a black male of rape it is not believed but she is seen as the epitome of victimhood even when she is lying. Besides some of the women who have come forward are associated with white males that are a BILLION times more powerful than Cosby is. They didn’t do shit to seek criminal prosecution nor are they looking for money so what else is to gain but an attack on his credibility especially since he backtracked on the very words that white people fell so in love with him for. I believe that is why they are coming after him because he changed his tune and they hate the new song. Stephen Collins is an admitted child molester yet nobody has uttered a peep about him so you can’t tell me race just has nothing to do with it.

  4. I am torn on Cosby. I feel a bit obligated to support him because he is black, but on that same note it is wrong to support a man who could have raped these women.

    I won’t say I support the women either because if a person raped you, then why wait this darn long when you can’t even press charges?

    1. I don’t think most can press charges due to the Statute of Limitations. Still, like you asked, why didn’t they do something. I’m sure they would be believed, especially by white men.

  5. Reality check, you’re entitled to your opinion, but I strongly disagree with your stance on the lack of personal responsibility in the black community. If that was the case, there wouldn’t have been activism and movements, no middle class, no academic achievers, none of those. There are plenty of black people who do the damn thing, and that’s what Cosby failed to see. All he saw was a monolith of thugs and welfare moms. That does not describe most of what the black community is about. Point blank.

    How come we don’t ever see white celebs telling white people to straighten up? Is it because white people never go rogue? No. So, why is it only black people that need to take personal responsibility and not white people?

    Also, you said, “Again, I point to the fact that for the 100 years between the end of slavery (1865) and civil right (~1965) blacks were doing better than we are today by most measures.” Seriously!? Do you know your history, brotha? Have you ever heard of Jim Crow and the Black Codes?

    1. Maybe he is alluding to the successful Black towns and areas such as the Black section of Tulsa, OK with their Black Wall Street and such as well as other successful places like Rosewood, FL, a section of Wilmington, NC, other Black/Mulatto Elite sections of various cities where Blacks flourished.

  6. Lavern,

    There have been a study that illustrates that black celebs are treated more harshly than white celebs. Jimmy Savile was way worst than Cosby as far as accusations go, but you don’t hear about him much, at least in this country.

  7. honestly this is getting old, at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if Hilary Clinton or Kim Kardashian came forward

      1. Folks, child molestation is the worse crime on the calendar if one wishes to place crimes in a hierarchy as to what is worse. As one of the posters said, you don’t hear about diddlers such as Peter Collins(or whatever the fuck his name is), or that overrated clown Woody Allen or that freak Roman Polanski. Believe me these clowns have molested children before but were finally caught. I find the lack of collective outrage against these diddlers to be strange but telling. Untold psychic damage ensues for the victims of these pieces of shit. Yet these white perverts are still working!

        As for these women alleging rape, I know some sexual assault survivors who have not to this day come forward publicly to accuse their assailant. Rape is one of the most under reported crimes as many do not want to want to go through the ordeal of a trial and yes, they are ashamed. Be that as it may, why are these women coming out of the wood works after so many years accusing Bill? People say that Bill is very ‘powerful’ but I don’t buy this. The only one to take him to court (the case was settled in 2006), was Andrea Constand, a black Canadian woman. Even though she settled and named other witnesses in the case, they did not come forward until the comedian Hannibal Buress publicly accused Bill of being a rapist. After that the landslide of accusations began. I find this suspect. Is it a case of jumping on the band wagon? There are too many questions.

        I am, and have never been a fan of Bill and am not ashamed on behalf of black men. The white supremacist society love jumping on these cases in order to throw the scent on their own deviant behaviour such as child molestation. Being ashamed because of what some clown was alleged to have done is the epitome of internalized racism. I would be more concerned about those close to you who have been sexually assaulted or molested, not some clown who you may never know personally. I don’t know Bill, however, I do know women and men(yes men are sexually assaulted but they tend to internalize their experience), who were the victims of such violence. Bill can go fuck himself. He’s already lost millions due to these accusations anyway. I actually feel sorry for his long suffering wife.

        Here’s a link to the court papers of Andrea Costand:,_Jr.

      2. uh brotha, remember when Michael Jackson was accused of being a child molester, yeah he died 6 years ago and the whole world seemingly forgot about him. According to Herneith above child molestation ranks at the top of the hierarchy of sexual crimes. God forbid should Cosby die I believe this whole thing would blow over like a tropical storm

  8. What do ya’ll think about this? I got it from someone’s blog:

    “Hannibal…told the audience, “I say this at all my shows and people don’t believe me. It’s not funny. Just google Bill Cosby rape and look at all the results that pop up.” Somebody uploaded the video of this set during that week onto YouTube and it spread like wildfire eventually making it to news outlets. This is old news to some people and new news to others. The accusers are in the double digits, like 19 or 20 that have came forward (again) thus far, and the accounts span over almost 40 years with the last account dating back to 2004. Everytime a new account is unveiled, the conversation continues.”

    Now, this is where race is evident:

    “The only thing that’s very telling, but certainly not unusual, is the media’s protection of white men, in this case, who are in the entertainment industry and happen to be or who have been accused of committing sexual assault. i.e. Look at how fast Stephan Collins, a white actor most known for his role as the father on 7th Heaven, admitted to molesting and exposing himself to 3 girls ages 11 to 13 and it was pushed under the rug so fast.”

    1. According to actor Corey Feldman, pedophilia is the worst thing going on in Hollywood.

      I just read Todd Bridges’ memoir “Killing Willis” and he talks about his sexual molestation as a child and one of the things he mentions in his book is a situation that occurred to him that also happened to Corey Feldman. Corey also speaks about it in his book “Coreyography”.

      According to that dope fiend model Janice Dickinson, she was told by Cosby’s lawyer’s to not include her rape in one of her books. Regarding Cosby, I am not sure who or what to believe, but I do think he must have pissed someone off in the industry for them to come after him like this and NEVER go after the likes of Stephan Collins or Woody Allen.

    2. There was another white director, Bryan Singer, who was sued for having sex with an underage boy. He adamantly denied this and the lawsuit apparently has gone nowhere. There is a billionaire who was sentenced to 18 months in prison for molesting underage girls, Epstein(i don’t recall his first name). Yet you never hear the press riding these perverts’ asses. When a molester is eventually caught, it is not his/her first time.

  9. I agree with Herneith especially this latest woman who is married to a fucking millionaire! How the hell are you going to be married to a rich man yet not report a rape something sounds like bullshit to me. I haven’t seen any emotion from these women save nutbag Janice. They haven’t shed one tear and the way they talk sounds scripted.

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