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Richard Sherman

By Lavern Merriweather:

After embattled star of the Seattle Seahawks football team Richard Sherman was soundly criticized by stuck-up, white holier-than egomaniacs because he spouted off against an opponent, he rightfully stated that the word ‘thug’ has become a replacement for the dreaded n-word by many whites. Unlike some of the scared-of-their-own-shadow, shucking and jiving Negroes, Mr. Sherman had the guts to speak truth to power. Don’t believe it? Then let me demonstrate with some examples of white people’s not-so-well hidden racist agenda.

Harvey Levin host of the despicable and gleefully racist crapfest show “TMZ” criticized a black male bodyguard of Justin Bieber who attacked a member of the paparazzi. Granted, I do feel that the bodyguard did overreact a little. It was just a picture the guy was trying to obtain. Still, that doesn’t change how full of it Levin is by then defending white male actor Josh Brolin who got into a physical altercation with a bouncer outside of an L.A. club. Levin even tried to – yet again – make excuses for a white male by saying that Brolin was drunk and has an alcohol problem. So, what that means this punk gets to be as big of an asshole as he damn well pleases?

This the typical pattern of the hopelessly arrogant and overprivileged. Something I and Brotha have written posts on top of posts about. Why you say? Because their behavior of hypocrisy doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon. Matter of fact, a lot of white people have gotten exceedingly brazen about their racism and double standards, mainly because there isn’t a black person in their profession to put them in check or call them on their load of crap.

On the syndicated entertainment idiot fest “The Insider”, white female host Thea Andrews had the nerve to call Kayne a thug after he punched out some moron spewing racial slurs to his now-wife Kim Kardashian. Black male host Kevin Frazier sat quietly by nodding his good darkie head in agreement as both of them were oblivious to the fact that Kayne assaulted that jackass because he was a racist prick, something that most white people in the media would approve of.

Recently, Brotha wrote a post about the way the media is framing a riot committed by a bunch of white folks in Keene, New Hampshire. Brotha, very accurately, wrote of how the white folks, despite turning over then burning cars and causing thousands of dollars in damages, are seen as nothing more than out of control revelers who let their good time get a little out of hand, a far cry from how Negroes at the local annual Freaknik party in Chicago were spoken of by the media several years ago. Their exploits were described as that of thugs and hooligans, the same words not used ever to describe white males in collective situations of violence and destruction.

In what was supposed to be a happy, merry occasion about collecting pumpkins and celebrating the upcoming holidays, a number of stupid drunk people in attendance started behaving like foolish idiots. Once the stupidity began, it was impossible to stop as many of the people there wreaked much havoc. Still, the media is treating this as not that big of a deal. The ABC public interest show “Inside Edition” seemed to think the whole thing was funny as show anchor Jim Moret made light of the incident.

White people never take it that lightly when those in question are African-American. Black folks behavior, regardless of how warranted it is, is always seen as the work of criminal minded people rushing to commit illegal acts. “Inside Edition” anchor Moret also covered a story about the cue card holder for the “Late Night with David Letterman” show. Tony Mendez, who has been with the show from the beginning, was fired because he assaulted a writer named Bill Scheft that he had been feuding with for several years. Mendez grabbed Mr. Scheft by the collar then body slammed him against a wall. Why this guy wasn’t arrested is beyond me. Perhaps Mr. Scheft didn’t want to press charges. Yet, Moret acted as if what Mendez did wasn’t that bad even though Mendez admitted that he has a bad temper and has been reprimanded numerous times by the show’s producer. However, because Mr. Mendez is not a Negro what he did, no matter how obnoxious and thuggish, is not seen as wrong behavior. It’s thought of as either funny or not that horrible, something not afforded to us Negroes. This is just another in the long arrogant line of white folks doing disgraceful shit that anybody else, especially a darkie, would be in big trouble for, as well as have to face a shitload of criticism.

Vitalii Sediuk

Vitalii Sediuk, a dummy from an Eastern European country, is called a ‘prankster’ by the media, even though he recently assaulted reality star Kim Kardashian. At a premiere in Paris which was attended by Kim and her family, including hubby Kayne, Kim was getting out of her car when Sediuk grabbed her legs and almost yanked her to the ground. Sediuk was grabbed and forced to let Kim go by her bodyguards and husband as she struggled to keep from falling. Although Sediuk claimed that he just wanted to give her a hug, he was roughly shoved by her protection and might face criminal charges.

This is the same dumbass that got bitch slapped by star Will Smith when he attempted to give Will a kiss on the mouth. Sediuk also looked up actress America Ferrera’s, the star of “Ugly Betty”, dress at the red carpet before the Emmys this year. He also tried to grab movie star Brad Pitt at a premiere for Pitt’s wife Angelina Jolie. Brad shoved the knucklehead away, and he was forcibly removed once again by bodyguards. Pitt then proclaimed that the next time Mr. Sediuk does something like that, he should get his ass kicked. I agree 100% with Brad; the guy is a creepy ass menace and charlatan, despite his claim that he hosts his own show in his native country.

Yet, even while this jerk crosses the line of decency and other people’s personal space, the white American media is willing to give him a free pass once again. Being a white male gives Sediuk the freedom to have his actions be thought of by white folks in the media as ‘cute and silly’. White people in the media may believe that what Sediuk has done is just harmless fun. After all, he’s never hurt anybody. I guess they are going to keep right on laughing along until the moment happens where he does go too far in their minds. What that could possibly be, though, is still up for debate, since they don’t already feel that this dummy has done things he shouldn’t have. In the feeble minds of the white elite, how far exactly is too damn far?