Vern’s Venting: A White Woman’s Tears

Actress Louisa Moritz, Carla Ferrigno and nurse Therese Serignese, three of the 20-something women stating that embattled comedian Bill Cosby raped them many years ago.

By Lavern Merriweather

Brotha has recently written several valid and eloquent posts about the growing number of rape accusations leveled at once popular TV star Bill Cosby. He states some possible reasons why black people are reluctant to jump on the bandwagon to attack black males that are famous. I agree with him, especially the one about how white males don’t hold themselves under the same microscope of scrutiny.

It was recently revealed that another TV dad has fallen from grace. The star of a once popular show “7th Heaven” admitted that he had sexual relationships with at least three underaged girls. However, in that case the actor, Stephen Collins, is white. So, the rules for vilification change dramatically as they always do.

Despite the fact that some white folks in the media try to pretend that everything is equal when it comes to male celebrities behaving badly, we all know what the real truth is. Overprivileged and arrogant white males in the media aren’t about to start holding themselves to the same standards as those lowly Negroes. It hasn’t happened yet, and I think it never will, particularly when you have a bunch of egomaniacal pissants who believe that their farts smell like daisies.

The White male’s guilt is not the same, because white males can’t ever really be guilty don’t you know. There also has to be some mitigating factor, especially the one about money. It seems that any time a white woman accuses a white man of a heinous act, she has an ulterior motive. There can’t be any valid proof of her tale, because white males just don’t do those sorts of things. They can control their impulses, unlike the dark Negro man, and since when do white males have to rape anyway?

It’s black men that have no accountability of their libido, which is why a white woman’s cry of rape must be believable instantly. The women folk must be protected at all costs, except from white men, because they don’t do shit like that.

I would like to say that this post isn’t meant to be an indictment on the accusers. Honestly, I don’t know if the man is guilty or not. However, there are a few things about the accusers that are problematic, to say the least. And yes, I know that not all of the accusers are white. Still, the majority is and that’s what has white folks in the media so up in arms. Some white males in the media like shock jock Howard Stern have mentioned how supposedly ‘powerful’ Mr. Cosby was and still is. WHAT?!

Please! In the era that most of the accusers are describing, Mr. Cosby was a barely known up and coming comic. He has yet to have a successful movie career. So, he has never been anything but a TV star. In that case, where’s all this ‘power’ that white males in the media are imaging.

Some of the accusers are former playboy bunnies, and it’s no secret that Bill Cosby was a frequent guest at the Playboy mansion. That leads me to ask this question, wasn’t their boss Hugh Hefner a far more powerful man than Mr. Cosby and therefore could have helped them? You mean to tell me that a group of treasured white women working and living with a millionaire white man can’t trust him to the extent that he would have Cosby’s nuts in a jar by midnight were they to come forward?

Sorry, but I don’t buy that with a 12 dollar bill. Something IS rotten in Denmark when there is not one attempt to prosecute this alleged predator. Also, if they were so damn afraid of him when he was basically a nobody, why are they saying something now when he does have the power to stick it to them in court, particularly the mouth that bored former supermodel Janice Dickinson. Please! That woman has never shied away from any opportunity to flap her big yap, but back then, she was just so terrified. Come on!

I was watching the film “Daddy’s Girls” starring the chocolate wonder Idiris Elba, and he was recounting a painful memory from his college youth. He had finished having sex with a white female classmate at her parents’ house. When daddy dearest comes home and finds a half- naked young black man in his house, he hollers at him to leave then coerces her into saying that she was raped. Despite the fact that their sex was consensual she still decried that she was a victim of the horrible Mandingo.

Brotha also pointed out, and rightfully so, that white males like Collins or Roman Polnaski who are blatantly guilty get a free pass. So for the black folks who want to whine about how we shouldn’t support black males, because white people support their perverts, I say wait a damn minute. We don’t know for sure if this man IS guilty, and that there isn’t a smear campaign to tear down yet another n**ger.

It’s not like this would be the first damn time that’s ever happened, and no, white people don’t get to judge when they refuse to hold themselves accountable for awful shit. You want to talk about powerful, how about the Kennedy family and the cousin twice accused of rape. Many of the angry white folks slamming Bill hurried with winged feet to defend precious little William Kennedy Smith of rape, although he had two accusations of rape and two women at the not-for-profit center where he worked threatening lawsuits of sexual harassment. The same folks denigrating Mr. Cosby had no problem getting over the “where there’s smoke there’s fire” sentiment with Smith. They had no qualms about another Kennedy cousin Michael having an illicit affair with a 14 year-old girl when he was in his 30’s. Or when another Kennedy cousin named Michael Skakel was charged with murder, and let’s not forget old uncle Teddy and that whole Chappaquiddick matter.

But according to white people in the media, an extremely wealthy, well respected white political family doesn’t have the same power as a rich black male TV star that, for most of the beginning of his career when these rapes were alleged to have happened, barely had a penny to his name. Still, he was supposedly that powerful and well-connected that he could make 15 rape accusations magically disappear.

Bill Cosby shouldn’t have been a comedian he should have been a magician. Maybe the governor of Arkansas because nobody took very seriously the multiple accusations of sexual misconduct against former president Bill Clinton either, even when one of the women Juanita Broderick claimed that Clinton raped her when he was governor. Her cries were seen as the desperate act of the Republicans to shame one of the best Presidents ever. Juanita was not only not believed but degraded at every turn by venomous white folks in the media saying that she was a bitter ex-employee out for a buck.

This is the very problem a lot of black folks have when white people try to act holier-than with a famous Negro. You use any derogatory rationale to explain away the notion that a white male, especially one that has a shitload more power than Bill Cosby could ever hope to, could not be a bad guy. All while keeping up the false impression that you care so damn much about white women. I loved to see even half that protective nature when the one being accused is also white.


12 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: A White Woman’s Tears

  1. Nothing gets a reaction like white women crying. It’s like the whole world stops!! White women are some of the most self absorbed,emotionally unstable,judgmental women I’ve heard met. Which is why I don’t date them. I stay away from them like the

  2. Yep, Vern. I, too, am so sick and tired of the racist double standards when it comes to Black celebrities. There are so many nonblack celebrities that have done worst things such as pedophilia and serial rape. Woody Allen, Paul Walker, and Roman Polanski come in my mind. Also that sicko John Grisham rationalized pedophilia and no one call him to the mat about it. Yet, mainstream America wants to crucify Bill Cosby.

    Something is wrong in our society today.


    1. I see this double standard, ironically, with white liberal commentators being more vocal about this and other stories of black celeb’s bad behavior as opposed to white celebs.

  3. What always rattles my cage is if he raped these women, why are they now coming forward in 2014 when over half a century ago their word alone would have sent him to the slammer or get him hung from a tree. How do we know this wasn’t a consensual affair, a hook up…. This don’t feel right

  4. I still can’t wrap my head around if some of these allegations started in the 60’s a black man back then would not be alive. And they keep saying how ”powerful” he was. I don’t get that.

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