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Scales of Justice statue

Let me repeat that. The system ain’t broken. It never was. But this is not to say that I support it. Hell nah! In fact, I’m saying that we must not expect it to do what it says. Like almost everything else in this “Land of Opportunity”, what it’s said to do and what it actually does are two different things.

“Liberty and justice for all,” are the last words to the pledge of allegiance, that thing we’re supposed to say everyday at school before classes start. But those of us not born of a certain skin color knows that those words are just that. Words. There has never been any liberty nor justice for all. Only those with the “right” skin color and the “right” economic status are able to afford those. I guess when you live in a hyper-capitalistic society, all things have a price., including life itself.

The fact is that the lives of black folks are cheap – so cheap that nowadays it’s seemingly okay to take one, especially if you’re a cop. The lives of Michael Brown, Oscar Davis, Aiyana Stanley-Jones and Rekia Boyd, for example, have been regarded as expendable. And in almost each one of those cases – the cop who shot and killed Rekia Boyd is currently on trial – the officer got off with either a light sentence or was able to walk away. The trial of Rekia Boyd’s killer Dante Servin will see if that kind of “justice” continues.

If one were to check out history, actual history and not school-taught history, one would see that the so-called justice system has largely been unfair to blacks. Black men and black women have been accused of crimes they never committed. And when you’re staring down the might of a white judge, white lawyer and an all to largely white jury, it’s a safe bet that there’s a prison cell with your name on it.

That’s how it has always been. That’s why there are so many brothas and sistas in prison for nonviolent crimes or are completely innocent. Is this to say black folks don’t commit crimes? Hell nah! But to take a look at the African American prison population and to assume that black people are a violent criminal race is to give in to age-old stereotypes and simple-minded reasoning promoted by a racist society.

Ask yourself, when has the “justice” system ever since its inception have been fair to the black community? (O.J. doesn’t count, by the way.) Never, that’s when! So, it’s dangerous to assume the liberal mindset that the system has been largely operational with just a few bugs in it. It has always been working as it should against certain people while protecting, even helping, others. That’s the kind of “justice” America’s system is regulated to. Always has been and most likely, always will.

UPDATE: Earlier today, I heard that in the case of Eric Garner, the Staten Island Grand Jury has decided not to indict the officer responsible for his death by choke hold Daniel Pantaleo. Click here for more details.