Vern’s Venting: The Herb Tarlek Media


By Lavern Merriweather:

Twenty years ago in Euclid, Ohio, where he used to live, when he played with the Cleveland Indians, former baseball star Albert Belle found himself in some very hot water. Mr. Belle was being sued by a parent of a child that he chased after on Halloween night. The media took their little racist ball and ran with it saying that Mr. Belle was angry at some ‘innocent’ kids who were just out trick or treating. As it turns out those kids were far from innocent, and Albert Belle was mad because they were throwing rocks and eggs at his house.

Of course, even when the truth came out, many white people in Ohio and elsewhere painted him as the big black brute ready to strike at any poor unfortunate soul in his way. Not one of those assholes made any mention to the fact that the kids he chased were vandalizing his property. Perhaps Mr. Belle didn’t act in the most appropriate way, but he still had a right to be pissed off.

The only reason the media made him out to be the villain is because he’s a mouthy Negro that refuses to be humble. Plus, many white people, and not just in the media, love to make black folks out to be the bad guy. Mr. Belle had every right to protect his home from those obnoxious kids making a mess, but none of that means anything obviously. It doesn’t matter if a black person’s rage is justified or someone else was in the wrong; he’s still the jerk.

The reason for the title of my post is it is based on a character from the hit CBS program called “WKRP in Cincinnati” which ran from 1978 to 1982. The show was set in a radio station, and in one episode, the boss Arthur Carlson’s son comes by for a visit. There was an altercation between Venus the token black DJ played by the great Tim Reid and the boss’ son. Mr. Carlson, played by actor Gordon Jump, calls the boy into his office. Then Herb Tarlek, played by Frank Bonner, declares that Venus shouldn’t have picked on a little white kid. Tarlek seemed to think that even though it was the boy’s fault, Venus was the problem. Fortunately, his father saw it differently and chewed his son out for disrespecting a grown man.

What’s not fortunate is that there are way too many Herb Tarleks in the white community. They immediately criticize or condemn whatever black face is around despite a white person being to blame. Either that, or they will say that a black person is guilty without one shred of proof. In an episode of the Oxygen network travesty also known as “The Bad Girls Club”, the women got into a fight at a club. One of the women named Darlene was arguing with another lady there. Then, Darlene threw a bottle that hit a white male patron. The cops were called and when they arrive, they asked the prick who got hit did he see who threw the bottle and to point them out.

It’s doubtful that asshole had any idea who struck him with the object. But because there was a black face in the crowd this dipshit immediately claims that she hurt him. Cast member Tanisha Wilkes is then arrested and has to spend four days in jail for nothing. Although the other women from the show were trying to plead her case, she was jailed anyway. I hope she sues the city and that little pissant jag-off who accused her for everything they had.

White people have the nerve to whine about the justice system. Yet, they have no qualms using to their advantage when it comes to demonizing innocent black folks. The worst part about that whole thing is that Tanisha wanted to leave. I’m pretty sure, however, that she didn’t intend to leave in handcuffs because of the word of some jerkwad.

By now, everyone has seen the video of a black male paramedic getting choked by a white male cop. Some people, who I assume are white, had the gall to say that the paramedic brought it on himself for being flippant with the cop. I don’t care if the black guy said that his mother sucked dicks in hell. That’s NO excuse to put your hands on someone. This is just another example of a white person being in the wrong, but the black person is at fault.

One-time star of the 80’s NBC show “Punky Brewster” Chanice Johnson had a run-in with police while driving through the South with her boyfriend. Ms. Johnson and her boyfriend had stopped to take pictures of a cotton field because she had never seen one before. The couple was discussing their ordeal on the “Dr. Phil Show” where a white male who was also a guest used any excuse to criticize them. This dumbass even had the nerve to say that they were ‘trespassing’ on private property, despite the fact that they didn’t actually step onto the area and stayed on the road beside their car.

I have yet to figure out why a cop even pulled over to say anything to them in the first place. They clearly weren’t breaking any laws, unless it’s now a crime to photograph an uninhabited field. It is obviously, according to the white stupid jizzwad on the program too. He insisted on continuing his ridiculous position even when what he was saying made no sense and was meant only to demonize some Negroes. That was the whole purpose for that little shit even after Ms. Johnson explained that the cop began asking personal, intrusive questions. She said that the cop asked how they knew each other and if they were a couple. Okay, who was that asshole, Barbara Walters? It wasn’t any of his damn business what their relationship is, and he, like that asshole on the show, were willing to come up with any bullshit that justifies him harassing a young black couple. This appears to be the M.O. of many white people especially those in the media.

Hating Albert Belle is one thing, but telling outright lies born out of your racism is completely another, something that is really funny considering white folks in the media are always preaching responsibility. I guess they only appreciate responsibility when it doesn’t get in the way of their racism, because it looks like that means a lot more to them.


4 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: The Herb Tarlek Media

  1. What you just described is white supremacy. In this system ALL whites are supreme to blacks, even if they are doing wrong. That’s just how it works. I really don’t see the point of rehashing centuries-old white supremacy, because there is no shock value.

    Black people are always behind because we insist on seeing white people as we think they SHOULD be and not as they actually ARE. None of this is a shock to me. We (blacks) have been around white people for the better of half a millennia and we still haven’t learned the power of group solidarity for a common purpose.

    Nothing against the author, but I’m tired of lamenting about racism and white supremacy. It is operating as it is intended to. Can you really blame or get mad at them because they are taking the necessary steps to ensure their group’s advancement? At some point the problem becomes less about THEM and more about US.

    1. It’s very problematic however when so many on the police force are never criticized for their sadistic behavior and the level of animosity and so-called outrage black male celebrities have to endure based on someone’s accusations. Or being guilty of the very same behavior as many white males who are never attacked for what they do.

  2. ..Kudos to you for this on point post, ‘Vern! Although it is Obvious to me (and many other readers/commentators etc. on this blog) that white “supremacy” is an on-going system that is running the way their ancestors intended it to-it is Still important to have articles such as yours to open ears and eyes for those who do not know how this operates (especially on the U.S. plantation/nation), and also to help spread change and Awareness that will inspire others to fight for a positive change in this country and world at large (no matter what negative comments some try to send your way)-once again, fabulous post and I just love that WKRP episode referral you mentioned as well!!!! 😀

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