Notable Links: 10-24/14

Marchers Protesting Michael Brown Shooting Block Atlanta Highway

Video Showing 7-Eleven Employees Refusing to Sell Chips to a Black Child Until a White Woman Steps in Goes Viral

Expert Who Analyzed Leaked Mike Brown Autopsy Report Says She Was Taken Out of Context

Racial Diversity Among America’s Working Artists Virtually Non-Existent

5 Things About Slavery You Probably Didn’t Learn In Social Studies: A Short Guide To ‘The Half Has Never Been Told’

13 Women Have Accused Bill Cosby Of Rape — So Why Has America Forgiven Him?

This Is How A Tragedy Like The Ottawa Shooting Should Be Reported. I Want To Hug This Reporter.

Rep. Steve King: ‘I don’t expect to meet’ gay people in heaven

CNN Guest: Leaked Michael Brown Autopsy, Witnesses ‘All So Shady’

Fox News: Young women shouldn’t vote or be on juries because ‘They don’t get it’

Smart People Listen to Radiohead, Dumb People Listen to Beyoncé, Says Racist Study

Doctor Assaulted by Police at Dying Son’s Birthday, Tasered so Many Times He Had a Heart Attack

Nevada issues 255 marriage licenses to same-sex couples in first week

Family of Missing Florida Mom Trukita Scott Still Searching For Answers


GOP’s grotesque racist ads: Why it just can’t escape its ugly history

Reagan aide: South should secede and create a new anti-gay country — called Reagan!

“Who do you report to when your rapist is the police?”

Pennsylvania’s Attempt to Silence Prison Activist Mumia Abu-Jamal

Keene State and the Dangers of Drunken Young White Men


9 thoughts on “Notable Links: 10-24/14

  1. I started reading that book the half has never been told in conjunction with the ex-slave narratives project of the 1930’s. One of the main themes is how the slaves were sold away from their families in both this book and the narratives. Another important point as mentioned in this article, is the fact that slavery is what drove and ultimately created the capitalist economies that America practices today. So far an interesting book, but the narratives are far more fascinating for what the ex-slaves say, imply, or don’t say. You can get the ex-slave narratives at project Gutenberg or purchase them for a few dollars from Amazon or Kobo.

  2. That’s the thing most Americans don’t know about Slavery or the Civil War. It was more about the uneven distribution of wealth generated from slavery. The North didn’t get its fair cut or share so they declared a “Gang War” on the South. Simple as that. Lincoln and all his BS meant nothing…

    1. The Civil War was about expanding slavery since it propelled the economy. Cotton was akin to oil today and the States provided the majority of cotton. White Southerners(planters) were the wealthiest people in the States. The output of the slave labour was such that on average, the slaves were able to harvest cotton at 200 pounds a day this included men and women. According to some of the narratives I read, in fact most of them, the slaves were brutally whipped on an ongoing basis if they ‘slacked off’. The level of efficiency was such, that it was not repeated after emancipation. Apparently studies abounded as to how to make cotton harvesting more efficient in the 20th century but to no avail.

      Countless were the narratives of children being sold, parents being sold, all for the white man to pay off debts or as punishment, or to profit in general. Do not ever, let anyone try to take on an apologist stance on slavery or try to individualize it(not all the slave owners were evil or bad, or it was the times! sentiments). White mens own children were sold as commodities more-so than the ones who were liberated and educated. In fact, most of these white men ‘bred’ children in order to sell them when they were older. There was one particular horrific story were a young girl was gang raped by her owner’s three sons one afternoon. The person narrating the story relates that this was the way they were conceived, anyone of those ‘brothers’ could have been their father. This was quite common.

      Ever hear that adage, ‘sold down the river’? That refers to being sold down South to the cotton fields and an early death through over work and brutal treatment. It was used as a dire threat against ‘rebellious’ slaves. But it turns out they sold them any ways as posted above, for money ultimately.

  3. The sad thing is, I suspect any Historian on CNN or History Channel knows this dirty little secret about the Civil War but they continue to spew the inherent lie “freeing slaves” bs and all that madness.

  4. Halloween is here and racist idiots are up to their idiocy again. I saw white men in black face dressed as Ray Rice dragging a black blow up doll that is supposed to be Rice wife Janae. This is so sick. Then there is the sexy ebola hazmat chick. That’s some sick shit. I will not paint all whites with the same dirty paint brush. But there are quite a few idiots out there that do this idiocy.

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