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By Lavern Merriweather:

It never fails to amaze me the absolute arrogance of the dominant society. You have it all and still want more.

When late night jackass and unfunny blowhard Jay Leno announced that he was retiring, a cable internet news host joked about his competition and showed all their pictures. All except the newest kid on the block Arsenio Hall. Although Hall isn’t new, he did have a successful run as a talk show host on in the early 90’s. So, I guess we can call this a comeback, but not according to this news host. He totally ignored the lone African-American contribution to the late night gabfests.

This type of behavior doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. If the white male led media doesn’t think your existence is important enough, then they won’t acknowledge it. The host was given grief for his lack of noticing Mr. Hall and rightfully so. Mr. Hall’s show, as of yet, has been subsequently cancelled, sort of like that whole ‘last one hired, first one fired’ mantra that many black people know all too well.

Now, I do think that Mr. Hall should have put more effort into keeping his show current, and maybe that’s why he got terminated so soon. He is in 2014, not 1992, and far too much of his show was dedicated to what he was doing as well as who was a guest some 20 years ago. However, that still doesn’t take away from the fact that most of the white male late night chuckleheads are about as appealing as Freddy Kruger scrapping his nails on a blackboard. The array of stupid, annoying, foolish, racist, frat boy white males that permeate the nightly TV circuit have zero talent and are hardly entertaining.

ABC host Jimmy Kimmel is insufferable and painful to watch, while Jimmy Fallon, the Leno replacement, is just flat out lame. The reason that he got his gig on SNL is because his acting and comedy ability don’t go any higher than that show. David Letterman’s shtick is about as stale as six-week old bread left out in the open, when he’s not trying to bang every female employee. Yet, he gets to leave the stage whenever he likes.

Not only are the white males irritating, pompous and racist, they seem to have a Peter Pan complex and want to believe that they are appealing to a group of males half their age, most of who probably wouldn’t even have looked at them cock-eyed when they actually were frat boy age.

Besides the dummies of late night, there are the shock jocks, daytime talk hosts and the assholes of the evening news. After bigoted fossil and the inspiration for the raptors in “Jurassic Park” Don Imus made derogatory comments about the predominantly black all female Rutgers University basketball team, he was fired, as well he should have been. Still, many of his fans and colleagues complained that he was being unfairly targeted by the powers that be who were denying him his right to free speech. Come again? The sonofabitch was on air for 28 years prior to his hateful words. So, how is he being denied again, especially since he now has a show where he gets to pollute the airwaves on Sirius XM with his sickening bile?

Why anyone would want to pay money to listen to that mumble-mouthed prick is beyond me. The only money I would pay Imus is for him to finally shut the hell up. You’d need a translator to understand what the hell he’s trying to say most of the time anyway.

Much of the American media is controlled, broadcast and distributed by white people. Yet, many white people will bitch that they don’t have enough of a voice. From where I sit you are the ONLY people that have a voice. And because yours is the loudest, you feel it’s the main one that should be heard. It’s why we see countless pictures of young, black and male mug shots. That’s not to say that black males or females don’t commit crime. But they have just as much opportunity to showcase white males and females that commit illegal behavior. The fact that they don’t do it as much is not a coincidence. Far from it. For them it’s a way of life.

I once had a lady on the message boards say that the negative side of black life is correct. However, that is the lone side that they show. My problem with that is not showcasing the negative side of black people, it’s never showcasing the negative side of themselves. You mean to tell me that with all the crimes committed in this country, not one is ever by a white person? I have a very difficult time believing that. In fact I think it’s downright impossible to imagine that there is no availability of evidence the heinous things white folks are guilty of.

This is more about not wanting to admit that the generalizing you so eagerly engage in when it comes to folks of color might very well someday come back and bite you in the ass. So you keep the delusion going by pretending that it’s those awful Negroes who do bad things not us. As you try desperately to keep up appearances, anybody reading this post could probably count on few fingers the number of times that they have seen a white male’s face plastered on the nightly news. By that, I don’t mean he’s some celebrity that they fawn over. I mean he’s in one of those grotesque and embarrassing photos taken after he’s done something stupid and illegal. Now, that I mention it, don’t get me started on how willing white people are to forgo their own supposed outrage in the name of protecting a famous white male that they like.

It seems that if it’s a situation where they have to show respect to a black person, a picture is out of the question. Yet, if it’s a chance to once again paint themselves as the epitome of never doing anything wrong, then a black man’s picture is just what the doctor ordered.