Vern’s Venting: To Protect and Serve

By Lavern Merriweather:

There has been a lot of talk about how the protests occurring in Ferguson, Chicago, Detroit, Boston and all across America over the killing of Mike Brown and other young black people by police should remain peaceful. My two cents on the subject is DAMN THAT!

As Brotha so rightfully stated while beating me to the punch, European explorers, who then became European settlers, who then became white Americans, have always used violence to resolve their conflicts. Throughout the history of European occupation on foreign lands, including this one, males with fair skin have resorted to brutality to send their point home. Look up any history not tainted by false propaganda, and you will find that wanting your position respected by committing vile, sadistic acts has been the calling card of white men for centuries.

Starting with old Chris Columbus, who is seen as a hero by white folks, and how treated the Indigenous people already inhabiting American soil. That culminated with the ultimate in evil, the slave trade, right up to WW2 where American citizens, who happen to be born with Japanese lineage, were put in internment camps. There is also the matter of the atomic bomb being dropped on Hiroshima in Japan. In the mid to late 60’s, it was the American involvement in the Vietnam War. Once Reagan was elected, he began this so called ‘war on drugs’. So naturally, any country that brown people who spoke Spanish lived in became a target. After him we had W’s daddy, who soon declared war on  – and is still attacking Arab folks in the Middle East. Seriously, how the fuck are you going to go to another man’s country and tell him that he has to leave or else? And how the hell can you expect peace from the very same group of people that for decades you have shown nothing but contempt and oppression. If the white males who work for and support the thin blue line of destruction want peace from Negroes, then they damn sure better show likewise.

Notice how none of the examples I mentioned spoke of white people turning their aggression on those who resemble them. In fact, many times, white male German prisoners of war were allowed to inhabit establishments that black people could not. Plus, there were no bombs dropped on any Italian or German countries, and neither of those groups was forced into internment camps. Yet, according to many white people in America, if you are born here ,then you should just call yourself a regular old American.

They complain that Negroes shouldn’t keep distancing ourselves from the red, white and blue by hyphenating our ancestral terminology with a country that we have no real allegiance to. Well damn, I wonder why the hell that is!? I don’t…

Actually, I know exactly why is it. It’s because those same white folks saying that are talking out of one side of their mouth. Make up your fucking mind, stupid! Either I AM an American or I’m not, because at the rate you are going, you are making it very clear which moniker is more appropriate.

White people can’t expect us to play nice while kicking sand in our faces and pushing us off the swing that ain’t how it works, particularly when no one is immune regardless of age, occupation, economic status, education, looks. Nothing protects you from police violence when you are black.

William Randall Cox, who is a doctor was tasered so viciously at the birthday party for his teen son that he had a heart attack. Maurice White Jr. was another tasing victim of thug cops needing to prove to this impudent Negro who really is boss. An 80 year-old black woman with Alzheimer’s and a cane was body slammed so roughly to the ground by a white female cop that it cracked her skull. Aiyana Jones, who was only 7 years-old, was shot and killed by a white male cop, who to this day has not faced any charges or even an investigation, despite the fact that the whole scenario was filmed for a TV show which was later scrapped. Even if they didn’t air the footage for the viewing public, it still should have been used as evidence. Bernard Monroe was at his house enjoying a summer barbecue with his family when cops showed up claiming that there was an arrest warrant for his grown son. Mr. Monroe behaved as anyone would by demanding to know why they were there disrupting his family’s good time. The situation ended with Mr. Monroe being shot and killed by police who claimed that he went for one of the officer’s gun in an altercation. Now, where have we heard that one before?

The lies have become so standard that the police are using them for all occasions when they murder yet another innocent black person. One of Mr. Monroe’s family members said that it looked like one of the cops was trying to plant a gun on the dead man. And the family was not allowed anywhere near the body, nor were they able to call an ambulance for several hours.

Meanwhile, the media is preaching that Negroes should stay humble in the face of so much heinous behavior. White people who rarely experience despicable violence at the hands of cops are telling black folks that it’s somehow our responsibility to bridge the gap between them and us. If we would only stop treating officers as less of a friend, then we wouldn’t have such bad relations. That sounds like a classic case of playing blame the victim.

Cops will commit sickening cruel acts, because they know they can get away with it against society’s most expendable citizens. So, fucking spare me the “It’s because we haughty bad little darkies aren’t willing to kiss and make-up” rational. Don’t lecture me on how I should react when you get a far more positive display of behavior from them than we do. Of course, you feel that way, because you have that damn luxury from cops not slaughtering people who look like you left and right or creating this culture of brutality and distrust.

I also don’t see how unleashing tanks and aiming assault rifles at unarmed civilians is helping matters either. One time host of the ABC gabfest “The View” Lisa Ling had the nerve to say that cops put their lives on the line every day for the public. Well, that sure as shit ain’t the segment of the public whose lives they are trying to end at every fucking opportunity! Cops are only about keeping black folks in line and nothing more.

Stephen Colbert, who hosts his own show on Comedy Central, spoke of three white males that dared cops to shoot them, yet they are miraculously still alive and breathing. The same can’t be said for many black folks that have unfortunate run-ins with police officers. This is why I agree with Brotha when he says that he doesn’t blame the protesters or the late and great James Baldwin who defended young black folks swiping TVs in 1968. It’s not about wanting a TV that badly. It’s about thumbing your nose at the system the only way you know how to, the very same system that’s run by people who speak of peace one minute while they engage in violence themselves the next.

And for those high minded Negroes who criticize the rioters I say shut your whiny holier-than-ass up. You spend a lot of time talking and no time acting. Instead of complaining, why don’t you do a better job of fighting for black folks rights. You claim their methods aren’t working, but from the looks of things, neither are yours.


4 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: To Protect and Serve

  1. Looking at that link posted by Herneith it seems the atmosphere gets charged up when all the racial tension starts mounting it draws out all the racist jackwads . I will say 89% of the dominant society has this mindset.

  2. What a profound post, ‘Vern! Is is just me, or do I feel as though we are stilL in the 1960’s with all this injustice and corrupt, police brutality that is very much ongoing to this exact very day!? Who am I kiddin’, this could just as well be what it felt like to (a certain degree) be in the 1860’s, 1760’s, etc. and so on, too! Side note: Hernie, you ain’t never lied, that was just a Slap in the Face of POC if I ever saw one-what a fukcin’ douche-nozzle!!!

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