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By Lavern Merriweather:

It really bothers me when white people in the media give praise to black folks for certain things, particularly when it comes to the word ‘irreverent’. That is nothing but a way of telling Negroes that what they have said meets with a white person’s approval, especially when you take into account that the word is only used for black people that insult and criticize other black people on a daily basis.

This post is about obnoxious crabs in the barrel Negroes that have no qualms tearing down other Negroes and kissing white ass to make a buck, then find themselves with their tail between their legs when they go after a target that isn’t safe enough for them. By that, I mean they know they won’t raise white folk’s ire if they only pick on other black people.

It’s not a coincidence that those of the darkest hue only pick fun or say hateful malicious things about other black people who are famous. They know good and well what will happen if they piss off white people too much and they have their ni**er moment. And judging from what I heard, that ain’t too much fun. Most if not all of the black people in high ranking media positions stay as far away from controversial criticism as possible. I actually have yet to see a person who is black in the media that does truly tell it like it is. Many are way too afraid to step on any toes. So, they go along to get along.

A commenter put on a link for one of my post from a man on YouTube named Superboy222 that was going in on the Negroes that he perceives to be sell-outs. It seems that the people’s names he called have sold their soul to the media devil to keep their grinning ninny faces on TV for just a while longer. Those people that he talked about seem oblivious to the fact when you are black and speak words not deemed desirable, white people will be on a rampage.

Media mogul and one time TV host Oprah, who had the highest rated talk show, ever found herself cowtowing to her lily white cult of suburban soccer moms, because she refused to invite Sarah Palin on her show. Palin, at the time, was running with Senator John McCain as his vice president nominee for the Oval Office. Winfrey, who supported now president Barack Obama, didn’t want the competition to get air time on her program, if I can even call it hers seeing how quickly her tune changed once the middle class white female horde that made her a billionaire let her know who was really calling the shots. Once Oprah’s mammy act backfired on her, she relented and Sarah Palin got to yet again spew goofy whimsical blither blather for a viewing audience. I must say I felt no sympathy for Oprah after that debacle.

Wendy Williams has turned being a mean spirited, arrogant, idiotic gossip that cruelly maligns other black people for a profit. And now that I think about it, how childish and stupid is it that a grown ass woman who is in her 40’s to sit around every day making catty, petty comments about other people. It’s like she never left her junior high, mean girl mentality. The big problem with that is the long and very sordid history of black people throwing one another under the bus to be more appealing to white people. Worst of all were those black people that did it to save their own sorry ass skin and sacrificed others to some of the most despicable acts of sadistic behavior imaginable. Granted, it’s just ridiculous gossip but as any black person can tell you, when it comes to our history, the stakes are always going to be much too high to play these kinds of asinine games.

The good thing to come out of this though is that somebody like Williams is getting a taste of her own medicine. She now has a front row seat to what it’s like when you try to bite the hand that feeds your self-hatred. Obviously little Ms. Williams thought that she was special, but is now getting a very nasty wake-up call.

Superboy222 also mentioned “Good Morning America” co-host Robin Roberts who I certainly can’t stand either. That continuously plastered smile and her gleeful insistence to jump on whatever bandwagon comes before her makes me want to pull a “Videodrome” movie assault through my TV. Roberts is the same person that badgered R&B star Chris Brown about his now infamous attack on former girlfriend Rihanna. Ms. Roberts didn’t bother to go there with “Two and a Half Men” star Charlie Sheen about his violent attack on ex-wife Brooke Mueller Christmas morning in 2011. I also doubt that she would bring up the fact that once popular movie sex symbol Mel Gibson punched baby momma Oksana in the face and busted one of her teeth were he to appear on the early morning gabfest. Nor would she feel the incessant need to mention that “The Tudors” star Jonathan Rhys Meyers beat up his ex-girlfriend who is a Eurasian supermodel.

Moron Chris Rock has now found himself falling out of favor with the white people who once held him dear, because he hasn’t been vilifying any other Negroes lately with his tiresome rants masquerading as stand-up routines. Of course, he has plenty of jackasses to follow in his footsteps despite the myriad of material being provided by white celebrities. Radio host and contributor to FOX’s “Dish Nation” Ricky Smiley always manages to turn a conversation about a white person of fame into yet another opportunity to say snide dumbass comments about a black person, even when the person that he and his crew of cackling dunces has absolutely nothing to do with the person they were originally speaking about.

There’s a saying that still rings true to this day; many times we don’t even need white people’s help in tearing us down. Because we have a whole lot of black people who are eagerly willing to do that very thing.