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Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley have been making headlines due to his ‘Uncle Ruckus’ brand of commentary. And as expected, he drew a lot of fire over his remarks over Ferguson, Eric Garner and (of all things) slavery. However, Barkley is far from alone. His words are proof that he has crossed over to the Right side of the world view where black people are always – ALWAYS the the problem with…everything, including themselves.

Nevertheless, people like him, Stacey Dash, and yes, America’s former favorite dad Bill Cosby, have been, or are, in the spotlight for their comments regarding black people, most notably the working class a.k.a. the poor. The news pick up on their less-than accurate, victim blaming comments as if they were members of the black academia. And those on the Right listen with open ears as if they were preaching to the conservative choir. So, don’t be surprised when you see conservatives smiling from ear to ear and take what those house Negroes said as ‘fact’.

But the Right is only part of the issue. As stated earlier, the media takes their commentary and run with it as if they know what they’re talking about. The so-called liberal media that conservatives claim to exist act exactly the way the Right behaves. (Why the Right thinks it’s liberal is anyone’s guess.) They treat their comments as doctorate dissertations based on analysis on how black people truly are which incidentally goes along with the white gaze of black inferiority. And many white people eat it up like cake.

Forget any actual critical analysis from true academics or those who know what they’re talking about like professors, doctors, lawyers, etc. Forget listening to those who may have a keen idea that racism is still here. The news media is not as star struck with them as they do with those who can score the most baskets or played in their favorite movies or TV shows. And of course, forget considering that black people are still suffering from institutionalized and systemic oppression and violence. All of that is simply stupid and goes against the faith that something’s internally wrong with black people and liberals.

As a side note, it should be no surprise that whenever “thug culture” or “black culture” is blamed, there is no conversation as to what created it. “Culture”, which is a code word to cover up one’s racism, is the end all-be all to the plight of black America which ends up leading to what’s wrong with America.

The news media doesn’t always look for the wrong people to discuss racism, but they seem to be paying attention heavily for the perfect people to blame the victim. In a positive way, it helps illustrate that the post-racial society many people continue to convince themselves is nonexistent. Still, if you want to know how it feels like to be a member of “the other”, ask someone who knows. They don’t have to have a certificate. It helps a lot. But still, why not talk to those actually know what the hell is doing on? Unless he or she is famous in sports and/or in acting in some way, the media, and most of the public, doesn’t want to hear it. This is not to say all celebrities are clueless. But damn!