Halloween Racism Reloaded

‘Tis the season to be racist, or at least dress up as if you have that mentality. And already, some folks are gearing up to show their fondness for ignorance and jackassery.

Story number one deals with some photos going around about a few individuals demonstrating how much they “care” about domestic violence. Pictures of white folks wearing Ray Rice’s football jerseys carrying around huge dolls smiling for the camera. There’s even a photo of a couple wearing not only Rice’s jerseys for also sporting blackface. The most disturbing, in my opinion, was that one of the participants in this fuckery was a little boy.

Story number two is a wee bit more disturbing as it revives the horrific images of the bygone era of rope lynching. In Clarksville, Tennessee, someone at Fort Campbell thought it was a keen idea to hang a family of life-sized black figures on a tree in their front lawn. One of the figures was that of a child with a knife in his back. However, after residents of the neighborhood expressed their concerns, the “decoration” was removed.

Most likely, there are other examples of Halloween racism that has gone under the radar. Sadly, it’s not surprising as this happens every year. It’s almost to be expected, which is the sad part. However, you can’t help but wonder what the hell they were thinking.

What made them decide that it was a good idea to dress up in a manner that pokes fun at a serious issue? The couple, as seen in the center of the picture above took it a step further by posing in blackface. I dunno what parent in his or her right mind would think that it was picture-worthy to have their son mock a domestic violence case. And I can not speak on the stupidity and callousness of whoever came up with the idea of lynching black dolls outside of their own home.

A good colleague of mine told me that a guy, a white man, was upset not at such images, but that there are people who saw them as offensive. I can only conclude that it’s not so much that they’re stupid as they are ignorant and full of shit, that they thought such backward holiday spirit is fun and funny and that people like me just need to shut up and lighten up. If that’s the case, they should be happy as hell if I dressed up as the World Trade Center on 9/11. It would be one hell of a costume to make, but hey, they should just love it.


26 thoughts on “Halloween Racism Reloaded

  1. Speaking of people dressed as the World Trade Center (when it went up in flames), here is a pic of two young women who wore this mess a few years ago.

    They caught holy hell for it.

    I bet if a Black man dressed up like OJ Simpson and walked around with two White dolls – one male, one blonde and female – with both dolls stabbed with blood dripping down and the “Nicole” doll’s head about to come off due to near decapitation, I bet these same fuckers would NOT think THAT was funny!

  2. Thank you for doing a post on this. White people have some serious issues. Did you see the one where a man decorated his house with a black family hanging from the trees. One family member was alive and trying to pull the father figure down.

  3. I love when people tell you how you are supposed to feel about something or react to it. “It’s not offensive to me; therefore you are at fault for being offended.”

    Stupidity, willful ignorance, and racism have always been part of the same Venn diagram. Just like people hide behind fake user names to spew hatred on the internet, they hide behind Halloween masks and decorations to revel in their racism. Your anger is justified, but also remember they are revealing how pathetic they are.

  4. I can’t even get angry all i can do is just shake my head at the ignorance. They are just sick in their hearts and minds. They are just demonic.

  5. Those two fools dressed as The World Trade Center is sick but you remember last year with the Asian plane crash the fools were using that tragedy for amusement.,

  6. And just when I thought these dastardly degenerates couldn’t get more based in their debauchery, they go and pull this stunt. And the ones where they replicated a black family being lynched? it’s too much, part of me wishes I was a vampire or a werewolf so I could rip their sorry racist asses to pieces

  7. I’m curious as to why white folks always rush to dress like black celebrities that have done something criminal? Nobody goes dressed like Mickey Rourke and Carrie Otis despite his many years of beating her. nor do they go as Sharon and Ozzy with Ozzy’s hands on her neck even though Ozzy choked Sharon they also don’t go as Steelers quarterback Ben Rothelisberger and one of his two accusers. Or one of the infamous Kennedys and whatever they are accused of this week.

  8. @ Brothawolf:

    Thank you for posting this, and @ Stephaniegirl, thank you for posting MrSuperboy223*s video. I have been watching his videos a lot lately, some of them over and over again. He really breaks it down and tells it like it is!

  9. Oh my God! I saw that picture of the hanging black figures on the Army base that is just sick and evil. Some of these people are just souless monsters.

      1. Thank you for posted the picture, Mickey. This is indeed terrible. If anyone thinks that such a display is humorous, they have some serious mental issues.

  10. Day-uM, these mofo’s never, ever seem to (listen and/or) learn-great point ‘Verne about the hypocrisy when it comes to not imitating the offensive behavior of their white “bretheren”, but instead always portray POC in this manner every year!

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