Vern’s Venting: Lynching Is Legal Again

By Lavern Merriweather:

It appears to me that the white powers-that-be in charge have found a new way to get away with lynching. And that is by relying on white police officers in America.

Many officers have appeared on TV whining their position by saying that if those impudent Negroes hadn’t done what they did, then they would still be alive. It’s no surprise or coincidence that most, if not all, cops pleading the case for the boys in blue are white. This is what’s supposed to bridge the gap between black folks and the cops, a bunch of obnoxious, stupid, self-serving pricks defending their behavior no matter how wrong?

The fact that the media, as well as the cops themselves, are using a white face exclusively as the voice of authority tells me they don’t want to solve this problem. It also says that cops aren’t willing in any way, shape or form to admit that they make mistakes or aren’t always right. Make no mistake that when you see a cop on TV, it’s the media and their way of telling us haughty Negroes that we’d better watch our step.

Some cops even have the gall to complain and criticize African-American athletes for wearing tee shirts that condemn their actions. Might I remind those same police officers that this is a free fucking country, and they don’t have a damn thing to say about what someone wears! So, are they going to start shooting the players, because they aren’t happy with how rich, uppity black males are expressing their opinion? Last time I checked the laws of this land called America says that they can do just that. So the cops bitching right now can shove it up one end and pull it out the other.

I have no respect for cops, especially at the present time. And for those who claim that cops are here to protect all the citizens, spare me. You can’t continue to justify reckless, senseless and RACIST murders, then still expect respect. It ain’t going to happen. Freedom obviously isn’t free for everyone and since cops seem to think that it’s still 1935 with regards to them believing that they can tell black men what to do, they must also feel that it’s open season on young black lives, the same way that it was for a lot, and I do mean lot, of white males when lynching was their favorite sport and it was all perfectly legal.

Not too long ago white males could kill black folks without batting an eye, and there was, of course, zero consequence. Police departments across America are taking that mindset to heart. They see their badge and gun as a free license to keep the tradition set by their ancestors and forefathers rolling right along. Cops are fully aware of their power and the fact that unless it’s something extremely heinous against a protected member of society, they can basically do whatever the fuck they want. Black people were having this conversation 100 years ago, then 50 years ago, and it hasn’t stopped.

The blame for that can’t be placed anywhere else but solely on the cops themselves. If they want to go there with showing respect, then why is it that the majority of the deaths are black folks and not them? I could understand their point if the body count was even remotely equal, but it ain’t. However, because we live in a land that supports the master/slave mentality, I doubt that will ever occur.

The battle is very one-sided. Yet, they still want to lie and deny that the blame should ever fall on their shoulders. This is why I shed no tears when I hear that a cop’s life has been taken in the line of duty. Sounds harsh right? Well guess what? I refuse to give a shit while so many black mothers and fathers are burying their kids and worrying about funeral expenses. I don’t care about the death of a cop when so many happily live in the same denial that they imagine we do. If they were hoping that I or any other black people would agree, then they have come to the wrong place.

You can’t tell me that a thug shooting 41 shots wouldn’t notice that there wasn’t any return fire. That also goes for 50 shots, and since when the fuck is 50 shots even necessary to take down a suspect? Those sonsofbitches know damn good and well what they are doing when they end black lives. Period. End of story.

When dealing with a child carrying a fake gun, you mean to tell me that they would have felt so damn in fear for their safety if that boy were white? The answer to that would be a resounding HELL NO! We have all been here before, and the conversation has already been spoken for them to just not get it. These fuckers keep killing Negroes for one reason and one reason only, because they know they can.

You can have as many high-minded house Negroes like Oprah and Charles Barkley all you want, but that won’t change a damn thing. The murders are being committed by people who go to work every day with the knowledge of whose live is valuable and whose isn’t. So, the little platitudes about how it’s the fault of us black folks, because we don’t do as we are told is just more hot air bullshit. Furthermore, there is often times more than one person involved. So, stop acting as if your thought process or judgment can’t possibly be tainted. Cops can be the most racist, bigoted assholes on the planet just like white people in any occupation. Don’t demand that we never question your motives or tactics especially in how you deal with people that you have a very bad history with. Cops have gone out of their way to make themselves the enemy when it comes to Negroes. That said, they don’t get to dictate to Lebron, Jordan, Tiger or any black human being how we should respond to you or whether we can call you out on your bullshit.

The same forefathers that you continue to murder black people for also gave us that right like it or not. We also have the right to peaceably assemble, but not when constantly facing violence and brutality from you. You get what you give. I only wish more black folks had the guts to take up arms in how they deal with you. Of course, we get prison time where you just get suspended. And you have the absolute nerve to wonder why we don’t want to do what you tell us. It’s because we know you won’t treat the people who look like you that way. What you call serve and protect I call an opportunity to finish what other white males started so long ago.

4 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Lynching Is Legal Again

  1. This police culture wants this country to go back into retrograde. They are the real thugs. Great post Lavern. You said what i could not articulate into words.

  2. I think they would like us to just shut up and do like we are told like good n-words because they want to be the dominant ones and be the masters.

  3. Ooh-wee, tell ’em real deal ‘Vern! I especially liked what you said about how these racist azzholes are on a Mission to “finish what their ancestors started so long ago”-a.k.a. the attempted elimination/subjugation of POC, with Black folk being their primary targets. I too have been thinkin’ about how this Police State plantation/nation’s so-called “justification” for abuse against the darker-complected citizens is most certainly another form of Legalized Lynching, and on that note-it’s time for everyone to protect themselves and/or keep a freshly, updated passport on hand as well!!!

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