NOTE: Temporary Hiatus

I apologize in advance for any inconveniences this may have, but I will be going on a short hiatus this week due to a death in the family. There will be no edition of ‘Notable Links’ this week. Lavern Merriweather submitted several more articles that I will upload in a few days. We will be back next week, hopefully, with more posts.

Thank you for reading. Take care and see you soon.


13 thoughts on “NOTE: Temporary Hiatus

  1. The entire Scurvin family will be praying for you, your family and the comfort of everyone connected in this time of loss.

    BrothaWolf you are an important component in the lives of so many countless people because of the tireless hours spent keeping us informed in a way that we can trust. While some of us don’t voice this enough, I will.

    Return when you are ready as we understand and sympathize the space that you are in now. If you ever want/need to talk, hit me directly at 407.924.8793 anytime 24/7.

    God Bless.


  2. Sorry to hear that brother. I know the feeling. I lost two family members last year. It’s tough but with faith you can pull through. You and your family will be in our thoughts. Peace and be well.

  3. ..I know this is just becoming news to me about the loss of a loved one in your family dear ‘Wolf, so please excuse me for not being aware of this until right now. That being said, I too pray for peace for your dear relative, and also unity, strength, and most and foremost love for you and the entire family as well..

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