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sad kid

2014 was not a good year for black people.

A friend of mine told me how a friend of his mentioned how black men are the most hated human being on the planet. To make a short story shorter, she said that the black male is hated from all sides, outside and inside. The lives of black males don’t amount to a hill of beans in this racist world, all the more reason to promote the hell outta #blacklivesmatter.

I would go on to say that it’s been hard on black women as well. Their image has been tainted – yet again – by mainstream lenses that delight in broadcasting catty behavior. We’ve seen in certain, popular reality television shows when sistas went at each other’s throats for petty reasons to becoming stereotype threats of the angry, ghetto black chick.

Like the several black men who have been murdered at the hands of law enforcement, black women have been in the crosshairs as well. But very seldom do we hear about that, even from black folks themselves, let alone march for them. Don’t their lives matter as well? They’re black too, you know.

As for black males, whether we are perpetrators or victims, we were the faces of bad and even tragic news that, in a nation of collective judgment, makes it hard for the rest of us. This does not take away from the reality that some brought it on themselves. But why does someone have to pay for another’s mistake? For that matter, why do entire communities have to pay?

We’re not a monolith, and we shouldn’t think that way. In other words, we shouldn’t have to feel embarrassed for these crazy ass brothas and sistas. But I digress.

The lives of black men and women in this nation are still heavily devalued. All the blame does not go to the media, although they are part of the problem. Black life never meant shit in this nation since our ancestors were kidnapped from our homelands. But of course, we can never mention slavery or racism, because white feelings matter more than black lives.

In the end, that’s what this nation wants. Society hates to see black people loving themselves and who and what they are. They hate to see us becoming better than what they want us to be. They can’t stand to see us not fit their deplorable stereotypes. That’s why they salivate when one presents itself.

There is nothing wrong with being black. Being black is not a curse or handicap. The life of a black man and black woman is as priceless as anyone else’s. It’s a shame there are people who can’t stand that and take it out on innocent brothas and sistas. And in 2014 alone, we’ve seem to have had more than our fair share of the kind of hatred that rivals that of the 1960’s.