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Seriously, I have to ask this question. It seems like those with a right wing mentality live off of hypocrisy, delusion, selfishness, lies and hatred. To them, it seems that logic and common sense are as bad as liberals, whom they hate almost more than blacks and Muslims. They seem to be living contradictions.

I noticed ten things from those who have proudly assigned themselves to the conservative class of the political kingdom.

One, they speak the loudest against terrorism against America, but will side in a hot second with police brutality and murderous vigilantism on unarmed black people. To them, all terrorists are Muslims, all criminals are black and the only victims are white, even if they are the ones causing such bullshit.

Two, they don’t believe there is racism against blacks or any other people of color, even when incidents occur which raises suspicion that race was a motivating factor. However, they are quick to jump on any story, real or fabricated, where a white person is a victim of crime where a black person is a suspect, and conclude that such events were hate crimes. They will even go so far as to blame the so-called “liberal media” (How is the media liberal anyway?) for not covering black-on-white crimes as much as they do white-on-black when the former gets plenty of attention in mainstream news.

The irony, if you want to call it that, is that the right is loaded with racist bigots. Yet, they tried, and failed, to get mass numbers of blacks to join their side. And they scratch their heads wondering why there’s a low turnout for blacks to join the Republican party. Hello?

Three, you may have heard a few conservatives profess their love of God. Yet, they will go on a hating spree in an instant. The people in their Holy cross hairs are LGBT people, minorities, those who practice Islam as a religion, the poor, women and – of course – liberals. Funny how God is supposed to be about love, and yet, the right uses God to hate so many of His own children. Come on, son!

Four, they say how often they love America for the “freedoms” that they have. Yet, when it comes to a woman’s reproductive organs, that is something many of them believe that is totally up to men and not women to control. They are pro-life to the point where they will try and sanction uteri for religious and misogynistic reasons. And they can’t fathom a woman being smart enough to know when she wants to have sex or not.

Five, speaking of misogyny, some right-wingers have a hard time understanding what rape is. You hear certain fellows make the lamest definitions as to what constitutes as rape or sexual assault. Don’t be surprised if they mansplain that somehow or another, the victim got what was coming to her. This begs the question, why are there conservative women?

Six, they think that America’s number one victim are straight, Christian, rich or wealthy white males. Nuff said.

Seven, they constantly preach about personal responsibility. Rarely do they ever practice it. Instead, they go into full number six mode. When wealthy white males fuck up the world making themselves more wealthy, are they blamed? No. And if we try, who ends up being the bad guy? It’s us who are “blaming whitey”.

Eight, they adore the wealthy and hate the poor. Their philosophy seems simple; rich people have worked hard, and that’s why they’re rich. Poor folks don’t work as hard or don’t work at all. That’s why they’re poor. They never consider that some rich people inherit their fortune or stole it somehow from those not as fortunate as they. And don’t bother telling them that the rich have made it so the poor stay poor. They don’t think such things as outsourcing, discrimination in hiring, pay and firing, a lack of employment and other institutional and systemic factors are at work. Nah. Poor people are just lazy as hell. It’s their own damn fault.

But it gets even more insane. Their philosophy appears to suggest that they help the rich (see number seven) and condemn the poor. In fact, they hate the poor. They would rather see them starve than to let them get help, and they have helped to make it happen in recent history. In the end, they think greed and selfishness are truly American, which is funny how they are ready and able to help those who can help themselves. They think taxing the shit out of the poor is fine, but have the rich pay taxes? Not if they have anything to say about it. They think the poor have it easy because of welfare, getting “free stuff” and all, while the rich somehow have it hard. What kind of Bizarro thinking is that? See the flaws in their thinking? They don’t.

How many of them have honestly worked hard to get to where they are and have truly earned it? I’d love to hear the responses. Wouldn’t you?

Nine, they have an outrageous, if not inaccurate, view of history. From what they think the Founding Fathers did, to what slavery actually was and what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. fought for, conservatives seem to get it wrong almost every time.

Ten, the right is supposed to be anti-government. If so, then why are so many of them in office? And then they’re in office, they – again – talk about how much they value freedom. But, they’re trying to dismantle as many rights as possible, including the right to vote for a certain race and the right to give birth or not to a certain gender. Yet, most of them have no problems with the right to bear arms or spending ass-loads of money on military spending as opposed to education and jobs. Am I missing something here?

I’m not saying that the left isn’t without their pathologies. Although, to some conservatives, that is exactly what I’m saying. But I find it hard to join a party that regards me and my people are a problem due to “lefties” and that helping the less fortunate is somehow a sin. The conservatives and Republicans are clubs for rich, straight white men who are afraid of and dislike anyone not rich, not straight, not white and not male. And if it’s not right, then it’s left. There is no neutrality on anything, according to them. That is why I can’t and don’t see myself as one of them. I’m way too nice, too smart, too outspoken and too black for their tastes.