Vern’s Venting: What Goes Around Comes Around


By Lavern Merriweather:

This post might seriously offend some people, which is why I was so hesitant to write it. However, since I am like everyone else in this country entitled to my opinion, here goes.

There has been a lot of talk in the news lately about two NYPD officers that were murdered by an African-American gunman. The officers named Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were ambushed as they sat in their squad car by a local man named Ismaaiyl Brinsley. The shooter then ran to a New York City subway where he took his own life with his gun. Mr. Brinsley claimed on his Facebook page that the killings were in retaliation for the many recent shooting deaths of young black males.

I, for one, feel no sympathy whatsoever for the cops that were brutally gunned down. If that sounds cruel and thoughtless, then just think about what the families of those murdered young black men are dealing with right now. I would also suggest that anyone reading this post think about how the media and cops are framing this story.

When the news broke about the shootings the two cops were humanized immediately. That’s not what happens when a black man like Eric Garner or Mike Brown is killed. They are seen as thugs and criminals who were doing something bad anyway. Apparently to white people in the media and cops on the beat, selling cigarettes on the street is a crime punishable by death. Not only was no one in the lamestream media that outraged by Mr. Garner’s death; they also didn’t call out the cops who killed for their use of excessive force. Many of NYPD’s so-called ‘finest’ took to Twitter and went on several angry rants attacking Mr. Garner’s weight, claiming that had to be the cause of his untimely death, as if choking someone by strong arming them around their throat while your cop buddies hold that person’s arms so they can’t defend themselves is a justifiable act. Or that you can claim, with a straight face, that your actions had nothing to do with someone’s death.

After the shootings of officers Liu and Ramos, the media went on a frenzy to paint the two fallen cops as saintly as possible. You would have thought they could walk on water then turn it into wine the way the media was carrying on. That never happened when white male Eric Frien, shot and killed two cops in Arizona. (I won’t mention the officers names because I don’t know them.) The media didn’t elevate them to perfection status once they were dead like they are doing with the two New York cops.

It also didn’t happen when white couple Jarrod and Amanda Miller shot and killed two cops in Las Vegas. I don’t know the names of those two cops either. Come to think of it, I don’t even think they showed the police officers pictures whereas officer Liu and officer Ramos’ pictures have been on constant rotation non-stop. This leads me to believe that it’s more about who did the shooting rather than the end result.

There was no public outcry from Attorney General Eric Holder or visits to the funerals from Vice President Joseph Biden. There sure as shit wasn’t a rush to speak out from former elected officials rushing to decry what a horrific tragedy this is and how this will lead to anarchy and panic in the streets. Not one word of distress or disgust was spoken about the cops who died at the hands of the Miller couple or Eric Frien. Rudy Giuliani didn’t use the deaths of those cops as a platform for his bigoted and divisive agenda. In fact I feel that Giuliani needs to fuck off and stay his ass out of this all together. Let’s not forget his very sorry and shitty track record when it came to handling suspicious deaths involving black folks and cops. That goes triple for former New York governor George Pataki. Neither of them uttered a peep about the Millers or Frein despite the fact that all three of them were associates of white male nutjob Cliven Bundy.

For those not in the know Bundy is a racist, separatist loony asshole who heads his own tea party and has a ranch where he invites like-minded idiots to vent about their hatred for the government and for President Obama, of course being the main target of their wrath, seeing how they just can’t stand that a darkie from another country is leading America.

Mr. Brinsley’s family has adamantly stated that the killings of the two cops had nothing to do with the murders of Mike Brown and Eric Garner. They, like a lot of the protesters and even activist Al Sharpton, are denouncing the behavior of the gunman. I say FUCK THAT! If Mr. Brinsley’s actions were a direct result of cops getting away with murder, then I say bravo. He did what a lot of Negroes do; talk a good game about but never follow through. If my opinion offends anyone, too bad, because the cops made this us vs. them – meaning black folks – long before I even entered this planet. And judging from the ridiculously arrogant, insensitive, whiny and malevolent comments they are making, that attitude won’t change any time soon if at all.

Most of the cops commenting have absolved themselves of any responsibility or any wrongdoing when it comes to how they deal with black people. All while making egotistical excuses by whining that cops are ‘human’. That is such a contradictory notion, not to mention laughable, if it weren’t so destructive. How the fuck are you going to correct a problem when you flat out refuse to acknowledge it, especially when you refuse to take any accountability for the part that you have played in creating this mindset of hatred?

Even after the shootings cops still have made it all about them with the always-willing help of the media. The perspective of white male cops and white male politicians is the only one I have heard of late. There have been zero attempts by white males in the media to have a fair and balanced discussion. The people mainly affected by cop violence and brutality are being selfishly left out of the conversation.

By the way, NYPD and police departments all over the country being human is no excuse to justify your thuggish stupidity. Humans also have biases and prejudices that they use to judge others something the cops crying that none of this is their fault seem to have forgotten.

Another thing white male cops need to stop using religion to defend their own arrogant obliviousness. One such white male cop named Peter Miller had the absolute nerve to say that he has a God given right because of his chosen profession to protect his family. First of all jag-off God had NOTHING to do with you becoming a cop. That was solely your decision. Second of all, I and every black person that you disregard daily with your privileged mentality has that same fucking right. Third, his self-centered belief tells me that many white cops don’t give a damn about bridging the gap or closing the angry rift that they made with black folks. Sorry Jonathan Capeheart of the Washington Post, but it ain’t police policy that’s viciously killing Negroes while doing it in the name of God. It is cops like Miller and the head of the fraternal order of police in Chicago Dean Angelo who said that it was a ‘sin’ to point an accusatory finger at the cops. Well whose fault is it then prick? Oh that’s right. According to their logic, it’s because we darkies won’t do as we are told by cops. Gee maybe that’s because so many of them are arrogant, moronic, thuggish, racist lowlifes that see black life as worthless as a fly they smash with a newspaper.

I find it interesting that the two cops are men of color. Men who a number of these white folks crying over them wouldn’t give a damn about were they not fellow brothers in blue. If that’s what it takes to gain cops respect, then no thank you. I only regret that one of the cops killed wasn’t a cop who killed an unarmed black male anywhere in America.


6 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: What Goes Around Comes Around

  1. @ ‘Vern, no matter how many people may find it upsetting when anyone (officer or non) is killed, the truth is that you are saying what a lot of people are just to afraid to admit to themselves-or at least to others for that matter. If anybody finds your sentiments towards the imbalance of justice within this so-called “melting pot” plantation/nation harsh, they are either really vapid and/or deliberately pretending to be in denial to not understand why you (and sO many, many others) find it hard to sympathize with a situation like this when too often their own (POC) cares, concerns and liberties aren’t even given a second thought by those who think Nothing about taking it (unfairly) from them. Even if some say they don’t agree-they should at the very least realize why your heart feels hardened towards those who started this whole “Us vs. Them” shizz in the 1rst place!!!

  2. you have no need to feel guilty for anything Mama Vern… these clepto maniac crackaz are digging their grave deeper and deeper everyday and they are too blind and stupid to see it

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