Notable Links: 12-5/14

“But What about Black-on-Black Crime?” is not a valid answer to Ferguson or Anything.

HANDS UP! Members Of Congress Silently Protest On House Floor In Solidarity With Ferguson (PHOTOS)

Meet the woman spearheading the federal probe of Ferguson

Tamir Rice: The story behind the senseless killing, character assassination, and resulting cover-up

Ferguson Activist to CNN: Charles Barkley Doesn’t Speak for Us

Ridley Scott’s Explanation For Whitewashing His Exodus Movie Is Infuriating

Former NFL Player-Turned-Actor Terry Crews on What Makes a Man in 2014

Motherland (2010)

Black Actor Leads ‘Star Wars’ Film: Fans Welcome Him With Death Threats & Racism

Autopsy: Milwaukee cop shot mentally-ill black man from above and behind, 14 times

Southeast Asian Activists Urge ‘Solidarity With Black People’ Post Garner Non-Indictment

Charles Barkley Still Thinks Ferguson Protesters Are ‘Scumbags’


‘I hate n*ggers. That is all’: 5 Ohio deputies probed for years of racist text messages

Texas cop allowed to resign one week after video exposes him putting woman in chokehold

J. Cole, Azealia Banks Call Out White Appropriation of Black Music

White Phoenix PD Officer Shoots and Kills Unarmed Black Man

Questlove Urges Artists to Write More Protest Songs

Black Trans Woman Killed in Los Angeles While Pounding on Door for Help

Cop Charged With Sexually Assaulting 7 Black Women Released From Jail

A Grand Jury Did Indict One Person Involved In Eric Garner’s Killing — The Man Who Filmed It


21 thoughts on “Notable Links: 12-5/14

  1. Really great links as usual, dear ‘Wolf! I have always loved Azaelia Banks, and kudos to both her and young J Cole for not remaining silent about the long, long, long ongoing trend of whites benefiting and appropriating Black culture yet often keep their pie-holes shut about Real and Important issues facing the POC when every ounce of support can, and does serve to make an impact upon these vital topics! Another young Unmarmed, Black person shot in this plantation of a nation-disgusted, outraged yet unfortunately not surprised (R.I.P Dontre Hamilton), this has got to stoP-if it weren’t for the uP-standing and supportive citizens in my area of the PNW whose protests about Michael Brown (R.I.P.) I attended last weekend, my faith in humanity and kindness may just about had shattered completely-still more work and organization is needed on a worldwide scale!

  2. They are out protesting in my city it been kind of peaceful but they had some arrest there. I was watching MSNBC i don’t remember what city it was in but i heard the president of the chapter of the NAACP of that town say they were protesting and how the white put out watermelon and fried chicken and hurled racial eipithets at them. That is ignorance and fear in action right there.

  3. And why aren’t they trying to help they guy who filmed the Eric Garner murder? He needs some support. Without that video footage in my opinion we would neve have been able to witness this tragedy. I hope someone like a lawyer or someone comes to his defense.

  4. Maybe they are retaliating against Ramsey Orta for documenting Garner’s death. They have to use the weapons charge so it can look legitimate. Orta says the charges are false.

  5. ..Yes, R.I.P. Rumain Brisbon-and I am in total agreement M.B. with your assessment of Charles “Bark”-ing-ley being an absolute and ignorant scumbag, as well!!!

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