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Jennifer Cramblett (right) and her daughter (left)

Anything black is hated, feared and just plain unwanted. The (white) liberal mindset is that we are all human beings and that color doesn’t or shouldn’t be show when certain people’s vision operates. But we all know that’s bullshit as a person’s skin color is part of their identity which should not be denied, and that we’re almost 500 years too late for those of mostly European descent to tell us coloreds something their people should’ve thought of since day one, but have chosen generation after generation to, instead, maintain their false, twisted sense of superiority.

Yet, they will deny up and down that racism exists, at least against people of color. Yet, they will cry at the top of their lungs there is racism against whites. The privileged are the first to cry foul whenever their world shakes, even if it’s a slight tremor, but can not and will not completely see or understand the worlds of others crashing by the power structure they’ve nurtured.

Such is true with a lesbian couple in Ohio where a slight mistake damaged their privileged microcosm. Jennifer Cramblett and her partner Amanda Zincon wanted a child. For obvious reasons, they can’t reproduce a child by themselves. So, they went to a sperm bank. One of them got impregnated and delivered a daughter two years ago.

Now, they’re upset, because the child they have is biracial. You see, the couple got sperm from a black sperm donor, but they really wanted a white one. But since their child has Afro-blood, according to Cramblett, the “mistake has created a lot of difficulties for them…in an all white community.” She says her family and apparently the folks in her neck of the woods are not all too keen with nonwhites and diversity. However, Cramblett – as expected – claims she, herself, isn’t racist.

I know what some of you are thinking. You spotted the double talk in Cramblett’s misery. She’s not racist, BUT her community and family are. She’s not racist, BUT she really wanted a pure-blooded white baby.

Before you get riled up and crucify her, calm down, take a deep breath and think with me. First off, we know that white racism is when you prefer whiteness over anything and everything else. Cramblett grew up to value whiteness instinctively surrounded by white people with white ethics. But now, she worries that since her child is half-black, her white euphoria is interrupted.

Which brings me to the second point. Cramblett appears to be not only concerned about her world crashing down, but also the welfare of her child. Is it more so with the former and not the latter? Who truly knows. But she has to realize, sooner or later, that if her community will have a fit over a half-black child in their environment, are they worth giving a damn about? If she knows they won’t accept her daughter, why the hell does she care?

I understand that being around people all or most of your life can have an effect on you, especially if they are loving and kind people. The problem is that Cramblett’s community is, according to her, intolerant about anything that’s not white. In other words, you are loved and welcome by those people, if you come with white skin. The insidious part about Whiteness is where European physical features are placed over humanity itself. A little girl was brought into the world, and she has to pay the price for not coming in the Caucasian variety. Illogical and cruel, but America’s hooked on that shit as if it was ecstasy.

Perhaps, this will be a lesson for the lesbian couple. Maybe then they will get a better understanding of what it’s like to be ostracized because of what you are. Apparently, their neighborhood accepts homosexuality, but when it comes to blackness, it’s still a major problem for them. And even if the little girl doesn’t come into contact with their bigotry, she’s still going to deal with it in these United States. Jennifer Cramblett and Amanda Zincon are both faced with a tough road ahead. But it won’t be as hard on them as it will be for their daughter.