Quick Thoughts: Black Riots vs. White Riots

When black folks riot, it’s most likely due to an injustice done against one or more black people. However, in recent years and several such cases like Trayvon Martin’s killer’s trial, a lot of people in the media feared of black people rioting if George Zimmerman got off. Welp, he was never sentenced, but there was no riot. Yet, the media, especially of the conservative variety, thought that black people will raise roofs, start fires and loot the hell out of local businesses as if another example of systemic racism wasn’t a good reason to explode.

But if there was a riot, the media would condemn the people as ‘thugs’ and ‘animals’, unruly, uncivilized lowlifes with no sense of personality responsibility who would rather live by a dysfunctional culture of crime, violence and the glorification of it all. The media will paint black people as the people who don’t deserve empathy or sympathy. They will portray them as the problem with society, not the systems which reduces the value of black life as useless.

As with the case of Michael Brown’s murder in Ferguson by a rogue cop, black people protested and marched peacefully. There was no widespread incidents of violence, on the part of the protesters that is.

When white folks riot, and yes, they do riot, it’s seems more likely to be a result of something that happened in sports. From football to hockey, some white folks who support a certain team will go ham if their team loses. However, sports doesn’t appear to be the only reason.

There was a pumpkin festival in Keene, New Hampshire recently. For some reason, all hell broke loose. And most, if not all, of those involved were young white folks. They got so crunked that they even clashed with the police!

The media, as expected, treated this as a case of rowdy, drunk youngsters who were being mischievous. They were portrayed as just being their young selves, not threatening, not imposing and not a problem to the community. There’s no culture of crime and violence among them. And their actions were of no great concern for the welfare of society.

Thanks to social media, many people on Twitter exposed the media bias. Maybe it’s time we actually start talking about the careless behavior of white youth. Perhaps we need to examine white-on-white violence, which should be a part of the mainstream’s lexicon. Until then, whenever I see a gang of young white males coming down the street, I may start walking on the other side for safety reasons.

Welcome to America where white people can start shit for insignificant reasons and not be seen as a problem while black people can gather peacefully to fight a problem that threatens their very existence and be portrayed as the problem.


22 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts: Black Riots vs. White Riots

  1. I blogged about this last night and it was unanimous; if those had been Black males carrying on like that it would have been a blood bath damn near. And checkout some of these comments from over at youtube to a comment I made much like the sentiment expressed on my blog:

    How can you say that? This is Keene, New Hampshire, not Ferguson Missouri or some other southern state where racism is much more rampant.

    One thing I’ve noticed about hateful black people is they are violent, threatening & cuss a lot. See how that works?

    1. I like how they like to portray racism as a southern thing. Racism in this country is nationwide. The south does not have the monopoly on racism. I just saw a clip of MLK talking about how he went to Cicero, IL and he said that the white people protesting against him and his ilk were more vitriolic than the white people in Mississippi.

  2. First of all,my condolences to your deceased love one and secondly, welcome back!

    Just like you, I seen about that riot in New Hampshire. I’m like ” This doesn’t make any sense”..to riot over nothing.

    There are a lot of hypocrisies with it as seen above. I mean, I just find it sooo crazy how fighting for your civil /human rights is is ” animalistic”,while White kids like the one in Pumpkin fest are drunk and just riot just to riot.When was the riot police going to harass the people from that town, tear gas people, violate their first amendment rights like they did with the Ferguson protesters?

    The protesting reminds of the days where my parents/grandparents grew up during the era of Jim Crow. They were called savages, yet you see some law enforcement treating like mistreated dogs. One thing that I’ve learned is that if Black people are not remaining silent over an injustice you’re an animal,but if you are a butt kisser/remain silent you’re all good..until they can find a way to make a fool out of you. That is how they roll.

    I thought about the meaning of persecution. the torment can be small or big, painful and taxing. i’m quite sure that many of those Ferguson are feeling all of these emotions as many have been to jail, harassed and assaulted but all of them are my heroes. I’m glad that they are not bowing down to their racist detractors and I hope that they keep doing what they are doing whether Darren Wilson is found innocent or guilty of Mike Brown’s death.

    If being ” animalistic” means standing up for the truth..oh well so be it. I hope that those protesters will never be Darren Wilson’s slave.

      1. Folks, when a white person refers to black people as ‘animals’, it is because they love you! These are the same people who let their dogs lick their face after the dog has licked it’s asshole or balls. Do you not see the correlation between their regards for animals and blacks? They absolutely adore us. Keep that in mind the next time they refer to black people as ‘animals’, they love us! Seriously, whites are really fucked up. I am beginning to think it is inherent in their psyches. They riot here in Canada whenever they lose a hockey game it seems. They swill liquor like it’s going out of style it is actually a hobby according to some. Yet when black people protest oppressions of some sort, they are referred to as animalistic. Constant double standards are at play here. What do you expect in a white supremacist society?

  3. WB,BrothaWolfChan. Media love painting black and white people in dangerous situations with a pretty/ugly paint brush. It remind me of Hurricane Katrina. o-dub.com/images/looter.jpg

    1. Yes, they are if they behave like the Boston rioters were acting. The woman who grabbed her son as he was heading to join the riots and she disciplined him in front everyone, is my idea of Mom of the Year. This is how I was raised and it made me a better person.

  4. Someone once illustrated a story of a white man and an Asian man getting into an arm wrestling match, the white man wins and he starts bragging about how whites are the greatest and then another Asian man challenges the white man to an arm wrestling match and won and disproves the white man’s claim of superiority, and then all the white people around starts calling the Asian man, intolerant and racist. When white people show strength, it is admired and seen as heroic, whenever a non-white does it, they are called terrorists

    1. That sounds like everything. Remember black girls with big booty was gross,jungle and other vile names. Now white women with big booty is juicy,exotic,feminine and all this good names underneath the sun. This booty movement goes way back to Sarah Baartman vs Bustle

      1. Which brings me back to another statement of fact. White people love black culture and black aesthetics but HATE black people….. They are jealous of everything we have and as such they wage a constant psychological warfare upon us it’s time we as a people start waking up and smelling the coffee and started accepting ourselves again

  5. I would like to interject that blacks are not the only ones who had problems. The Native Americans had their land stolen from them and they were also murdered, the Chinese who came here and worked on the railroads were treated like animals and the Irish were put to work as indentured slaves, too, and died by the thousands. My point is that other races have gone through and still suffering discrimination today, but you do not see them behaving like the Ferguson and Boston rioters. Anyone who behaves like this are thugs and criminals and should be treated accordingly. There was a group of black marchers who were doing a peaceful protest, and no one bothered them.
    Bringing up riots that happened 40 or more years ago is old news and hopefully people have learned that this behavior will not be tolerated.

    1. I didn’t bring up riots that occurred decades ago. I brought up events that happened recently. Also, if you don’t understand why black people rise up, protest and even riot, if necessary, I suggest you find out before you start passing judgment.

  6. My first comments lumped everyone in their given races and in my world if a person does something wrong you do not blame the entire race for it. Comments stating Whites… or Blacks…, you need to start giving the names of the one(s) who broke the law and has to stand trial for it. Don’t blame the whole race for the actions of a few.

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