Divided on Cosby, Racially


Like this problem of cops killing unarmed black males, this Bill Cosby rape scandal will stick around for a while, maybe even longer. More and more people in the public eye are either slamming him or supporting him. But there’s one thing that’s glaring at me during the media’s coverage of this mess. Most famous people like Judd Apatow, Donald Trump, Alan Thicke and recently Jay Leno has condemned Cosby while Vivica A. Fox, Faizon Love and former Cosby Show co-stars Phylicia Rashad and Malcolm Jamal Warner came out to show some kind of support for the embattled comedian.

Those famous names mentioned are popular examples of a larger issue. I’ve seen mostly white people expressed their anger, calling Cosby a ‘rapist’. On the other hand, most of the people who have Bill’s back are black folks, even the ones from the socioeconomic level that he talked down to for years now. Of course, it’s not definite. Not all whites despise Cosby and not all blacks support him, but the racial divide is apparent.

Rape is a loaded issue for the black community caused by the history of racism and how it has led to the deaths of countless black men and the sexual assault of countless black women. For the sake of argument, let’s say Cosby is guilty (I don’t know if he is or not). In case you’re blind, Cosby is a black man, and to be accused of rape is to invite negative stereotypes of old times, not to mention the wrath of white people, if the victim is a white woman. If there’s one thing that steams white people up with the fire of a million burning crosses is hearing a black man raping a white woman. Although that blaze may be more quiet nowadays, but it’s still burning hot.

Some of Cosby’s accusers are white woman. And a lot of white folks are seething for the simple fact. White women are like diamonds to the white community when it comes to sexual purity. A black man fucking a white woman is a cardinal sin to a lot of whites.

But there’s a flip-side to this issue, also rooted in history. Black people are very defensive when it comes to black men. A brotha accused of rape usually means the end of that brotha’s life whether he actually did it or not. The past shows that it’s always the word of white women over black men, even if her word is bogus in some way. If need be, white terrorists “aggravated color-aroused antagonizers” will storm into black communities to start their killing spree.

Sometimes whenever a white woman is actually raped, it was done by a white male. But a simple twist and turn of the facts can create a phantom Negro rapist. When that happened, there was hell to pay.

And white women most likely lied about being raped by a black male. This is why it’s hard for many Cosby fans of color to believe the victims, even the black female ones.

Black women were raped, but were seen as women who yearned for some dick in the worst way. So, the white men who raped them didn’t see it as rape. Instead, they saw their victim as a Negroid who had to “have it” and liked it rough, and this stereotype remains just as powerful as back then. Nowadays, the rapist can be any color, but if the victim is a black woman, there’s about as much sympathy for her as a charging moose.

The same could be said of the white women who accused Bill Cosby of drugging and raping them, but only according to what went down in history. It’s hard for some black folks to trust white women when they claim they were raped by black men, even though it happens. (It’s hard to repeat myself, but yes, it happens.) That is not to say that what racists white jackasses have been saying is true. But that is to say there are black men who happen to be rapists and Bill Cosby, as sad as it is since he’s black and successful, could very well be one of them.

We can’t fathom that some of these rapes took place where America was proudly and overtly racist especially where white women are concerned. I hear it all the time. How could Cosby get away with all those rapes during that time period. But I guess he had enough honorary privilege to get away with it, and it looks like we must accept it for what it is.

It’s something we may have to come to terms with, including myself. I’ve seen people, most of them black, wishing this would all go away. I’ve heard them wanting this to end saying how this is a ‘nightmare’. It seemed as painful as nails on a chalkboard. My only guess is that they’re ashamed of him, because he’s black. They can’t stand hearing that a famous black man is a rapist of so many (white) women. They hate seeing one of their idols, a black man who did so much to produce positive black images and gave a lot to black colleges, go down in the media abyss of shame. It’s easy to get embarrassed by black folks, especially famous ones who screw around (No pun intended), and Cosby doesn’t seem to truly care about how this is hurting his fans, his family, possibly the black community in general or his own career.

Then again, most of his fans remain loyal. He’s still touring North America and have had considerable success with his live shows. Like he stated, he’s not through yet. But this may be the last hurrah for Cosby as his image is on life support and has a 25% of surviving. We may be seeing Cosby killing his own career carelessly.

He’s in the same boat at Tiger Woods, Herman Cain and yes, O.J. Simpson, brothas with great images at one time and outstanding success at one time who refute race in some way and who dealt with white women, also in some way, only to have their images or very lives dealt with themselves.

It’s a tough time for Cosby, his family and his admirers, especially his black ones who still look up to him. I always say that rape must be tackled and dealt with, but in this country, it can be, and have been, racialized and used as a weapon against those who demand change and justice. This makes it funny how the descendants of a people who literally raped their way to the top developed a sense of morality against it, especially when they still idolize the likes of Roman Polanski and Woody Allen.


12 thoughts on “Divided on Cosby, Racially

  1. It is amazing that these anti-Cosby folks are not holding the likes of Roman Polanski and Woody Allen accountable for their actions (and you can add Lena Dunham to that list as well.) But then again, when you have the complexion for the protection, you do not have to worry about such things, so it is not all that amazing.

    And there is so much fear of the big, black, di**. Did you know that in the Storyville district of New Orleans, some brothels were not only segregated, but Black men were not allowed to frequent White brothels? Even in the world’s oldest profession, some Whites STILL wanted to protect a White woman from the BBD, even if she is viewed as low class for her profession.

  2. @ ‘Wolf “How could Cosby get away with all those rapes during that time period. But I guess he had enough honorary privilege to get away with it, and it looks like we must accept it for what it is”—-Very succinctly put, it is important to remember that whilst the average Black man would not have been able to get away with such terrible acts as he was accused was-however, the 1960’s and to a large degree the 1970’s were a time of Blatant sexism (which sometimes for the rich even trumped racism) so it is kind of understandable how someone like B.C. could have “slipped the cracks” and got a pass due to his membership of the ole’ Hollywood Boys Club which to this day still practices enough sexism as it is to this very day.

  3. @ Mickey, right on point about the absurdity (insecurity?) of the racist, white “tricks” who frequented the brothels being Hypocrites to the nth degree about their fear of BBD as you said-guess they were afraid of a lil’ friendly competition, eh? Lbvs

  4. I think I might be more of a fan of Chris Rock, who I don’t find as funny as Cosby and Pryer’s old stand up from the 70s and early 80s, which is a shame. On second thought my favorite Cosby episode was when he talked to Theo about “Regular People” when Theo brings home a bad report card. Theo explains that he just wanted to a regular guy working at a gas station bringing home about $250 a week. Cosby broke down the everyday expenses and when Theo suggested he was going to have a gf…. there was nothing left in his wad of cash…

  5. Hey all…

    Cosby pissed someone off ROYALLY! This is why they are assassinating his character like they are. I’m sorry but I”m not buying Cosby the rapist. Not one bit. People don’t actually want to believe this, but people CAN be paid or COERCED to bear false witness. It’s as old as time itself.

    My thoughts are Cosby has angered the wrong people and this is his punishment. I don’t know of ANY black man that can get away with raping white women for DECADES without justice coming his way. And, yes, that includes Father Cosby.

    I’m not buying it.

    1. Exactly THIS! When the fuck have white females ever been afraid to accuse a black male of anything regardless of money. Black males rich or poor are always the first targets so I ain’t buying it either. Especially since it’s way too late for criminal prosecution and they aren’t suing him so this strikes me as nothing more but a smear campaign. I wonder where were the angry white folks when Roman Polanski’s friends were defending him.

  6. What’s unbelievable is the number of black people that believe this garbage. It’s like, am I the only one who is able to recognize a manufactured character assassination when I see one? Critical thinking black people!

    I don’t know what kind of handlers Cosby has, but I remind people that they have been coming after Cosby for quite some time now. Cosby’s woes started when he made the brazen attempt to purchase NBC back in 1992. I think that’s where he first made some enemies in very high places.

    Having said that, Cosby has been paying DEARLY for the past 2 decades or so. Whoever it is that Cosby pissed off already had his son assassinated. Most black people don’t know, but Cosby’s boy was killed by a professional jackal (assassin) that was part of the Russian mafia. That little tid-bit of information was somehow omitted from the news coverage of the incident. So I’m looking at those events and pairing them with these current allegations and concluding this has all the makings of some vendetta carried out by some very powerful people. The general public isn’t aware of HALF of Cosby’s woes. This man has been suffering under harassment for over two decades. Trust me on that.

    I don’t know what Cosby did, but he is and has been paying for a long time now. This is really some sinister shyt when you think about it. They are basically indirectly assassinating him by trying to stress him into the grave. They are hoping the pressure/stress/ostracism will do him in. At his age, that’s not unlikely. Like I said- sinister.

    I see through it, glad I’m not the only one that is able to.

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