Notable Links: 9-10/14 (UPDATED)

Ferguson Braces for Protests After Police Kill Black Teen Weeks After Michael Brown’s Death

VIDEO: NYPD Officer Under Investigation for Punching Out Teen Over a Cigarette

In the Past Two Weeks, Two Women Have Been Brutally Attacked for Rejecting Men’s Advances

Actor Stephen Collins Accused of Sexual Assault

Raven-Symone doesn’t want to be labeled ‘African-American’

Conservatives Outraged After College Rescinds Invitation to George Will Over Offensive Rape Column

Why the Right Is So Freaked Out about the Inconvenient Truths of Actual U.S. History

Inmate beaten to death at Florida jail after reporting threats by guard

Teen pepper-sprayed in own home after cops mistake him for intruder

CNN Legal Analyst Explodes over “Inherent Racism” of Police in Seatbelt Tasering

Charlotte Lucas, the wife of Lucas Oil founder, spews out bigotry against “minorities”

Texas Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan succumbs to virus

Involuntary manslaughter charge dropped against cop who killed 7-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones

Why We Must Expect More From Hip Hop Artists

Famed entertainer Geoffrey Holder dead at 84

Video: Cheerios releases well-received ad featuring white same-sex couple with black child

Study: For Black Students, Skin Color and Suspensions Linked

Boston Has a Stop-And-Frisk Problem, New ACLU Report Says

Watch Laverne Cox and bell hooks Talk About Feminism and Pop Culture

Wow. Police harrass and humilate Black Man, White Lady Lawyer intervenes, restores order.

Susan G. Komen fracks for the cure

Cartoon: The Armchair Generals

Yes, the Koch brothers really are that evil

GAO report confirms that strict photo ID laws reduce voter turnout of minorities and young people

NYPD officer caught on video robbing a man and pepper spraying onlookers

Baton Rouge metro council outraged after racist police officer allowed to quietly retire

59-year-old Georgia man killed in no-knock raid, no drugs found


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