Vern’s Venting: Aww, Poor Baby

Players of the St. Louis Rams with their hands up showing solidarity with the Ferguson protesters.

By Lavern Merriweather

Several St. Louis Rams football players are facing criticism, because they recently did a ‘hands up’ move to show support for slain teen Mike Brown before a game. There are arrogant and whiny liberal morons in the media complaining that it was disrespectful to the St. Louis police department, that it hurt many of the officers feelings by what they did, and I say too fucking bad!

Cops are being Wild West thugs with itchy-as-hell trigger fingers ready to kill any Negro they deem worthy of death, and I’m supposed to give a shit about hurt feelings? Well here’s a revelation, I DON’T! I don’t even think it’s the gesture itself that has some self-centered white people upset.

It’s the fact that the paid monkeys aren’t dancing the right way for their organ grinder. Let’s cut the bullshit shall we? Most, if not all, NFL football players are seen as property. They aren’t allowed to be human and certainly not to have an opinion in a society that rarely regards theirs anyway. Unless, they are like that fool Charles Barkley rushing to soothe white folks fears by telling them what they want to hear. As long as those stupid uneducated little darkies are making millions, they should just be happy and stay quiet. Despite that they are young black men too and potential targets. Or that the term ‘freedom of speech’ is preached daily in this country by the very white folks that are now trying to keep them silent.

Well, which one is it assholes? Is there freedom of speech or isn’t there? Because you can’t tell us what is or isn’t appropriate while you talk of freedom. That ain’t freedom. That’s just what George Orwell predicted with his classic book “1984”. At least that’s the case if you are a well-paid young black person who should just be grateful for what you have.

Funny, but that attitude is nowhere to be found when it’s a house Negro-type agreeing with their mindset. But don’t dare be someone with too much melanin that can think for themselves that’s not acceptable in a supposedly ‘free’ society.

And that whole crap about hurt feelings, I don’t give a rat’s ass about how the cops in America feel. The willingness to take black lives at a moment’s notice has pretty much made their desires null and void to me. Really now, you want to complain about your hurt little temperament while the bodies continue to pile up at the morgue by your hand? No, you don’t have the right to expect or demand ANY more respect from black people, including millionaires, than you have shown your damn self. And usually, that is none.

Plus, as I have stated in another post I am of right now officially and 100 percent done with the argument about not all cops are bad. That doesn’t mean a fucking thing to me when so many are getting away with the murder of black people. Okay Mr. and Mrs. they-aren’t-all-bad, where then are the so-called ‘good ones’ to speak out against the rotten and despicable behavior of their fellow officers? I assume that they don’t exist. That’s why it’s not theirs or anybody else’s place to tell those players what means they can use to express their outrage.

Nobody said jack about white people taking to the streets because they were pissed about the OJ verdict. Nor was one eyebrow raised when the white students at the famed Penn State School protested until the wee hours so that disgraced coach Joe Paterno could keep his job as head coach of the football team. In fact, white people, since the 60’s, have used protesting to validate their point. And much of the time, their behavior wasn’t always peaceful. Plenty of times, bombs were placed in buildings, and campuses were shut down because young white people were angry about something. That, however, is remembered fondly while black folks doing the same is seen, of course, as wrong, despite that the wrath they exhibited might have been justified.

It’s the same exact way it was when those Rams players did the hands up move that many are doing to speak out. There were even some white folks that demanded they offer an apology, which I’m very thankful that they didn’t. Those men don’t have one fucking thing to be sorry for, especially since the cops who kill don’t think they have anything to be remorseful about.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a number of the cops share the same sentiment that I’ve been seeing on the message boards on the internet, that the young black males who died were headed for trouble anyway, and they probably would eventually come up against the police at some point. How the fuck are we supposed to ever find out if that possibility is true when cops respond with death, dumbass?

And who are those assholes to defend cops being reckless punks when they have no idea what type of person they would become someday. I guess since they are young, black and male none of that should matter. As long as enough white people believe that he was destined to be a criminal, that should be the end of it. He was going to be on the path to prison anyway. So, the cops actually did society a favor. All the more reason to keep considering them heroes, because they take out the wretched refuse[ i.e. those lowly n**gers].

Superstar of the Cavaliers basketball team Lebron James is also feeling the heat for wearing an “I can’t breathe” tee shirt. Those were the last words uttered by murdered New York resident Eric Gardner who was brutally attacked by cop scumbags on the city street. Lebron, just like the players in St. Louis, says that the critics can kiss his ass since he has nothing to be sorry for. And he’s absolutely right. Remember, this is the same man Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert tried to take back to slavery days with his bitter rant about Lebron leaving to play for the Miami Heat, as if that jackass had any right to complain, like a grown man can’t make his own freaking decisions! Or that because a young black man is wealthy he’s not entitled to vent his frustrations when there’s a situation that has him riled up.

Those players have just as much right as ANY celebrity to speak out when something is offensive or a travesty. Former president ‘W’ even put in his two cents by saying that he doesn’t understand how there was no indictment against officer Darren Wilson. You and me both George Jr., because I am just as confused as you are by that bullshit grand jury finding. Instead of playing the songs by the late legend Marvin Gaye “What’s Going On” or “Makes Me Wanna Holler”, I’ll be playing Ice-T’s “Cop Killer”. And to whomever I offend with that statement, I say stick it up one end and pull it out the other.


5 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Aww, Poor Baby

  1. I AM MAMA VERN HEAR ME ROAR!! Should be your new slogan for the new year,

    It seems your vacation did wonders for you cause you came back fighting like Layla Ali vs Mike Tyson in Mortal Kombat Armageddon…… This was clear cut, sharp as a double edged sword and on fire like Mount Pelee Eruption in Martinique in 1902……. I loved it, you tell it like it is Sistah

  2. Yes, tell ’em Ms. ‘Vern, these hypocrites and phonies need to have several hundred seats-and shove ’em where the sun don’t shine if they don’t wanna hear the trutH!!!

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