They Are Darren Wilson

Picture of Darren Wilson supporters along with Facebook comments

Darren Wilson, the infamous cop who shot and killed Michael Brown, a young, unarmed, black male teen, in Ferguson, Missouri has been getting quite a fan base.

First, a fund raising site called had a page set up so his supporters could donate some money for the embattled officer. The amount swelled up like a balloon in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Second, there was a Facebook page showing love and support of Wilson. It currently has almost 80,000 likes.

Then, there are police officers, former comrades of Wilson, who expressed their solidarity by wearing wristbands that read “I am Darren Wilson“.

Finally, there’s the very recent confrontation at a baseball game between a large group of St. Louis Cardinal fans, who turned out to be Darren Wilson supporters and activists calling for justice in Michael Brown’s murder at a baseball game. One of them even had a piece of poster board that read “I am Darren Wilson” taped on his back. But that wasn’t the worst part. Dead Spin listed asshole-worthy moments involving the fans:

We start off with a bang…An old white Cardinals fan begins telling the protesters—all of whom appear to be black—that they need to get jobs. He looks right in the camera, proudly, and says, “That’s right! If they’d be working, we wouldn’t have this problem!”

The crowd of Cardinals fans begin drowning out the protesters’ chants with a “Let’s go Cardinals!” chant. Well, they could be saying worse things…

They start saying much worse things. The “Let’s go Cardinals!” chant has turned into a “Let’s go Darren!” chant. Cool.

One of the Cardinals fans calls one of the protesters a “crack head” and tells him he needs to go see a dentist.

The “Let’s go Cardinals” chant starts up again.

One of the Cardinals fans starts telling one of the protesters that if he ever “saw him in the street” he would “look at the ground.” They argue for a bit about who would and would not whip whose ass.

A small blonde lady starts yelling at the protesters: “We’re the ones who gave all y’all the freedoms that you have!”

An older female Cardinals fan begins telling the man holding the camera, who claims he is a former Marine, that she doesn’t believe he is a veteran. The conversation does not go well for her.

The Cardinals fans start in on a very loud “USA! USA! USA!” chant.

Another Cardinals fan begins yelling at the protesters, telling them that they need to get jobs.

A female Cardinals fan begins chanting “Africa! Africa! Africa!” at the protesters.

A Cardinals fans tells the protesters that they need to remove their hats and pull up their pants.

Since each movement and some other expressions siding with Wilson, who recently testified before a St. Louis grand jury, and having his back during this saga, I would have to agree that these and most other Wilson supporters are indeed Darren Wilson, and Darren Wilson is them! And there’s really nothing to be proud of.

Wilson showed such contempt for the life of a young man for reasons unknown that he played God and took it violently. Those who believe that Wilson was the actual victim may likely hold the same sentiments regarding black life, especially that of Michael Brown, whom many seem to believe caused his own murder by doing something he shouldn’t have. And some may hold the same feelings whenever any black person is murdered by…anyone.

In America, a black male who dies from violence is seen as a black male who himself was violent, whether he was or not. Therefore, his chaotic death is inevitable, and there’s nothing that can be done, because he brought it on himself due to the always exclusively dysfunctional nature of black culture proclaim by racist whites. That’s why not too many people with such thinking will not break a sweat in doing anything about it except complain and point fingers.

Many people, including yours truly, suspect the ever-present specter of racism behind not only the Brown’s death but also how Wilson, a white male, was never arrested or punished. We also sense it in the acclamation these men get, most of whom are white themselves. And unless you’ve been asleep, we’ve seen this bullshit before over and over again, and they are damn good reasons why we see race in the eternal season of black male hunting. When all excuses other than race has been crossed out as illogical and irrelevant by racism deniers, many of whom are racist themselves, there can only be one viable explanation.

Since Brown’s death, there have been what seems to be an increase in police brutality against black people. Some are viciously injured and others are killed. All of those people are Michael Brown, Oscar Grant and Rekia Boyd, to name a few. Those who support the cops who killed them are Darren Wilson, Johannes Mehserle and Dante Servin, also to name a few.


19 thoughts on “They Are Darren Wilson

    1. They start saying worse things like lets go Darren? Poor you, you idiot fools. Go home, take care of your children and teach them to respect the law. You would’nt be in this fucking mess if you did’nt live like fucking animals.

      1. Folks, the only white validation you need is when they are signing your pay cheque, or buying/renting/product services(if you own your own business or invest in properties). In other words if they are lining your pockets. Otherwise, they can go fuck themselves for the most part.

    1. I’m backwards and yet, you assume that we don’t respect the law because we live like “fucking animals”? And if you want to talk about animals, you know when you assume, you make an ass out of yourself.

  1. This is soooo sickening. White people tell us everyday that they hate us in so many ways, but yet some of us continue to live inside a bubble. Brothawolf, I’m sure you have heard about Raven-Symone’s comments about not wanting to be called African-American in the midst of all this going on. Brotha, What is wrong with some of these so-called black people? Black people better wake up and stop this colorblind bs; we can’t afford to be thinking like that with what these white people, I mean creatures are doing to us on the daily.

  2. I am a black woman and I am not delusional, I know that crime is rampant in black communities, and yes, it is something that needs to be addressed immediately! I admittedly and reasonably, I have a sense of fear when traveling through certain communities due to the randomness of the murders that seem to happen there( I live in the Chicagoland Area, but this applies anywhere). However, the high crime rate does ***NOT*** justify the outright murder of black people. Nothing does. Nothing! There is something to be said about people who support murderous police officers/people. Subhuman, at best. Instead of admitting that wrongdoing happened and allowing people to begin the healing process, they decide that it is far better to fan the flames of racism and further and arrogantly flaunt their white privilege. That is just what this country needs, more brazen, malicious, liquored-up white bigots. The moxie. I am no longer emotionally or psychologically attached to what happened in Ferguson because I realize what is going on, and I refuse to give them the pleasure they seek. Currently, and historically, they get pleasure from the suffering of others. As I stated previously, many blacks are trauma bonded to whites ( and will be forever seeking their approval or acceptance. *** I do not live under that delusion.*** I realize that no matter what blacks do, they will never be accepted. Ever. This is a perpetual cycle that keeps playing itself out, generation, after generation. Whites will continue to kill unarmed blacks due to the *** internalized fear they have of black retribution*** for past (and current) injustices. And the world keeps spinning….

    Here are some excerpts from what I read today :

    A small blonde lady starts yelling at the protesters: “We’re the ones who gave all y’all the freedoms that you have!”

    ***blacks were born free, then transported to the America’s as chattel. after a long fought war, blacks in America were freed from bondage.

    An older female Cardinals fan begins telling the man holding the camera, who claims he is a former Marine, that she doesn’t believe he is a veteran. The conversation does not go well for her.

    The Cardinals fans start in on a very loud “USA! USA! USA!” chant.

    ***As if somehow blacks are not American. Backs have fought /served in every war that this country has had, even the Civil War, yet whites LOVE to downplay that fact. Whites use this tactic of othering blacks, it is a way to tell blacks that no matter what they do, they will never be seen as “American.”

    Another Cardinals fan begins yelling at the protesters, telling them that they need to get jobs.

    ***This shows that they do not really understand the jobs market and how blacks have fared historically. They do not want to understand. It is well known that the private sector does not hire many blacks, save for a few corporations like Xerox and Kraft, most are employed in the public sector, government jobs. This is not because blacks do not possess the skills necessary, but because of the preference of the employer. Preferential hiring has been well documented and it has been revealed that people prefer to hire someone more like themselves, than dislike themselves. I have been the victim of this “preference,” twice myself. ***Ignorance must be blissful for them.***

    A female Cardinals fan begins chanting “Africa! Africa! Africa!” at the protesters.

    *** Again with the othering. This is why things in this country will never change and I do not plan on holding my breath waiting for Change.

  3. The problem with white folks is, they always want to be wrong and strong.

    Michael Brown, John Crawford, Renisha McBride, Trayvon Martin etc etc are just the beginning. The time of Jacob’s trouble is upon us Israel. The bible says Edom’s hatred for Israel is perpetual.

  4. Those fukcing smug, arrogant idiots need to have several seats with that bullshi# they talking to them Black citizens with-knowing good and dang well that if they weren’t in a large group of other supporters they’d be too scared to talk that smack if they were confronted alone!

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