Vern’s Venting: Follow the Leader

By Lavern Merriweather:

I wrote a post recently criticizing the media’s ongoing double standard when it comes to black males, particularly ones that are celebrities. A person commented that we shouldn’t whine about the fact that white people do it too, that what white folks do has nothing to do with us and is no excuse. I have a problem with that mindset for several reasons. One of which is that it’s a complete and utter cop-out.

This isn’t just about playing tit for tat; it’s about people not being allowed to continuously contradict themselves without having to face any consequences. It’s also about people standing by the very statements that they utter with such conviction that you’d imagine a vein bursting from their skull. When you speak on an important issue as if you are that dogged and determined to bring it to the forefront, then you’d better damn well stand by what you say regardless of who is the target. That doesn’t happen ever in America.

A lot of people, and by people I mean most white people in the media and the public, say one thing one minute, yet change their tune the other minute when the person accused doesn’t fit their liking. Either we are going to have a national discussion on valid issues, or we aren’t, because this half-assed, get-outraged-whenever-I feel-like-it bullshit ain’t gonna cut it!

I can only imagine that the black people who say we shouldn’t worry about what whitey is up to believe that bringing up a white person’s name means we are trying to absolve said black celebrity or athlete of criticism. And I say they couldn’t be more wrong. Hypocrisy, especially when directed at Negroes, has been tolerated for far too long. There have been multiple times when I remind a white person in the media via email the despicable behavior of white people that they adore the voices suddenly goes silent. You mean to tell me that all that gung ho, raring to go attack mode when it comes to black folks can be turned off like a light switch when it’s one of your own? Their going quiet when a white male’s name comes into the conversation tells me everything I need to know. If you aren’t going to fully commit to your own damn arguments, then stop starting them!

They are the ones who wanted to create this so-called dialogue, yet when the comments inevitably become about them, there’s a quick hush. How the hell are you going to begin talking about an issue supposedly so near and dear to your heart, yet stop talking the moment you get dragged into it? You obviously didn’t expect anyone to air your dirty laundry. Although, there most likely is more than enough of it to go around.

And that is exactly what pisses me off when black people make those comments. If it’s wrong, then it’s wrong for ALL accused, not just whoever. As I said in my response, they can blither blather about our pathology every time, but we aren’t allowed to speak about theirs? I don’t think so. Bad behavior is bad behavior, and it should be grounds for vilifying on any guilty parties.

Recently, actor and perennial screw-up Charlie Sheen was accused by a female dental technician named Margarita Palestino of assaulting her. She claims that he flipped out when she tried to administer a nitrous oxide mask. The lady says that he punched her in the face and grabbed at her bra while screaming obscenities. She and the dentist also claim that Sheen then grabbed a knife and threatened to stab both of them.

Regardless of the fact that Sheen has a history of violence involving women, the idiots and fools at TMZ were in a very big hurry to defend him. Correspondent Mike Walters went so far as to have the nerve to say that he talked with Sheen’s ‘people’ and they denied the incident ever happened, that all he did was knock over a tray full of utensils. Well, of course they are going to say that dumbass! What? They are going to actually admit that this thug did something terrible and his ass will finally go to jail? Give me a damn break!

The chuckleheads at TMZ further kissed Sheen’s ass by saying that it was just an outrageous lie by a vengeful woman who’s angry that she got fired for blabbing to her son that Sheen was a patient even as she said that he appeared to be high on a substance which is what really caused him to react so viciously. Right, this woman hasn’t got anything better to do with her life than create a vendetta against some punk who is known for assaulting woman and abusing drugs, and the cops were called purely for shits and giggles?

Still, because for some reason he is so well liked by the TMZ crew, they feel he couldn’t in any way have done this. Despite what Sheen has done in the past, they have no qualms whatsoever rushing to protect him.

I understand the motivation for white people to deny their legacy of brutality and always trying to paint a rosier portrait of themselves even if I don’t agree with it. But what the hell is black people’s motivation for going along happily with the bullshit? Unless, you are that worried you will fall out of favor with the supremacists of this country. For those who say I’m just being petty and want to give it like I get it, I say there’s a lot more to my point.

The same microscope that white people love to shove us under can just as easily point out their own faults and flaws. Yet, somehow that never happens, and the same people targeted selectively seem to be accepting of that which is as outrageous as it is ridiculous. If it’s that damn serious to you, then you shouldn’t be playing games. You should be as willing to attack those in the dominant society as you attack your own. Otherwise, what is your point, that a picked and chosen few should face the gallows while others walk away scot free?

I don’t see how that makes any sense. Maybe it does to them. That is exactly why I call into question their credibility. And why I think all that crying foul they do is just plain old crying wolf.


8 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Follow the Leader

  1. People are design to follow. It’s sad to see a necro pet to bark and defend his master. Everybody would forgive and copy them. It been approval and accepted. If a star lit somebody on fire. Everybody is ready to punish the star. A necro would bark or do something to cheer up the angry crowd. Later on. The people start a roasting trend. Thanks to Star Idol and The Pet. Till the savior come save the day to black shame darkies on this senseless trend

  2. right on the money Mama Vern. They always point the flame thrower at us when one of us does something wrong and very rarely do they turn it on themselves except if said whitey is infact a serial killer or some terrorists but truth be told whites on the whole are the biggest terrorists in this world and their history proves. So anyways this is all just a tactic of psychological warfare to make us continue hating ourselves as people and to further drive a wedge between us

    1. I saw a story of a love triangle involving three white people where the older man killed his younger rival and he only got 20 fucking years! I was beyond appalled the thug with Patty Hearst that robbed a bank and killed a woman only got eight years for what he did and they have the nerve to criticize our damn pathology?

  3. My sentiments, exactly. I’m so sick and tired of the double standard when it comes to violence against women in society. I’m tired of Black men being made poster boys of misogyny when large-scale misogyny is being practiced by nonblack, esp. white men every single day.

    Again, thank you.

    S. B.

    1. Hey yo S.B what the f*£&’s good
      We ship platinum
      Dem whiteys shippin wood
      Dem stringy headed hoes
      But our kitchen good
      I wish I wish I wish I wish a whitey would


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