Notable Links: 11-7/14

Laverne Cox is a Glamour woman of the year

C-SPAN Caller: Republicans ‘Hate That N*gger Obama’

The Pitfalls of Privilege

You’re Part of the Problem: How “New Blacks” Miss the Mark

Carlesha Freeland-Gaither, Missing Woman, Found Alive In Maryland

Hollaback Apologizes for the Lack of White Dudes in Catcalling Video

New Zealand model re-creates viral catcalling video, does not get catcalled at all

Michelle Obama Mentions Eating Fried Chicken, Conservatives Go From Zero to Racist (IMAGES)

Dear Democratic Party: Make No Mistake About It, Republicans Didn’t Win – You Lost 

White Comedian Thinks Tweeting Slavery-Inspired Rape Fantasies About Black Women Is Funny

Special Report: Where Asian-American and Latino Issues Meet

It is all still about race: Obama hatred, the South and the truth about GOP wins

Kendrick Taylor, Hero: Man Stops Mugger Who Targeted A 76-Year-Old Woman

The U.S. Army Considers ‘Negro’ An Acceptable Term for Black People

What Jane Elliot Has To Say About Systematic White Supremacy Is A Near Flawless Assessment That All People Should Understand

Watch: Michael Eric Dyson On Why Poor Whites in Red-States Vote Against Their Interest

The Bar Simply Adores Marsai Martin

South Carolina exit polls ask voters whether blacks are getting too uppity about equality

#Pointergate: How a News Station Missed a Story That Twitter Didn’t


14 thoughts on “Notable Links: 11-7/14

  1. I just read that link Courtney, and I must admit that I too was Lmao and SMH simultaneously-reading the “New Klan” story made me feel as though I were trapped in both a Fellini-film And a Twilight Zone at the same time!!! 🙂

  2. ..I know this is just becoming news to me about the loss of a loved one in your family dear ‘Wolf, so please excuse me for not being aware of this until right now. That being said, I too pray for peace for your dear relative, and also unity, strength, and most and foremost love for you and the entire family as well..big hugs!!!

  3. Please accept my sincerest condolences about the recent loss of your beloved family member, dear ‘Wolf-I pray this note messages find you and the family comforted, strengthened and also loving with one another, biG huGs! (I hope this note gets through moderation this time)..

  4. I don’t feel 100 percent sorry for Ms. Campion since she and many Negroes in the media turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the bad behavior of white males. in my opinion she is another house Negro and that kind of thing has a way of reverberating back on you very badly.

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