Notable Links: 11-21/14

Networks won’t air presidential address because they consider it too ‘political’

A lie in the Darren Wilson defense in the shooting death of Mike Brown that just won’t go away

Pope Francis to raffle off gifts, give proceeds to those in need

Nikki Giovanni Been Over Bill Cosby, Said He Wasn’t Sh*t A Long Time Ago

A Community of Black Dads [VIDEO]

Missouri cops beat 80-year-old hearing impaired veteran for not getting off of his tractor

Cops slam schizophrenic woman down, killing her in front of family members

Little League superstar Mo’ne Davis lands book deal


What Hollaback’s Viral Video, George Zimmerman’s Trial & Twilight Have in Common

Fascinating Study Reveals White People Have Far More Negative View of ‘Blacks’ Than ‘African-Americans’

Missouri HS principal on seniors’ blackface stunt: ‘They don’t mean anything by it’

‘We ain’t taking no n*ggers here’: Kentucky fire chief refuses to help black family in traffic accident


8 thoughts on “Notable Links: 11-21/14

  1. On I saw Nikki Giovanni going in on Bill Cosby. Wow i didn’t know she felt that way about ole Bill. I have to admit it’s is going to be so disturbing if these allegations are true. The latest Lou Ferrigo’s wife The Incredible Hulk. and another black actress Michelle Hurd i remember her from Law and Order. Damn this is messed up.

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