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When black folks riot, it’s most likely due to an injustice done against one or more black people. However, in recent years and several such cases like Trayvon Martin’s killer’s trial, a lot of people in the media feared of black people rioting if George Zimmerman got off. Welp, he was never sentenced, but there was no riot. Yet, the media, especially of the conservative variety, thought that black people will raise roofs, start fires and loot the hell out of local businesses as if another example of systemic racism wasn’t a good reason to explode.

But if there was a riot, the media would condemn the people as ‘thugs’ and ‘animals’, unruly, uncivilized lowlifes with no sense of personality responsibility who would rather live by a dysfunctional culture of crime, violence and the glorification of it all. The media will paint black people as the people who don’t deserve empathy or sympathy. They will portray them as the problem with society, not the systems which reduces the value of black life as useless.

As with the case of Michael Brown’s murder in Ferguson by a rogue cop, black people protested and marched peacefully. There was no widespread incidents of violence, on the part of the protesters that is.

When white folks riot, and yes, they do riot, it’s seems more likely to be a result of something that happened in sports. From football to hockey, some white folks who support a certain team will go ham if their team loses. However, sports doesn’t appear to be the only reason.

There was a pumpkin festival in Keene, New Hampshire recently. For some reason, all hell broke loose. And most, if not all, of those involved were young white folks. They got so crunked that they even clashed with the police!

The media, as expected, treated this as a case of rowdy, drunk youngsters who were being mischievous. They were portrayed as just being their young selves, not threatening, not imposing and not a problem to the community. There’s no culture of crime and violence among them. And their actions were of no great concern for the welfare of society.

Thanks to social media, many people on Twitter exposed the media bias. Maybe it’s time we actually start talking about the careless behavior of white youth. Perhaps we need to examine white-on-white violence, which should be a part of the mainstream’s lexicon. Until then, whenever I see a gang of young white males coming down the street, I may start walking on the other side for safety reasons.

Welcome to America where white people can start shit for insignificant reasons and not be seen as a problem while black people can gather peacefully to fight a problem that threatens their very existence and be portrayed as the problem.