When Childbirth Ends Privilege

Jennifer Cramblett (right) and her daughter (left)

Anything black is hated, feared and just plain unwanted. The (white) liberal mindset is that we are all human beings and that color doesn’t or shouldn’t be show when certain people’s vision operates. But we all know that’s bullshit as a person’s skin color is part of their identity which should not be denied, and that we’re almost 500 years too late for those of mostly European descent to tell us coloreds something their people should’ve thought of since day one, but have chosen generation after generation to, instead, maintain their false, twisted sense of superiority.

Yet, they will deny up and down that racism exists, at least against people of color. Yet, they will cry at the top of their lungs there is racism against whites. The privileged are the first to cry foul whenever their world shakes, even if it’s a slight tremor, but can not and will not completely see or understand the worlds of others crashing by the power structure they’ve nurtured.

Such is true with a lesbian couple in Ohio where a slight mistake damaged their privileged microcosm. Jennifer Cramblett and her partner Amanda Zincon wanted a child. For obvious reasons, they can’t reproduce a child by themselves. So, they went to a sperm bank. One of them got impregnated and delivered a daughter two years ago.

Now, they’re upset, because the child they have is biracial. You see, the couple got sperm from a black sperm donor, but they really wanted a white one. But since their child has Afro-blood, according to Cramblett, the “mistake has created a lot of difficulties for them…in an all white community.” She says her family and apparently the folks in her neck of the woods are not all too keen with nonwhites and diversity. However, Cramblett – as expected – claims she, herself, isn’t racist.

I know what some of you are thinking. You spotted the double talk in Cramblett’s misery. She’s not racist, BUT her community and family are. She’s not racist, BUT she really wanted a pure-blooded white baby.

Before you get riled up and crucify her, calm down, take a deep breath and think with me. First off, we know that white racism is when you prefer whiteness over anything and everything else. Cramblett grew up to value whiteness instinctively surrounded by white people with white ethics. But now, she worries that since her child is half-black, her white euphoria is interrupted.

Which brings me to the second point. Cramblett appears to be not only concerned about her world crashing down, but also the welfare of her child. Is it more so with the former and not the latter? Who truly knows. But she has to realize, sooner or later, that if her community will have a fit over a half-black child in their environment, are they worth giving a damn about? If she knows they won’t accept her daughter, why the hell does she care?

I understand that being around people all or most of your life can have an effect on you, especially if they are loving and kind people. The problem is that Cramblett’s community is, according to her, intolerant about anything that’s not white. In other words, you are loved and welcome by those people, if you come with white skin. The insidious part about Whiteness is where European physical features are placed over humanity itself. A little girl was brought into the world, and she has to pay the price for not coming in the Caucasian variety. Illogical and cruel, but America’s hooked on that shit as if it was ecstasy.

Perhaps, this will be a lesson for the lesbian couple. Maybe then they will get a better understanding of what it’s like to be ostracized because of what you are. Apparently, their neighborhood accepts homosexuality, but when it comes to blackness, it’s still a major problem for them. And even if the little girl doesn’t come into contact with their bigotry, she’s still going to deal with it in these United States. Jennifer Cramblett and Amanda Zincon are both faced with a tough road ahead. But it won’t be as hard on them as it will be for their daughter.


15 thoughts on “When Childbirth Ends Privilege

  1. Great New Age Rome welcome Homo/Lesbo back home but Blackness is a plague.Sweet Chocolate Rain would last in our hearts forever.The same people(feminists,gays and all type of rights) been riding our backs during the black movement for a piece of privilege pie.Suddenly,we feel the cold shoulder and backs turn to run into the pearlygates of sundown town.Welcome to the darkside of concerte desert.She would never fully love her child.This child is call many names- meal ticket for fame,mistake,awareness,etc.

  2. What kind of horrible message are they sending to their daughter? Eventually she will be able to read about this and make her own judgments, and she’ll know her mom didn’t think she was good enough. How could her mom think she is anything other than perfect? Your role as a parent involves protecting your child from society if need be, not the other way around.

    Her “The community will judge her” claim is also BS. I think she’s far more freaked out than her neighbors would be by a long shot.

    When white people say, “I don’t see color,” they are trying super hard not to appear racist, somehow thinking black people will be offended if their blackness is acknowledged. It’s a lie of course. All people see color. A good day will be when people can appreciate and and celebrate uniqueness and diversity instead of trying to pretend the country is a loaf of Wonder Bread.

    1. Well said! This whole thing disgusts me. At worst she is a racist herself. At best, she suffers from horribly low self-esteem and non-existent self-respect. If she has and her partner have been on the receiving end of negative stares or thinly veiled racists words, then now is the time to hold your head high and give the racist losers in her community the proverbial finger. Kowtowing to bigotry only makes you look weak and it sends the message that their (the racists’) feelings are correct. Being pathetic does the opposite of protecting their daughter. So is she ashamed of the baby? Parents are supposed to love and dote on their children.

    2. A similar thing happened back in the 90s with a Dutch couple in the Netherlands. They wanted to have twins and went to a sperm bank to have the wife inseminated. The pipette that was used to inseminate the wife had the sperm of both her White husband and that of a Black man on it. The White man’s sperm fertilized one egg, the Black man’s sperm fertilized the other egg.

      When she gave birth, she noticed that one child was a bit darker, however, because the wife was a descendant of French “gypsies” and her husband has some Mongolian ancestry, they were not surprised that one of their children had a little color in them. But the child got darker and a DNA test was performed. This is how they found out that the biracial child was for the White mother, but not the White father.

      The wife even said that the only reason they knew something was amiss was due to their son, Koen’s, complexion. She noted that if he had been White, there still could have been an issue with mixing sperm and they would not have known. Below is a link to the story and a follow-up.


  3. Oh yeah I remember this lovelyti on YouTube talked about this in one of her commentaries. My shindig about this whole crazy situation is, these bitches are so damn trifling and hypocritical. They are afraid their community will judge them because she accidentally gave birth to a mixed child when you wanted a white child, but somehow they’re all ok with the fact that they are a lesbian couple. Can someone day oxymoron, like this trick is a big moron wasting oxygen. So anyways, if she feels so strongly about having a mixed child then, give it up for adoption. There are many couples who are more than willing to adopt that child. This situation is just so sad and trifling..

  4. The (white) liberal mindset is that we are all human beings and that color doesn’t or shouldn’t be show when certain people’s vision operates? Really? Do you actually believe that or are you afraid to piss off your overseers?

    The truth is that the (white) liberal mindset is that, while we might be all human beings, color is the only thing that matters and your kind need special protections and privileges because you’re incapable of succeeding on your own…possibly because you don’t possess or even value those “White ethics” you mentioned.

    It’s we White Americans (you would label us Conservatives) who don’t care what color anyone is and don’t make excuses for your kind’s behaviors. We are, however, very much caught up in those “White ethics” and, if you can’t display them, we’ll punish you and quarantine you as much as we’re able.

    All that aside, however, I’m laughing at these two lesbians and the whole Liberal front because the quandary over who they should support, Queer or Black – neither being allowed to be wrong – is hilarious to me.

  5. I saw this story on Inside Edition and I saw that the woman was afraid to raise a biracial child. She talked about dealing with racist family members among other things she was dealing with raising a biracial child within a all-white environment; that’s why she wanted a white child, but the sperm bank f***ed that up. I personally believed that she should have just given this child up for adoption after she gave birth to save the child trouble in the long run in an all-white white supremacist environment. smdh. I just feel sorry for this poor kid.

  6. This was so horrifying I could barely read your post. Horrifying. She has unleashed the media to make herself look bad and continue her child’s pain. What a beautiful child, yes, I see the color of her skin. It is the mother who is the one sending a terrible message to her daughter, not the rest of us in the “white” community and I do not appreciate her using me and what she says my views are to abuse her child. How could she not love her daughter no matter what? I understand that in terms of her “business” transaction she did not get what she “requested” but then again who knows. Genetics are tricky. I have two kids of two different skin tones, who knows what happened somewhere in the past, maybe the lab didn’t “mess” up. Maybe the Universe intervened and this will release this child from a woman who should not be raising kids of any color. If you ask me, and you didn’t, all people are racist. Of course we see the person’s skin color, even blind people will be able to hear to in voices. The struggle in life is to see past the fear you have been taught and look for the humanity in others.

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