Notable Links: 12-19/14

Spike Lee Testifies About D’Angelo’s ‘Black Messiah’

Denzel Washington Blacklisted? Leaked Sony Email Targets Black Actors

Angela Davis: ‘There is an Unbroken Line of Police Violence in the US that Takes Us Back to Slavery’

Man Allegedly Throws Pipe Bombs At Police, Escapes During Chase

George Stinney, Exonerated 70 Years After Wrongful Murder Conviction As 14-Year-Old

Cop Designs ‘Breathe Easy, Don’t Break The Law’ T-Shirts

Tea Party Nation Says #Whitelivesmatter

Let’s talk about the reactions to the torture report

14 Women of Color Who Rocked 2014

Titi Branch, Co-Founder Of Miss Jessie’s Hair Products, Dead At 45

Black Fraternities & Sororities Band Together To Shut Down Mona Scott-Young’s Latest Project

Mychal Bell of ‘Jena 6′ Graduates from Southern University with Degree in Education

David Oyelowo to Star With Lupita Nyong’o in “Americanah”

Ferguson offers hope to family of unarmed Native man killed by police

Report: NC Teen’s Relationship With White, Crack-Addict Girlfriend May Have Led to Hanging

Arrest Made in #IAmJada Rape Case of Texas Teen Whose Photos Went Viral

Why the black community can’t stay neutral on Bill Cosby

Effigies Of Blacks Found Hanging By Nooses At UC Berkeley

Witness #40

Improving US-Cuba Relations Risks Assata Shakur’s Freedom

Sony cancels ‘The Interview’ as US links hack to North Korea

Body of Pa. man suspected of killing six people found in woods


2 thoughts on “Notable Links: 12-19/14

  1. ..Great and very engaging links, ‘Wolf! Anyone ever notice how Unoriginal these racist douche-nozzles such as the “Tea Party” by practially Always copying original slogans from POC (especially Black folks)? #WhiteLivesHaveAlways”Mattered”MoreThanOtherPOC (in the U.S. and beyond)-SMH

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