Vern’s Venting: It’s All Al Sharpton’s Fault

Rev. Al Sharpton

By Lavern Merriweather

According to New York Representative Peter King, it’s not because the black folks in Ferguson and cities across America are fed up with thuggish white cops getting away with murder that they are rioting in record numbers. No, he seems to believe, like most white male pundits, liberal and conservative alike, that it’s because ‘unsavory’ Negroes like Al Sharpton who are stirring the pot of anger. I used that word, because it’s being used a lot by white males in the media and as we all know by now, anytime white males use certain words, it’s code for something else.

What those pissants are really saying is that our good little darkies would stay that way were it not for the militant horde. This is why white folks never wax nostalgic about men like Malcolm X, Huey Newton, Eldridge Cleaver or the Africa family from the Philadelphia MOVE unit. Nobody, even black folks, wants to think fondly of the black people that spoke of fighting back. I believe part of that is that we are still trapped in a slave mentality that we are supposed to be humble while in the face of unspeakable brutality.

Then, when someone like a Nat Turner comes along and says it’s time to take up arms, he’s seen as an outsider or intruder trying to stir up trouble. It’s no surprise that the same words used by the forefathers are being used by white males now. Any Negro who dare speak of revolution and says that we need to strike our enemy with the same force that they bring upon us is vilified or damned as an instigator.

White males in the right wingnut media are still harping on Jeremiah Wright despite the fact that President Obama no longer attends his church. I also don’t remember Obama saying that Mr. Wright was going to be employed in his staff, or that he consults the South Side Chicago preacher on a daily basis. They keep rehashing Mr. Wright because he is, in their eyes, a very dangerous Negro.

When you have a black person, especially a black male, that talks too much for their own good and forgets their place, it makes them extremely uncomfortable, as if we really even need ANY reason from the black leaders to be pissed off. We were already outraged before Al or any other high profile black activist opened their mouth. Black people didn’t need a reminder from Al that we should be fuming about the recent and ongoing rash of murders by white cop assholes. They might as well say ‘those hapless Negro children’ while they are at it, seeing how they seem to imagine that we can’t think for ourselves.

As much respect as I have for Mr. Sharpton, he doesn’t speak for me. And I certainly don’t have such a feeble disposition mentally that he should be my emotional guide. The riots and protests aren’t being led by ‘outsiders’ as white males call them. The protests are coming from the same people that have suffered for years under the tyranny and oppression of a supremacist society. It’s not imperative upon our psyche that Al tells us when or why we should be wrathful. That comes from not wanting to be target practice for scumbag cops who can shoot and kill a black person without worry of consequence. We are tired of cops that aren’t held accountable and can take black lives with impunity. We are done with being expected to think that our lives are expendable or that they have no value. Maybe that’s the way black people felt 50 or 60 years ago, but we can’t afford to allow that same attitude to exist in this day and age. There is far too damn much at stake to keep letting this shit slide and letting cops do whatever the fuck they want when it comes to black folks.

If it sounds like I hate cops, then bravo, you go to the head of the class! I don’t just hate cops; I think they are shit that isn’t even good enough for a toilet, I despise them with a passion. And before anyone whines about who am I going to call to help or save me when a crime is being perpetrated against me, I say I would rather go for street justice.

The police departments across America created this hatred towards them from black people. The cops are responsible through their actions for festering this feeling of distrust and disgust from black people. I didn’t cause this dilemma. I’m just evaluating the end result. In fact, NONE of us did this. It was the cops, and the cops alone.

Furthermore, I’m pretty much over with that whole rationale bullshit of saying well some of them are good people that do work every day to protect lives. I refuse to say that shit while so many are doing everything humanly possible to end black lives while dumbasses like the black male police chief of Ferguson appeals to black people to end the violence. I got a message for Mr. House Negro, you first asshole! He obviously has no qualms about the sickening brutality and violence coming from his boys in blue. Has he ever spent one minute sitting his band of thugs down and telling them to not continue subjecting black people to a Gestapo like rule?

The media, of course, living in their ivory tower of stupidity and denial are pleading with us darkies to work together with the police. They have this feeling that if we would just stop and take time to get to know the police patrolling our communities, then there wouldn’t be so much animosity between us and them. Can you say B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T boys and girls! Because that’s all their little sermonizing is.

You can’t advise black people to stop being furious about the never ending injustices against us. We have every right to be angry. We have every right to take to the streets, and if need be, we would have every right to defend ourselves by any means necessary. Save your speeches and calls for peace unless you want to talk that same rhetoric to the people whose fault it really is to begin with. When that happens, maybe then I will consider taking some of your words to heart. You can’t preach to me what you refuse to practice your damn self. And you for dang sure can’t complain about how destructive and sadistic my behavior is while you revel in your bullying attempts to denigrate those not like you to keep us in our place. Our place is wherever the fuck we say it should be. Right now, that is walking the streets and empowering ourselves to let our feelings be known. You use your power for your own ends and it keeps bringing us to the same exact direction. That ain’t Al’s fault or mine or any of the protesters. It’s yours.


7 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: It’s All Al Sharpton’s Fault


    First off, I gotta say this, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Jeremiah Wright and the whole coterie of them are wolves in sheep’s clothing…… Can’t stand their trifling, two faced asses…

    Ok Deuces

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