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Veteran’s Day is a holiday in November, on the 11th the be precise, that we honor and remember men and women in the armed forces who have served or are serving this nation. Though some means of communication, we express our gratitude for those who go out defending this nation, usually through some kind of media outlet.

There are some folks who are, for lack of a better phrase, into war. They see it as a necessary cause to maintain, ironically, peace and civility. “We must fight for our country to protect our freedoms” is the usual mantra echoed mostly by politicians, some who have – at one time – served in the military. They see joining it as honorable and they see fighting in any war as commendable.

But then, you also have those who object becoming a soldier. They don’t think it’s any different than being a murderer, only you are required by your government to kill. Not only do they not wish to join the armed forces, but they are against any and all military action, particularly war itself, for their own personal and individual reasons. They are often looked down by those who have served or is a strong supporter.

Personally, I’m not crazy about joining the military and I see war as a billion, perhaps trillion dollar business. Yet, I still got nothing but love for our troops. I don’t support war, but I do support those of us with family and friends fighting half a world away to come home safely. Sadly, I keep hearing stories how veterans are underserved by the same government that praises them. Some of them return crippled and disabled, but are still screwed by this nation’s political system that bends over backwards for the rich who likely are sheltered from the harsh realities of war or the harsh realities of…reality for that matter.

If we are to honor our veterans, how about, instead of just medals, how about giving them the help they need to readjust to society? How about providing health care, job service proper housing and the like? Sadly, many people think that waving our flags and singing “God Bless America” is enough.

Yet, no matter how many times they’ve been used, many soldiers still love this country enough to risk their lives for it. They are still devoted to “protecting this nation”, and while it brings up other topics for discussion, for now, let’s remember them and how they are not just fighting, or have fought, overseas, but also here in these United States.