Vern’s Venting: Karma Comes Calling


By Lavern Merriweather:

After two NYPD cops were shot and killed by gunman Ismaaiyl Brinsley, a bunch of cops starting using the hashtag #NYPDLivesMatter. That statement, as Brotha so accurately pointed out, is a complete slap in the face to the current moniker being used by protesters called #BlackLivesMatter. So, not only are cops in New York and elsewhere insulting and insensitive, they aren’t even original.

You have such disdain for us, yet you copy our slogans all while disrespecting us. Then, cops have the gall to wonder why there is hatred from many black people in the American public. And when they aren’t being offensive as hell, they are making bullshit excuses to justify their evil.

I am done forever with the notion that being in a noble profession makes a person noble. Or that being a good cop automatically makes you a good human being, cause it doesn’t. The minute those two cops were killed, there was a PR rush by them, the media and white male politicians to defend their honor. Cops are using the same logic that black people feel about them that causes these protests to begin with. They want us to see their humanity while denying ours every damn chance they get. So, if the police in America want to be angry because of what happens, good go right ahead. Now, they have just a small taste of what the people they treat like crap have been dealing with for decades.

After Officer Ramos, in particular, was killed, the media bent over backwards to join his son in expressing grief. Eric Garner was also a father, but of course, we heard nothing from his family or anything of his life. He was just another bad Negro doing something that he had no business doing, as if that has ANY bearing on how cops treat black people.

That’s another thing that pisses me off. Cops need to stop lecturing us about facing off against them. Cops in America need to worry more about how they are behaving rather than talking down to us. What really bothers me is that even some of the protesters are agreeing and saying all lives matter. No, all lives don’t matter according to them and that’s why we still have a problem. Cops still won’t take any accountability and still don’t see themselves as the reason behind this whole mess.

When Ice- T’s controversial hit song “Cop Killer” came out 23 years ago, many cops bitched about the lyrics. They never once stopped to take a moment and question why they are so despised and reviled by black folks. That also goes for all the rhetoric they are spewing which boils down to nothing more than we are more important than the darkies we murder all the time. They are pissed because the schoolyard bully just got his ass handed to him by the 98 pound nerd.

Black folks, unlike other races, are expected to tolerate being a doormat for the police. We aren’t allowed to fight back, speak out or even utter one word about police brutality. Negroes in America are at the bottom of the food chain. So who do we think we are complaining? We should just sit back and let the police departments across the country walk all over us. Cops can’t possibly violate our civil rights, because we don’t have any. Nor apparently in their minds do we deserve any either.

They can’t keep saying to us how much their lives matter when they don’t think ours do. They want to talk about getting home safe to their loved ones or making an honest hard day’s work. Obviously, they don’t believe that’s the same ideals that a lot of black people have. And usually, when a white person means ‘hard working’, they don’t mean anybody who is African-American. To the police every last black person is a criminal, but they won’t ever say that shit out loud.

The other day, some jag-off on YouTube was whining about how cops are unfairly generalized. He said that cops get painted with the same brush regardless. In case he hasn’t noticed, that’s the very same thing that cops do to us! As I have stated before when you are black your age, occupation, looks, wealth and how you present yourself has no bearing whatsoever on the way cops react to you. And as I have also said, most of the times cops go into black neighborhoods they are looking for trouble. Even if the area itself isn’t a bad or dangerous, one cop will always find some excuse to intimidate the residents living there.

Cops will never admit it but they see every black face as a bad person, yet they see no fault with that mentality. They still insist on making the conflict that they have with black folks ours exclusively.

I am a firm believer that you get out of this world exactly what you put into it. Police can hide their heads in the sand and ignore the pink elephant, but that won’t change the truth. It doesn’t help matters that they are the only ones with a voice we need to get our opinions out there too if for nothing else than to call them on their bullshit and have our side of the story represented for once. If they demand that we recognize their humanity then they damn well better see ours also. If they want to demand that their lives matter then our lives damn well better matter too. Otherwise, that culture of distrust and anger that they have cultivated will only go on and on.

And they can forget about any little speeches or posturing regarding the value of their being allowed another day. It’s very interesting to me that now all of a sudden cops are speaking of mending fences with the very community they have bullied for so long. They should have been considering that before they lost two of their own. They should also take a long look at their own statements before deciding whose lives have worth and whose lives don’t. Don’t keep talking a good game while doing absolutely nothing to back up your words. You want peace? You want an end to the violence? Then prove it. Maybe you also need to start realizing that you aren’t blameless in any of this or that you can’t continue to cry about how your lives matter while you eagerly believe that the lives of those who are beholden to you don’t.


7 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Karma Comes Calling

  1. @Courtney, I agree with you Miss ‘Vern brought it to the table, served it and cooked it uP something fierce for everyone to sink their teeth into! @’Vern, “You have such disdain for us, yet you copy our slogans all while disrespecting us”-A thousand times Yayus to this I have long noticed that turds of this ilk are so used to spewing rhetoric of ignorance that their what’s left of their brain cells seems to be void of Originality and creativity. I suppose that when one is so focused upon Destruction there is much room for Creation-what say ya’ll?

  2. started off the New year flavoufully if I do say so myself, you put your foot in this one Mama Vern… an eeh sell aff, yuh subm bang good… that was a little Antiguan creole lol

    with all that said I do hate to throw a monkey wrench into this ascension to another dimension which was never mentioned but I do have a contention. I can’t help but wonder how our brothers and sisters who serve in the NYPD feel about all of this like where do their loyalties lie and how does this whole situation affect them?

      1. that makes sense considering we didn’t hear a peep out of them with the Eric Garner situation or the Michael Brown tragedy. Why I asked to begin with is because I have cousins who live in New York and they have a family friend who serves in the NYPD

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