No Indictment

Darren Wilson

It’s official. Darren Wilson, the cop who shot Michael Brown, an unarmed black teen in Ferguson, Missouri will walk free.

I can’t say I’m surprised. I saw this coming. I hoped to be wrong, but I wasn’t.

Already, the media is reporting rioting and looting. I don’t blame the outrage stemming from this, another reminder that black folks don’t mean shit in this gotdamn country.

What say you? Sound off below!


28 thoughts on “No Indictment

  1. Why don’t you all go out, rampage, destroy the area in which you live and then expect everyone else to pay for the damage as it’s our fault

    1. Shut up and take your white ass outta here, no body rampages and destroys more than you pale melanin deficient demons. The pot should never call the kettle black…. Dumb ass

  2. it is very telling when ppl are more concerned about businesses being destroyed than lives being taken. black person murdered, people’s response ” oh well they deserved it they were a thug” business being destroyed ” oh no that poor business how dare they.” People are so twisted, a business has insurance and can be rebuilt , but u only get one body.

    yall teach school kids about the boston tea party, whites destroying tea because of taxes, and how great that was, but black folks destroying property or shutting down businesses because of blacks being murdered and we’re evil? The civil rights was about shutting down businesses but through boycotting and not spending with those businesses, now the young angered youth are destroying businesses. I understand the anger, but for ppl to criticize them, why are u not out there showing them and teaching them more effective ways to use their anger. These businesses can be rebuilt, but if ppl go and buy from these same businesses that is not empowerment. It’s about shutting sh1t down and making sure it stays shut.

    People should take notes of the businesses that boarded up and the ones that didn’t. I saw some posts where the black businesses didn’t board theirs up. So do not support the ones that did because I can guarantee u they had no faith in u in the beginning and look at u as animals and more than likely support this decision.

    We knew he was going to walk Trayvon’s murder by a civilian that has been and continues to be in trouble with the law walking free from his murder, was only the beginning. Even the cop that killed Aiyana jones hasn’t been convicted yet, now it doesn’t get more innocent than a child sleeping, if they can’t even convict someone for killing a sleeping child u know dam well they won’t convict someone for killing a teen or young adult that they view as a thug.

  3. It was all over here in the news too (I live in Germany).

    This is more than an outrage. I’m so angry- this just isn’t right.

    The jury could have used this opportunity to make real justice. They didn’t. So one shouldn’t be surprised about the events that follow.

  4. Just look at these albino mutants like that sorry ass rudy guiliani blame micheal brown and deflecting on black-on-black crime, not the system of racism (white supremcy).Actually, white-on-white crime is higher than black-on-black crime, but these creatures can’t be truthful about who or what the problem is: white people and rcism/white supremacy.

  5. ..Seriously, fukc off troll nobody is here for this bullsh#t! ‘Wolf, I am sure you can imagine how I feel hearing about that pig-eared azzhole getting off from that stupid and Unjust verdict-truly it’s time for all of us POC to get the heck outta the plantation (if you know what I mean).. Sidenote: I’m praying for healing and positivity from this tragedy, someway, somehow..

  6. Russia destroyed lives and whole families trying to solve the problem of humans that were so stubborn they would not change their beliefs in order to save lives by trying a more humane system so Russians did not starve to death. Russians that did not want to give up their privilege were sent to Siberian Gulags.
    The Whites that live in the southern and other states in this nation that still harbor hate for the Black race are scared of being killed in their beds for crimes they did not commit but were committed by their Ancestors. These few Sad White human beings suffer from a false sense of fear that is quickly becoming real in their refusal to treat others as humans beings equal and deserving of all their human rights.

  7. Please check alternative media for the truth. The main lie is that the protesters started rioting when in fact the PD started shooting not smoke bombs but cannistets of tear glass, attacking people who were on the side lines. The mass media is not telling the truth. People who are/were at the protest have been updating. I think the PD in Furgurson most be made up of some of the most brutal vicious individuals I have ever witnessed. Please check out tumblr and you will find some good places to link to and get the truth. I pray that every single lie and vicious criminal act the Fuegeson PD is committing is exposed, including instigating a riot. Please excuse any grammatical errors. Thanks.

  8. Trust “karma” or the law of reaping and sowing is a universal law set in order. Darren Wilson will get his comeuppance. He has sowed evil and he will reap evil.

  9. Disgusted beyond belief, but not surprised. I’ll be surprised if he would have gotten indicted.

    I’m just feeling for the Brown family right now. I sympathize for the loss of their child and all other Black/POC people that have lost their lives to racist scum like Darren Wilson. So much for ” justice”.As I’ve said before, you have a greater chance of being victimized by the police than an actual crook.

    Regardless of the injustice Mike’s family have experienced, I hope that they never lose faith and stay strong. The man made justice may have failed them,but God’s justice is just around the corner.

  10. @Brotha Wolf and everyone: Not wanting to get off topic but the 12 year old in Clevland Timir Rice gunned down by police with a toy gun. Just like John Crawford in that Walmart.

      1. Yup. That is what it looks like. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, it takes something bad to happen to them to realize that their attitudes were wrong. It took this scum to lose three family members to realize that his friend is a racist murderer. What does that say about him?

  11. I like the quote by W.E.B. Dubois. “A system cannot fail those it was never meant to protect.” It is so appropriate for this time.

      1. These racist come to black blogs because they are, at heart, plagued with an unflinching sense of inferiority. They need black folk in order to maintain their fake sense of superiority.

  12. There are good officers of the law! up-holding and trusting, but realistically the corrupt, racist, trigger happy cops out weight the good, so you basically end up not being able to trust any of them, especially the young african american, and latino community, I can not even fathom why most would even become an officer of the law, for such a broken biased judicial system, how can you possible up-hold the law, and break it at the same time. These poor excuses for human beings are stealing money from the state that we pay into, receiving a paycheck for doing a piss poor job, now tell me who are the bad guys, and who should be in the back seat with handcuffs on, so some of you ask why would the african american community burn, loot, and riot. Well if we rallied peacefully would you change?, if we marched on capital hill would you change?, if we wrote a letter demanding a change would you change? And if you do not know the answer to that I will tell you, NO you/it will not change and by you I mean the people who think they are superior to others, and run around doing whatever they want cause the law will be on their side due to the color of the skin, or the money in their pockets

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