Vern’s Venting: DeBlasio’s Dilemma

Bill de Blasio celebrates with his family

By Lavern Merriweather:

I have a lot of admiration for the current mayor of New York Bill DeBlasio. If, for nothing else, he’s not afraid to fight for what he believes. And he’s got more guts and heart than the last 15 mayors of that city put together especially America’s favorite Rudy Giuliani. Mr. DeBlasio has been taking some serious crap from the police department of New York, because he has sided with African-American protesters.

When the mayor went to the funerals for two cops recently killed, the police there turned their backs on him. That act was a complete and utter dick move meant to disrespect DeBlasio, because he is facing so much resentment from the NYPD. I have a very sneaky suspicion that many on the force are pissed at him because of his son Dante. White folks are notorious in this day and age for not coming out and saying what they really mean. In case you have been under a rock the past couple of years, Bill’s son Dante is part-black. So, you can’t tell me that some of the anger he is facing just has nothing to do with his affection for his child.

The reality of the situation is that New York’s latest mayor is fully aware of the danger his son is in dealing with cops. I’m sure he’s heard the very tragic stories about Amadou Diallo, Mike Brown, Oscar Grant, Malice Green, Timothy Thomas, Eric Garner and countless others. Although Mr. DeBlasio is not a black man, he has a black son, which gives him a special insight into trying to raise and protect his teenage offspring. That is something white parents rarely, if ever, will have to spend endless nights pondering. He has the unique privilege of realizing just how much a young black life matters, because it’s the person he created with his wife. There is a shitload more at stake for him than any other mealy-mouthed white male politician offering promises that they won’t deliver on. Or giving false security with clever words as they hope to appease a frustrated and pent-up black horde. Perhaps for the only time there is a white male who can truly say he knows how the other half lives, because half of him is their main target. He knows what threat awaits his son who sports a full on old school afro with light yet still noticeably black skin. There is no way he can sacrifice his first born while kissing the ass of the NYPD regardless of how many toes get stepped on.

I would bet millions of imaginary dollars that if the choice came right down to it, DeBlasio would pick his son over the cops. The conversation Bill has with his son is going to be very different than the one that Giuliani has with his boy. This is probably what has so many on the police force back East up in arms. They have dropped many not-so subtle hints that DeBlasio is biased because of Dante. To that I say, well no shit Sherlock! Of course, he has more concern for his son’s life than hurting the feelings of those officers. Dante is his son, and he has every right to side with his son over a group of people that would think nothing of taking his son’s life in a hot minute. The man is in his 50’s, and he’s not stupid. He knows damn good and well what kind of trouble could potentially be out there for his son, the same kind of trouble that many young and old black folks have had forced on them for so long.

For those who think that this attitude is being spurred on by his wife, I call bullshit. As I stated before, he doesn’t strike me as a dumb man or a man who needs someone else to do his thinking for him. Yes, he probably saw this coming even before Dante was born, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have conceived him.

It’s the cops who are at fault for making black people hate them and for making themselves the enemy. Now, they are trying to make DeBlasio their enemy, because they don’t like where his loyalties lie. Well guess what assholes, he is behaving as any parent worth their salt would. There is nothing irrational about wanting to keep your child from harm, especially when it comes from arrogant, racist, privileged thugs who use their badge as a birthright to brutality.

Not only has there been no remorse or apologies from the NYPD, the cops in the big apple have been downright defiant. They see no issue with all the unnecessary violence that they have perpetuated for years. Of course, Mr. DeBlasio has to put on a good show to try and please everyone. That’s his job. However, he shouldn’t have the cops demand that he decide between them and his son. I gather they won’t like the answer since they have this ‘if you ain’t with us, then you are against us’ mentality.

Interesting how the cops speak of their families and wanting to keep them safe while attacking DeBlasio for doing the very same thing. He wants his son to make it to a ripe old age too, and they have no business whatsoever to deny him that right. They already think that they can deny his son a hassle free life from their tyranny and supremacy. I don’t blame his father one bit for saying, hey not with my damn kid you don’t. That’s what he is supposed to do, not spare the hurt bunny attitude of fools that abuse their power. Then use the supremacy mindset to justify that behavior knowing whose side the majority of the public will be on any time there is an altercation with a Negro that ends fatally.

But now they want to get huffy, because the mayor of their town has other ideas. Instead of turning their backs on him they should be trying to change the rhetoric. They want to be irate, because it won’t work this time like it did before. There is a new era in charge, and that is what I believe actually has them so upset.

Even DeBlasio’s opponents weren’t the least bit shy in turning back the proverbial racism clock to derail his campaign, because he proudly paraded around his bi-racial family. Many criticized him for trying to get the black vote by saying, ‘See, I have Negroes in my house and they aren’t robbing the place’. Last time I looked, all the politicians’ showcase the most important people in their life come election time. What’s wrong with his picture is that his family is not the typical white reflection that most of America has come to expect. And DeBlasio is a white male that has a far different agenda than previous politicians from buying into their bullshit. He has his own mind and his own personal reasons for how he feels. So, if they don’t like it, they can turn their fronts to the Hudson River then jump in.


2 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: DeBlasio’s Dilemma

  1. “The conversation Bill has with his son is going to be very different than the one that Giuliani has with his boy. This is probably what has so many on the police force back East up in arms” @ ‘Vern, THIS (and so many other on-point observation made about De Blasio and the ignorance whining of the NYPD)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As a product of a multi-cultural family that includes African and Italian ancestry as well (amongst other ethnicities) I am in full 100,000,000+ agreement with your statements and the good Mayor’s sentiment about being wary of police brutality for us POC, I tips mi hat to yah’ for this!!!

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