Notable Links: 11-13/14

From Michael Brown to Assata Shakur, the racist state of America persists

Civil Rights Group Color of Change Asks Bravo Network to Stop Promoting Black Violence

KKK Passing Out Fliers Promising To Use Lethal Force Against Ferguson Protesters

Michael Brown’s Parents Pour Their Hearts Out to the UN

Charges Dropped Against Man Whose Subway Slap Went Viral

Presidential medal to honor 3 slain civil rights workers

Chris Rock’s poisonous legacy: How to get rich and exalted chastising “bad blacks”

Listening To These Songs Can Improve Your Mental Health, According To Cambridge University

Social media strikes back at Cosby and Dapper Laughs

Watch Harry Belafonte’s Powerful Speech On Race & Social Injustice

“I couldn’t understand why they were doing this”: JPMorgan whistle-blower and Matt Taibbi sound off on MSNBC

Conservative Pundit Ben Stein Says Poor Black People Are “Pathetic” And “Self-Defeating”

I taught my black kids that their elite upbringing would protect them from discrimination. I was wrong.

Missing Black Women Are Usually Ignored Until They’re Proven Worthy

AKA Members at UConn Outraged White Frat Members Aren’t Punished for Harassment

This White Teacher Wants to ‘Kill All Black People,’ Keeps Job

Is This the Most Hated Man in the World?


5 thoughts on “Notable Links: 11-13/14

  1. It’s the in between or “gray tidbits” that guys like Chris Rock, I dunno if he still feels this way, are missing. He basically throws out all the little details that make don’t explain the whole truths of a situation. The biggest mistake Rock, Barkley and Lemon have made is they don’t consider how powerful the American Media and Statistic Skewers that make it seem like. There are definitely by total number more poor white people dealing illicit paraphernalia (some $38 billion in past 5 yrs in crystal meth revenue seizures alone) than the combined people of color ghettos in America. loved reading that Salon article. Thank You

  2. The worst part I suspect is a guy like Don Lemon, who works for CNN, has access to this type of information but choose to sweep it all under the rug. Just awful

  3. The thing is I’m not advocating that racial communities need to suffer more than others. I’m just pointing out that the crystal meth epidemic in the rural and suburban community is at least 10x worst than the crack epidemic at this very moment due to sheer numbers but is hardly emphasized or reported respectively in media outlets. I advocate for a healthier America and mindset. Maybe empathy can be spread by fixing this.

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