Your Thoughts: Election Night

I suppose you all heard that the Republicans have taken over both the Senate and the House. As disappointing as it may sound to a lot of Democratic supporters, I’m not shocked in the slightest.

There have been a hell of a lot of votes from minorities, especially blacks and Latinos. It’s something to be proud of seeing as how there have been huge struggles to get that right. However, if you’ve been keeping up with the news, there have been underhanded ways to suppress the black vote in the guise of voter ID laws. But that only made more black folks determined to get up, get out and vote.

Still, the apathetic side that a lot of folks hold is that no matter who’s in office, the rich and powerful always wins. Whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, money is always the victor. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give up on voting. But, in my opinion, it just means we need to come up with strategies like a new party to turn to or create.

So, what are your thoughts on last night’s election results? Sound off below.


2 thoughts on “Your Thoughts: Election Night

  1. Though I went to bed disappointed, I woke up feeling great. To some people,that may seem weird. I was talking with my beautician with a smile on my face. As she was talking one thing that I will agree with her with ,no matter how good/bad an outcome may be, you have to keep pushing,until your dreams become a reality. My friend was telling me about just how many of us held ourselves up in spite of the elections. I didn’t see anybody cry, they basically said “until next time.”The good Lord is in control.

    To be honest,I didn’t like the way these elections went. Though I will be a cold day in h–l before I be a member of the GOP, I was more disappointed in the Dems. Ok, so president Obama has struggled some in getting things passed,why abandon him? I thought that that was the most dishonorable thing his party could have done. It’s like a friend who is doesn’t want to be around you because you’re wearing some really jacked up clothes. It seems that people want to be around you when you’re up,but will kick you twice when you’re down. What a shame.Though no matter what the reason for the Dems loss, at the end the people made up who they want..and don’t want in the Congress and potentially as president..especially a Black one.

    As you just mentioned, a lot of Blacks and Latinos did go out and vote. I know a someone from I guess, a poll worker, asked my mom if she needed a ride to the voting station ( my brother carried her there) and it was crowded during the early voting period. Not every minority voted,but a great deal of them did. it’s not that they didn’t come out,people have to consider the political demographic of their state and who may be cheating ( I do believe some of it was involved in this elections) I voted because,it’s my given right my people fought and died for me to do this. I owe them that much regardless of which political party comes out on top.

    Although I would have rather seen Congress controlled Democrats,it is what it is. I can imagine how them Republicants( yes they are!) are feeling now..feeling like that they have Obama backed into a corner,but I’ve learned that the bigger they come ,they harder they may fall. This scenario reminds of the 1994 Republican takeover. It was funny to me. Here came cousin Newtie and company talking about slashing programs….including social security and college loans. After they mentioned their big headed agenda,that quickly ended of their reign of terror. I hope the GOP have learned that lesson, if not, oh well..

    They’re egos seems even larger with Obama than in 1994. I’m quite sure that they are ready to tear him and his policies down. I hope that they recall 1994. Time does repeat itself. i hope that I’m wrong,but I predict that the GOP will say/do something that will cost them the elections again. The economy hurts any party. They need to be honest with themselves,they are not going to do any better with this a matter of fact, they are known to worsen it. In order for it to go full throttle, it will to literally do well for 50 plus years without any interruptions.

  2. The Democrats’ problem is lack of a unified message. In my mind, if you’re going to have a progressive agenda, be bold and strong with it. Articulate your vision. Stop diluting your message to appeal to elusive independent voters (who I think are less independent than they let on).

    That said, we are so overdue for a third party that represents a truly progressive agenda. The Dems sold out a long time ago.

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