Vern’s Venting: Apathy

By Lavern Merriweather:

There is a great old quote that says, “What goes around comes around,” and I think those are the truest words ever spoken. Yet, often times that message and what it means is completely lost on the arrogant and overprivileged of America.

Brotha wrote a wonderful and thought provoking post about a growing group of white folks in St. Louis, Missouri and across the country showing support for the murderer of black teen Mike Brown. The cop whose name is Darren Wilson not only has protesters speaking on his behalf, they have also started a fund for him and are distributing t-shirts bearing that asshole’s likeness.

One particularly huffy white female at a rally for Wilson complained of the death threats that she and other defenders of that thug have received. Angry that her Real Housewives existence has been disrupted by petulant Negroes, this miss had the nerve to loudly declare that she won’t be silenced. She even went so far as to declare “I am Darren Wilson!”

Brotha has given me a bit of grief about my tone and salty words for some of my previous posts. So, with all due respect I say BITCH PLEASE!

This type of egotistical I-now-know-what-it feels-like-cage-bird shit from white people is sickening! You don’t know the first damn thing about what black people have suffered for centuries at the hands of people that resemble you. Because if you truly did, we would actually have the reverse or not have the idiotic and hateful display by many white fans of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. Granted, I wouldn’t have scheduled such a serious protest at such a gleeful event. However, that doesn’t in any way shape or form excuse the outright disregard from stupid insensitive fools, many of whom exhibited the very same attitudes and behaviors that lead to these sad fucked up confrontations to begin with that has cost needlessly a lot of young black and mostly male lives.

The arrogance of some white folks has gotten so past the point that any little slight is seen as an example of the ‘difficulties’ that they go through in life. Yeah, it must just suck to be white in a white dominated society. How hard you have it, poor thing. I love how handy sarcasm comes in when dealing with full-of-shit morons caught in a web of their own self-importance. Once they actually do get a taste of their own medicine, that same self-importance is readily available like gangbusters.

In 1991, after the despicable and flat out dumb verdict in the Rodney King beating trial, outraged black people took to the streets and unleashed their ire on any unsuspecting white motorist. A white male trucker that got the worst of it was a man named Reginald Denny. Mr. Denny was yanked out of his truck and struck repeatedly with everything from fist to bottles. As horrific as I feel his attack was, I was more pissed off at the pious hypocritical outcry from white people in the media.

Katie Couric, who was an anchor at the time for the NBC news network, whined the next day after watching the video that she felt ‘sick’ seeing it. Ms. Couric must have one of those ‘whenever’ viruses, because I don’t recall her saying one peep about the savagery that accompanied the video beating of Rodney King. In fact, many of the same exact people whining over how horrific Mr. Denny’s assault was not only didn’t feel the same sympathy for Mr. King, but it was the collective consensus that he got what he deserved. Little Ms. Katie, like a lot of white folks, can hem and haw about their trauma or suffering all while ignoring that of those that have theirs inflicted by white people.

Like I said I thought what happened to Mr. Denny was reprehensible. However, I do understand the reaction that led up to it. Granted, he wasn’t the one who attacked Mr. King, but how many times in this country have black people had to face the wrath of white folks for shit that another black person did, and in some cases, even if the black person in question wasn’t guilty, black people still were subjected to whatever torture an irrational white lynch mob wanted to place on them.

I once heard that phrase that if you can’t get the right one, get any one. Well guess what, white people, karma was on full point that day. You can’t bitch about how unfair it is to hold an innocent person accountable for what someone else did when you have based several decades of behavior on that very same premise. Guilty or not, many black people have had their lives senselessly ended by stupid, ill-thinking white people blinded by rage. And it’s not just rage motivating them either. It’s the idea that they will be damned if one of those people puts their hands on one of us, regardless of whether or not we did anything to provoke it, and that, in a nutshell, is the whole problem right there.

You DID do something to provoke it. Yet, you don’t want to face the consequences of your brutality when it gets even and deservedly so.

For those who believe that two wrongs don’t make it right, I remind them of a little passage in a certain book called the Bible. It goes and I quote, “What you sow you shall also reap”. Their mentality is like a farmer who abuses his working dog for years and years on end. Then, when he gets viciously bit in the rear by same said dog, he is dumbfounded. He just can’t believe that the animal he treated with such unwavering cruelty would ever one day fight back or would one day realize that all the malevolence they have put up with from the dominant race doesn’t have to be tolerated any longer. That they can stand up for themselves even if those people they are speaking out against refuse to acknowledge a viewpoint that contradicts their own.

The days of the good little darkie that smiles and shuffles his or her feet are over. So, no you are not Darren Wilson you are just his cheerleaders. And that is precisely why the conflict about race continues.


6 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Apathy

  1. Kill all these bitches and get it popping.

    Marching and protests? You should be ashamed of yourselves. We losing blood relatives to systematic hate and you want to walk and hold up signs. To my so-called thugs and gangstaz… Kill the right one. If you know you are not going nowhere in life and don’t aspire to be more than a neighborhood sniper, kill the ones who made you star in this horrific nightmare called The Hood, poverty & prison.

    I sometimes feel this won’t ever change. Even with the comments we leave here, we just spinning our wheel. Why not leave a lasting impression between this rogue systems’ eyebrow?

    How long do you want to remain a victim? Knowing damn well you have the strength to thwart this Bullshit!

    1. I feel what you’re saying Nat. It really gets frustrating at times dealing with this racist BS! And these white folks know that we aren’t going to do anything but complain and march. It’s all just empty threats! But we have to have dignity and self respect. We have to stand up for ourselves at some point! We can’t continue to be abused like this. Like Khalid said, “Somebody got to be strong!”

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