2014: A Year in Review

2015 will be upon us, unless you’ve read this post after New Year’s. But looking back in the year 2014, it was definitely a wild ride with more loops to go through.

We lost several famous people along the way. We lost James Avery and Juanita Moore when the year started on a ridiculously cold note due to that thing known as the polar vortex. You know, the time when everything was much colder than usual and conservatives considered it proof that there’s no such thing as global warming.

Then, there was the whole Chris Christie scandal and that situation with the Washington Bridge. It was on the news for a while, but I guess it’s no longer an issue, at least for the New Jersey mayor.

I guess people were more hyped about the Seattle Seahawks going to the Super Bowl with Richard Sherman leading the charge in the most scary-to-most-white-people way when he trashed talked like a WWE wrester on national TV. People, mostly racists, considered that “thug” behavior. We all know why that is. But even if he was “respectable” like Forrest Whitiker’s role in the movie The Butler, racist fuckers would still find a reason to hate on Sherman. A black man, especially a father doing the damn thing like combing his daughter’s hair can never win in this shithole of a society. If assholes like Ted Nugent can take a shit on the legacy of Dr. King, they can screw over any black person. Or they would prefer to find the less reputable of us like that video of a toddler cursing up a storm while adults got their chuckles on and consider that as “black culture”.

That gave rise to the media sensation of the so-called “knockout games” where a few black youth would literally knock down random people in the street. Media reporting got so bad that you have people like Ashley Depew “creating” nonexistent black suspects to cover up those who actually fucked them up.

The hatred of black men is evident among America’s “finest” as it seems like we’ve seen a spike of cop killings this year alone. We’ve lost Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Akai Gurley, Eric Garner, John Crawford and Yvette Smith, Tanesha Anderson and God knows who else. And those responsible such as the pigs that murdered Aiyana Standley-Jones, Michael Brown and Tamir Rice were able to walk away thanks to a racist injustice system.

Cops like Darren Wilson, Jeffery Follmer and apparently, hundreds of cops nationwide have that police privilege that immunes them from any responsibility when they abuse or kill anyone, including unarmed black folks. They think that they’re just doing their job and everything would be cool if people would just cooperate. And if they get their asses beat, that’s all on them.

Out of that chaos sprang a movement that demands that black lives be given the respect and dignity that is only afforded to white people. One man by the name of Ismaaiyl Brinsley took it to fatal extremes executing two cops after shooting his girl and before taking his own life. And the media saw fit to link him to the movement.

Speaking of the media and its shenanigans, have you noticed how black victims are treated poorly as compared to white suspects? If not, lots of people did. It seems white people are basically good folks, but a few – according to the same media – have glitches that cause them to go haywire in the most violent way possible. Such was the case of Elliot Rodger, the misogynistic, racist, overprivileged fool who shot up Isla Vista in California or Bradley William Stone, the guy who shot six people in Pennsylvania before killing himself. And let’s not forget the pumpkin madness caused by young whites over something stupid or the usual Halloween racists who still haven’t gotten the moment that people of color are not costumes. All while showing the world they didn’t care too much for the numerous African women kidnapped earlier this year.

White people, particularly those of the famous variety, continued to show off their privileges and racism this year. Iggy Azalea, Ridley Scott (Well, Hollywood in general for producting such tripe like Blended, Noah and Exodus), Donald Sterling, Tal Fortgang, Anthony Cumia (One-half of the former duo Opie and Anthony), the dudes who frequent on websites like 4chan, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, the fools who went to poor black neighborhoods pranking poor blacks and almost getting their asses whooped on and, of course, xPrae continue to deny white privilege while actively perpetuating, participating, producing and promoting it.

We also saw black shame from the media. Ray Rice (and a few other black athletes that caught the attention of TMZ which caught the attention of other news outlets), Solange and yes, Bill Cosby have made the news for all the wrong reasons that threaten negative stereotypes. Ray Rice beat his wife. Solange beat Jay-Z. And Cosby’s accused of beating up the pu…well, I won’t go there, but you know what I mean. He’s accused of being a serial rapist. Then there’s the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Love and Hip Hop and the scourge known as Sorority Sisters. Does Mona Scott hate black people?

We lost a lot of notable people this year. We lost James Avery, Robin Williams, The Ultimate Warrior, Marion Berry, Big Bank Hank of the Sugar Hill Gang, Buster Jones, Joan Rivers, Meshach Taylor, Bobby Womack, Casey Kasem, Ruby Dee, Chester Nez, Yuri Kochiyama, Dr. Maya Angelou, Bob Hoskins, DJ E-Z Rock, Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Karyn Washington, Frankie Knuckles and Chokwe Lumumba,

However, we’ve seen a lot of great things this year. Shonda Rhimes wows audiences with her new show How to Get Away with Murder starring Viola Davis. We saw the release of Blackish starring Anthony Anderson and Tracey Ellis Ross. We see Michael Sam showing the world that being gay is a beautiful thing. We saw young black women and men being overachievers, geniuses, entrepreneurs, activists, defying stereotypes and doing the damn thing. And we will, without a doubt, see more of that in 2015.

What do you remember most about 2014? What do you remember that I’ve missed in this article? What do you hope to see in 2015? Sound off below and I’ll see you next year.

P.S. I may create my own website.


8 thoughts on “2014: A Year in Review

  1. Well, HOWL! my Brotha you are on fire. You covered just about everything with all the glorious anger and outrage all of America should be having about the injustices going down. Man, just think if all of black America and all the brown folks and asian folks collectively got angry together we would set this mutha on fire.

  2. Great review on the look back on this past (and kray-kray) year ‘Wolf-don’t forget about that lil’ pickaninny t-shirt earlier in 2014 as well! Lbvs Would love it if and when you do create your own website, as I am pondering doing a blog (eventually) myself once I get more time to focus on it. Happy (belated) Holidays to you and alL the other great commentators/contributors to this informative, and enlightening blog and a great uPcoming New Year, as well!!! 😀

  3. Hey Brotha, 2014 has been a wild year and well it’s been wild and I have a feeling 2015 will be even wilder and I just wanna say that for our community that while we may have overcome many challenges, there are bigger and more difficult ones in the future but what matters is that now more than ever we must strengthen the bond between our people because only together we can survive.

  4. @ Moanika, I know, it certainly seems as though there has been quite an increasing amount of long-term marriages that have been disintegrating this past decade-who is willing to work out their differences anymore these days??

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