Vern’s Venting: All Hail Hillary

Hillary Clinton

By Lavern Merriweather:

I often find the outright hypocrisy of the dominant media ironically humorous. The very same folks wringing hands and crying foul because of our current president’s lack of experience are acting as if the wife of former president Bill Clinton has enough know-how for 20 presidents put together. Mr. Obama’s body isn’t even cold yet, and already, the white relatives are clamoring for his leftover goodies. They keep harping on 2016 when it’s over a year away. And by ‘they’ I mean the white people in the so-called liberal media.

White folks on the left have been trying to push President Obama out the door ever since he won a second term. I suspect that’s because they, like their brothers on the right, didn’t want anyone besides a rich, white, Protestant male any more than the Fake Noise crowd. The left is just a lot sneakier and less vocal about it. That is starting to change, however, now that the second term of the country’s first non-white leader is coming to an end.

The same people who can’t wait to see Obama leave are the same ones that criticized him for not being capable. Yet, they seem to think that because Hillary was around for her husband’s two terms in office, she is somehow the epitome of qualified. Hate to break it to them, but being married to a president doesn’t mean that you should be president also. Granted, Hillary was a lawyer and she has already gone the election route herself. And she is just as much of a conniving, deceitful jerk as her husband. However, that doesn’t mean she should step into the Oval Office as its newest resident-in-chief. On top of that, I do not want in any way shape or form to see another Clinton White House.

The Clintons had their time in the sun, and I am pretty much done with both of them. Instead of showing some class and dignity by fading into the sunset like most first families, the Clintons are continuing to keep themselves in the spotlight by any means necessary. Hillary craves power and since hubby has no chance to rule again, she is the best bet for them getting their slimy clutches once more on the White House door. I believe that the only reason so many white people on the left, particularly white women, are screaming Hillary’s name is because they hate change to the status quo. They are just as much a part of the privilege machine running America as white folks who are extremely blatant about their true feelings.

I can guarantee that they aren’t touting her because of women’s’ rights or because they truly want somebody besides a white male. They want Hillary, because any white person is better than a darkie or somebody not like them. Hell, even a gay white man is better than someone who isn’t white. And no white people, you don’t get to whine that Obama is half white, not when there are so many on the left and right who refuse to let him forget which side of his race they are the most concerned with. Or after so many have used thinly veiled so-called jokes trying in vain to hide their racist disregard for him. Hillary, herself, being one of them.

She resorted to some of the dirtiest, underhanded, race baiting tricks during her run for office. Her little “hard working white Americans” quip still sticks out in my mind. Although, that isn’t the only thing that would prevent me from voting for her. There’s a shitload of reasons why I would never vote for Hillary Clinton. A part of me doesn’t even want to elect her into office just to spite the complainers.

White people have had over four, count them, four hundred years of nothing but white males in charge. Most of them were not worth the paper they were written on. Yet, when someone other than a white male took office, all of a sudden, it was like the beginning of the Apocalypse. That must be how seriously many white people in America take their skin honored advantages. Any threat, real or perceived, must be dealt with quickly as possible.

Despite the countless years of conflict between white women in the feminist circles and women of color, I actually wouldn’t mind seeing a white women win the nomination for president or even win the election. I just don’t want that woman to be Hillary Clinton. Not only can she not relate to me and my issues, because she flat out doesn’t want to, but she isn’t even available for white women that don’t share her privilege. Hillary made the biggest stink during her run for office about how elitist Obama was when she lived in the governor’s mansion for 8 years. So, the disconnect that she has to admitting her own privilege as well as truly caring about the women not in her same position economic or education wise is glaringly evident.

I am fully aware that most politicians come from financially well off backgrounds. However, I can’t fathom marking down a candidate’s name on Election Day with the pre-existing knowledge that they already don’t give a shit. Ignorance is bliss, but not in this case. The Clintons have shown that they are no more an ally to black folks than the militia group that supported Timothy McVeigh. And yes I have every right to make the same demands of Hillary that many black people are now making of Obama, especially when she is being touted as the second coming of Kennedy. The folks doing that should realize that comparison isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement, considering that the worshipped-by-whites political Kennedy family is a group of people I have serious daggers for. This is yet another reason for me to not want to join the chorus of cheers for Hillary. I have got more than enough opportunity to find out something else that makes me want to say no.


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