Notable Links: 1-16/15

Hollywood’s political deafness: What Cosby, “Selma” & Hebdo reveal about white liberal consciousness

7 of the Worst Stereotypes About Black Fathers

Dirty ex-cop Louis Scarcella’s framing of innocent black men is costing NYC millions

White People Riot In Columbus After Football Game, Media Calls It A ‘Celebration’

Why has Woody Allen’s career survived and Bill Cosby’s has not?

On Lena Dunham and The Sh*t White Women Get Away With

Are You NOT Surprised!!! Johnson & Dickinson Lied About Bill Cosby According To His Accuser’s Manager

You Wouldn’t Believe What Jon Stewart Adds To His List Of Innocent Things Black People Do That Look Suspicious

#ByePhylicia: Why Phylicia Rashad and Everyone Else Needs to Forget Bill Cosby’s “Legacy”

Margaret Cho Isn’t Apologizing for That Golden Globes North Korea Skit

Appalachia: The big white ghetto

‘Selma’ Wins Golden Globe for Song ‘Glory’

Young Handcuffed ‘Thug’ Saves Arresting Officers Life

Selma was snubbed because the average Oscar voter is a 63-year-old white man

Nigeria, You Deserve So Much Better (#FestivalofSlaps)


9 thoughts on “Notable Links: 1-16/15

    1. @ Courtney H: First off they are probably pissed at Ava Du Verney being adamant that she refused to make a “saviour” movie, secondly, they might be pissed that the movie mirrors the #BlackLivesMatter movement versus the protests of the 60’s civil rights movement. White folks are pretty angry with black people these days. Those are just my thoughts.

  1. on Very Smart Brothas summed it up in a nutshell because it’s Hollywood and blacks have boxes assigned to them, slave, prostitute, etc, And because Ava Du Verney didn’t make a film with blacks that fit that narrative it could be why they got the snub. Also the author of the piece made some good points about the black community’s response to being disappointed. I am sure Ms. Du Verney and everyone involved is disappointed so lets not let her work be in vain and support the film.

  2. ..Good links, ‘Wolf and valid points @Mary about Selma! A family member of mine just saw this film and has raved about it-although I must admit I tire from seeing certain movies about repression of POC, this is one that seems to break the mold so I’ll give it a whirl. About Margaret Cho, have always loved her comedy and frankness! As for Phyllicia Rashaad, I understand that she has had a long working relationship/friendship with ole’ Puddin’ Popz, but I’m at a crossroads as to whether or not it is her place to step in the middle of his scandal. Last, but certainly not least R.I.P. Kendrea Johnson. I can’t believe that someone that young would/could make a noose and hang themselves in the fashion that her “caretakers” claim she did.. Any thoughts, anyone?

  3. P.S. Kudos to that young hero Jamal Rutledge for saving that officer’s life, given that not everyone (especially being handcuffed at the time) may not have necessarily done the same thing.

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