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NYPD Officers Wenjian Liu (left) and Rafael Ramos (right)

By now, you’ve heard of the execution-style murders of two cops in Brooklyn. A dude named Ismaaiyl Brinsley shot his girlfriend in Baltimore, Maryland. He traveled to Brooklyn supposed to get revenge for the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown and shot Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos from behind as they sat in the patrol car. Then, he went into the subway and murdered himself.

As you can tell, neither of the cops were white, but as we’ve seen with Sean Bell’s murder, that makes no difference. During a time where black season has been unofficially and unapologetically declared by police, a black life is still suspect and expendable no matter what color the police is.

Anywho, the media has been digging up on this guy Brinsley, and have uncovered his extensive, violent criminal history. Overall, Brinsley had one fucked up life. Even his family was afraid of him.

Ismaaiyl Brinsley

But something interesting happened as this all went down. The news media tried to tack this brutal murder onto the #BlackLivesMatter Movement in a way that appeared to be honest journalism. They reported that the movement condemned this act of violence and did not consider it part of their cause.

That’s all well and good, but why is there a need for them to speak out against it when their protests have been nonviolent and that Brinsley was only one man? But then you have to remember where you are. You’re in a society where bad black behavior is monolithic, and instant proof of the pathology of black culture in a so-called “post-racial” society.

Sometimes black leadership takes the heat. Conservatives are already condemning the double murder. Stacey Dash, actress and Fox News contributor, blamed Al Sharpton for the killings. Fox News is blaming Attorney General Eric Holder. Rudi Giuliani, former mayor of New York, is blaming Barack Obama. Even by right wing standards, that makes no sense. But conservatism these days doesn’t give a damn about sense, common or otherwise.

The right seems to have a funny way of picking and choosing their battles. They’re frothing at the mouth over this incident, condemning it as evidence of black pathology. Yet, when white people go on a rampage, not only are they given the benefit of a doubt commonly known as individualism, but there’s not one peep from the police-supporting public calling for accountability from white leadership, let alone white people in general. To do that would be race baiting in the Bizarro-like mentality of the right where white people are victims of the racism they realistically benefit from and contribute to.

The killing of the two cops are already having a negative effect on black people in America, whether they’re protesting or not. The protesters are already catching heat for the murders by none other than police, and it’s not far-fetched to dread a negative backlash against anti-police violence movements and the black community. Someone will unfortunately pay for this.

Being black in a racist culture means that you are never and individual. Ismaaiyl Brinsley’s violent past is pushed and shoved as “evidence” of black thug culture. As a result, those who support police actions will continue cheerleading whenever a black person becomes another in a growing list of victims at the hands of cops. White supremacy holds on to the belief that black people are naturally violent and dysfunctional. And the police, media and press continue to push that image no matter how many lives are lost, because not only black people are one, huge broken collective of degenerates, but our very existence is rated lower than that of animals.